Online petitions set up by residents oppose changes in parking charges (updated)

We bring you a round-up of all the online petitions set up by Isle of Wight residents opposing the proposed changes to parking charges.

Double yellow lines :

It has been suggested by some that an increase to charges in car parks may see more residents seeking free on-street parking. It’s not clear whether the council has plans to increase the use of double yellow lines across the Island, but if we hear of any orders, we’ll let you know.

Following on from our report yesterday (Monday) about the proposed changes to parking charges, we thought it would be helpful to gather together all the online petitions against the proposed changes.

A petition to reconsider parking charges at Medina College/Theatre in Newport has been set up by Deborah Connor. It reads,

Please support the staff and parents of Medina College – the council want to charge staff in the region of £1000 a year to park at work. Parents too will be subject to parking charges, simply for engaging with the school in supporting their children’s education. The council say that education is a priority but this proposal hits at the heart of their promise – leisure centre users, with a One Card, will be exempt so, leisure is free but education costs.

Medina Petition

David Walter has set up an online petition to “Keep free half-hour parking at Freshwater (Moa Place)”. It reads,

Taking away the free half hour’s parking will make it ridiculously expensive to park for a short while to pick up prescriptions, help infirm passengers in and out of the health centre and pop into the kindergarten. This will hit those struggling on small fixed incomes who are already finding it hard.

This is a mean-spirited proposal, which would generate trivial income to the Council. It would hit local traders as shoppers will stop at the COOP down the road, with free parking, reducing footfall at that end of Freshwater Village.

Freshwater Petition

Rachel Brown has set up an online petition calling on the council to “reconsider the proposal to introduce parking charges in Brannon Way Car Park, Wootton Bridge”,

Wootton Bridge is a thriving village community with an active retired population. It is served by a range of small, independent business-owners who provide a traditional, personal service to the local community. Many village residents live alone and their contact with friends, acquaintances and business owners while out in the community is their only regular companionship.

The Isle of Wight Council is proposing to introduce charges for stays of over one-hour duration in the car park on Brannon Way in Wootton Bridge. This car park is the only off-street public parking within the village centre, and was a key consideration for the location of the thriving village Community Centre, built in the 1980’s, and the purpose-built Medical Centre which is currently under construction, both of which are sited directly opposite the car park. It is understood that the land on which the car park is located was bequeathed to village residents. In addition to use by the local community, many tourists use the car park at the suggestion of Wightlink staff while waiting for their check-in time at the nearby Fishbourne Ferry Terminal, reducing traffic congestion on the main Ryde-Newport thoroughfare and bringing additional trade to local businesses.

The introduction of car parking charges will significantly impact the quality of life for local residents. Many of them will no longer be able to enjoy spending time in their village centre, as they will be unable to afford the additional cost of parking. Few will benefit from a single hour of free parking, as this is insufficient for them to enjoy the community village atmosphere that currently exists, and they will suffer from increased anxiety and stress due to the fear of incurring parking penalty charges. Indeed, for many, their advancing years means that an hour is insufficient time for them to negotiate the steep incline to reach the shops at the lower end of the High Street and return to the car park within the allotted time period.

The simultaneous removal of the Saturday Community Bus Service is an additional blow to community life within the village. Whereas the Number 34 Community Bus, which services the main residential areas of the village, could provide an alternative to using the car and incurring parking charges for some, this valuable service is also being reduced.

The impact of parking charges on the community of Wootton cannot be underestimated. All villagers, whether or not they use the car park, will be affected by the reduction in the number of people frequenting the village and the inevitable demise of local businesses.

Wootton Petition

Finally, as mentioned earlier this year, Tony Gibbs set up an online petition against proposals for the council to charge for parking in Appley Park and Puckpool Park. The petition reads,

This represents a small number of the population both here and from the mainland who will be affected by the proposed introduction of car park charges.This will be damaging to both local people and business as well as visitors and toursim.

Appley/Puckpool Petition

Jean Orman tells OnTheWight the Sandown Forum have organised a petition to the IWC concerning the changes to the charging regime at The Heights Car Park in Sandown, as follows:

“We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned to learn of the proposed changes to the car parking charges at The Heights Car Park, Sandown, which will mean the loss of the current two-hour free parking arrangement.

“This will cause hardship to those people needing to visit the adjacent Medical Centre and Council Offices and who have to use the Heights Car Park because of the very limited on-site parking at both of these locations. At the time of the construction of the Medical Centre, it was agreed that the facilities at The Heights Car Park would be available freely and also for visitors to the adjacent IW Council Offices for the same reason.

“We urge the IW Council to reconsider this decision to charge for every minute of parking at The Heights and, for the aforementioned reasons, allow the existing arrangements to continue without change.”

If you hear of any others, let us know and we’ll add to this round-up.

Image: London Matt under CC BY 2.0

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This planned charging in council car parks around the island does not seem to be inline with the government who say the money raised by this type of charging can only be used for the upkeep of the car parks.Just recently we have been told by Island Roads that they will be resurfacing council car parks,under the PFI scheme. So is this money going to be transferred… Read more »

I’d like to recommend the use of the 38 Degrees petition site at:

The petitions don’t always function properly.


But parking charges make up for the cuts imposed by national government.

Look at the appalling cuts the Council is making because of national government cuts:


Appendix with details of proposed cuts:

Minutes which record that they voted for the cuts: