Purple Poppy Appeal: Remembering the animal victims of war (updated)

We’ve had details of Remembrance Sunday, the White Poppy Appeal and now, thanks to Kerstin, we have details of the Purple Poppy Appeal

Purple Poppy


See our updated article for new details of how you can remember the animal victims of war.

Thanks to Kerstin for sharing this fascinating news. Ed

For the first time in Island history, a Purple Poppy wreath will be laid during the official TRBL ceremony on Remembrance Sunday in St Thomas’ Square, Newport.

Please support the nationwide Purple Poppy Appeal by campaigning group Animal Aid.

Commemoration of animal victims of human wars
Core of the campaign (which is in its sixth year) is the commemoration of animal victims of human wars by wearing a purple poppy.

Historically, animals have been used as messengers, for detection, scouting and rescue, as beasts of burden and on the frontline.

In more recent times, scientists have wired electrodes into the brains of rats to harness their keen sense of smell, and the armed forces have trained dolphins and seals to detect both mines and intruders below the waves.

Purple Poppy Stockists
Purple poppies, which can be worn alongside the red or white ones, are available from the following Island shops:

Waterstone’s, High Street, Newport,
Hellerslea Fabric Superstore, Lugley Street, Newport
Love Running, Upper St James Street, Newort
Medina veterinary group, High Street, Wootton Bridge
Harwoods Garage shop, High Street, Wootton Bridge
Ladies Realm, High Street, Ryde
Island Cards, High Street, Ryde

Alternatively one can order online from Animal Aid Shop.

Monday, 5th November, 2012 9:28am


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Email updates?
Mark Francis

Can I suggest having one of each -red, white and purple?

elenid matthews

Only found out yesterday that there was such a thing as a purple poppy i would have liked to have bought one people on the main land where talking about them may be next year they will come to the main land and if my health is ok i will sell them for you

I started wearing my 3 poppy’s last year and was told a lot of Pet Shops were selling the Purple ones I have had trouble finding them this year and just found the White Peace ones now so have ordered some and will get my Purple ones in Ryde today I already have my Red one and will donate to a few Old Soldier Collections… I have… Read more »

I am looking for a purple enamel poppy can you advise of where I can get one please xx

Jean Hammond

I am a prison officer in a female prison. One of the inmates has asked me if I can get purple poppies for them as their charity.
Would you be able to let me have a box of them?
I will charge them £2.50 each for them.
Thanking you in anticipation



me too I want a purple white and red poppy how do I get one?

Sue Hayward

Where can I purchase a Purple Poppy pin badge? Looked everywhere but can’t find a stockist. Many thanks

Carol Morris

Please I live in Wigan Lancs and wish to purchase purple and white poppies please.do you do the large ones for cars as well,can you help and how do I order.