Purple Poppy Appeal: A new way to remember the animal victims of war

If you choose to honour the animals fallen during war, you might be one of those searching for the Purple Poppy. OnTheWight has been in touch with Animal Aid for an update on where they can be bought.

Purple Poppy

With Remembrance Day fast approaching, Islanders who like to honour to fallen animals during wars have been searching for the Purple Poppy.

OnTheWight ran an article four years ago, with details of where the Purple Poppy could be bought on the Isle of Wight.

Top of the list was Waterstones, who tell us they’ve have many Islanders popping into the shop hoping to buy the Purple Poppy, but disappointed to find they are not stocked any more.

Replaced with the Paw Badge
We got in touch with Animal Aid, who originally supplied the Purple Poppies, to find out whether they were stocking any on the Isle of wight this year.

Sadly they are no longer producing the Purple Poppy, purple-paw-badge-animal-aidbut instead offer a Paw Badge which you can purchase from their Website.

All proceeds from the sale of the badges goes towards Animal Aid’s work to end all animal suffering.

For more information about their work visit their Website.

Friday, 4th November, 2016 9:54am


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