Solent Devolution Deal ‘left in the in-tray’ for ‘foreseeable future’

Sounds like plans for the Solent Devolution deal are not going to be forthcoming from the Government in the immediate future.

Wait sign

At last week’s extraordinary Executive meeting (see our live coverage), the proposed Solent Devolution deal was touched upon.

During the discussion about the proposed regeneration programme, Cllr Bacon advised the meeting that the Isle of Wight council had been told by the Secretary of State that all ‘deals’ that are currently ‘outstanding in creation’ are being left in the in-tray for foreseeable future.

Bacon: “Potentially a large pot of infrastructure funding”
He said,

“We assume nothing is happening in the immediate future, which is possibly a shame, because there was potentially a large pot of infrastructure funding which could assist with the regeneration programme.

“Maybe that will come forward in some way in the future.”

No specific update
A spokesperson from the Isle of Wight council also confirmed to OnTheWight today,

“There is currently no update to report. The proposals are with Government and there are no set timescales within which it must come to a conclusion regarding them.”

Image: renaissancechambara under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 21st December, 2016 3:59pm



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  1. Wise words

    21.Dec.2016 4:06pm

    Get a fixed link the one stop solution to all our problems then this deal won’t matter because we won’t need extra funding and all of that will be solved

  2. The so called regional devolution plans are akin to arranging the deckchairs on the titanic.

    What is needed is rational cohesive funding for the existing stucture. Osbourne’s austerity cuts have bought about the current set of problems.

    The best thing that can happen has happened and hopefully Theresa will knock this nonsense on the head for good.

    As I have said before, “Don’t just do something, stand there.”

  3. Mariner58

    21.Dec.2016 4:52pm

    I would still like to know if, after taking independent legal advice, the Council Executive still claim the right to overturn a full council vote in apparent contradiction of the Constitution.

  4. Rod Manley

    21.Dec.2016 5:02pm

    I hate to say this Mr Bacon but, “WE TOLD YOU SO”….,!!!

  5. Wise words

    21.Dec.2016 5:14pm

    I agree. I have said all along this wouldn’t come to anything this deal will stay in the tray collecting dust.

  6. billy builder

    21.Dec.2016 5:31pm

    There will be many many things that will be left in the in-tray over the next few years as our economy goes into a tailspin as a result of BRexit. The deficit is already rising rapidly and will only get worse as debt repayment get increasing more difficult as interest rates soar as a result of the pounds devaluation and its continued decline.

    • @ billy

      Oh goody. Are interest rates going to soar? At last I will get something from my savings.
      And I thought interest rates were only kept artificially low to help the poor bankers.

      • billy builder

        22.Dec.2016 10:37am

        Colin, Interest rates have gone down not up, in an attempt by the Government to stop the economy crashing. It will be very unlikely that interest rates will rise any time soon as there are massive recessionary pressures within business following the BRexit vote. These pressures will get substantially worse over the coming years as a result of the BRexit vote.

      • Suruk the Slayer

        22.Dec.2016 11:21am

        The economy is, basically, being fuelled by debt, both business and consumer.

        That debt is sustainable only because of the extremely low interest rates.

        Britain, being a net importer of goods and raw materials, will see inflation start to rise next year (we have already seen it in food and fuel, this will spread to consumer goods in the first quarter of 2017).

        If it look like we are heading for a “hard” Brexit (extremely likely), expect the pound’s value to plunge and inflationary pressure to skyrocket.

        At that point the BoE will have the Hobson’s choice of raising interest rates in a (probably vain) attempt to control inflation, resulting in the UK economy collapsing under it’s debt mountain, or keeping them low and watching inflation shoot upwards with the associated pay/price spiral and be forced to devalue the Pound.

        Either way, we are stuffed, good and proper.

  7. Well done, Billy. You squeezed Brexit in to the conversation (again).

    Now if someone can get…

    A fixed-link
    Jon Platt
    The waste contract
    Island Roads
    A tiger
    Drinking & driving
    Something bizarre from the mind of Chris Whitehouse
    A fixed-link (again)
    A whinge about the Independents on IWC
    Support for/opposition to The IOW Festival and/or Bestival
    Fixed-link (you can never mention in too often!)
    School standards
    Solent Devolution
    The ferries

    …in to the conversation, you’ll have summarised 2016 beautifully and probably win the internet.

    • billy builder

      22.Dec.2016 10:32am

      DaveIOW, whilst you may not follow any form of News reporting, if you did you might appreciate that BRexit probably accounts for 50% of headline stories across the board.

      BRexit does and will colour every aspect of both UK and Island life for years and years to come. So stories such as this that revolve around Local finances, or stories around social care, elderly care, NHS, hotel & catering, farming, and just about every other area of interest for the Island will be blighted by BRexit.

  8. So what’s plan B Isle oif Wight Councillors???? ( the ones that regularly contribute to this forum) no time for shrinking violets now!

  9. Richard orchard

    21.Dec.2016 9:46pm


    There isn’t a plan b in my opinion they put all there eggs in one basket on this one that is why the executive went against the full council vote on it. Now they are all scurrying around coming up with new plans like this regeneration plan they have just employed 2 people to lead which won’t come to anything.

  10. Richard orchard

    21.Dec.2016 9:50pm

    It is now time to use next mays council elections to get rid of the present council it has Been nothing but disaster after disaster since they won the last time to much arguing and not enough action.

  11. Richard orchard

    22.Dec.2016 10:37am

    Tim it is a fair point you make but I feel the present administration are not up to the job they haven’t managed to control the arguments they have been very ineffective in my personal opinion.

    • Indeed so Richard.

      Is there anyone with business experience amongst them? I doubt it based on their performance.

    • billy builder

      22.Dec.2016 1:07pm

      Lets just consider some of the ‘Successes’ of the last Tory administration:

      Education managed so badly that the Isle of Wight Council were forced to outsource Education to Hampshire

      Childerns Services, so badly managed that the Isle of Wight Council were force to outsource to Hampshire.

      Island Roads PFI – that’s probably enough said

      Closing just about all Public Toilets and Public Libraries

      The list just goes on an on.

      The Tories were disastrous for this Island and their return running the Council would be an absolute catastrophe!

  12. Richard orchard

    22.Dec.2016 3:16pm

    Billy I agree the last tory council was disastrous and should not be given another chance. But the present council aren’t much better it seems they are more interested in point scoring against each other instead of sorting what needs to be sorted. If they put the same energy into sorting things as they do bickering we would be in a better place now.

    • So where can I vote for you Richard? Which ward will you be standing in?

    • Island Monkey

      22.Dec.2016 6:02pm

      The ‘last council’ is long gone. So called Tories like Pugh, Brown, Wells, Giles are a minor footnote in local history. The next Tory administration will be fresh and new.

      The current omni-shambles left-wing indie council, has indeed achieved nothing, from the very beginning they spent their term bickering with each other while blaming the conservative’s for their own miserable failings. That is not what islander’s want from their council, that is why they will vote for change in May.

      • So come May we might just have a Conservative administration doing the bickering instead? By the way, how are matters between Andrew Turner and the IW Conservatives- are you still trying to deselect him?

      • Geoff Lumley

        28.Dec.2016 3:11pm

        ‘Fresh and new’ ? The current Tory group Leader and Deputy, Messrs Stewart and Hutchinson were both members of the the last administration’s Cabinet (Executive).

  13. Richard orchard

    22.Dec.2016 5:35pm


    Thank you for your interest but I am not standing for councillor. I have just been saying things as I see them whether it is right or wrong it is just my opinion.

  14. electrickery

    27.Dec.2016 2:00pm


    You have exemplified the problem. We all think our current governors (I won’t say “Leaders”) are rubbish but no-one is prepared to take on what is seen as a poisoned chalice.
    Do we actually have anybody on the Island who has the education, knowledge, experience, charisma, honesty and leisure to do a good job as Councillor? If we had, would they want to become associated with the endemic corruption and self-serving that we all now take as read in politics?
    Until there is a sea-change in British political thinking we can expect more of the same old. Not one of the existing political parties has the will or the capacity to change things, although the Greens are certainly closest. Now, if we had half a dozen Vix Lowthions we might start to get somewhere…

  15. Ali Hayden.

    28.Dec.2016 7:51pm

    So there is to be no Solent Devolution deal for the foreseeable future. I am presuming this probably means until after the Local Council Elections in 2018?
    The Isle Of Wight Local Council Elections are in May 2017, just 6 months away.
    The Island does indeed need a new kind of Councillor.
    Those who aspire to do the very best for their local communities + the Island residents.
    I think many have seen just what an impact the massive cuts from central government have had on our council services.
    How Town + Parish Councils are taking on services so they aren’t completely lost by our struggling Isle Of Wight Council.
    How there is no money to adequately fund our Adult Social Care.
    There is no ‘quick fix’ solution to the Islands problems but The Solent Devolution deal was not the answer in my opinion.
    Many years of not raising Council Tax, wasted money on Cowes Enterprise College, the PFI Roads contract + an MP who supports every cut put forward by central government is where the roots of decline for the Island started.
    I certainly think there was also, (in the past) corruption in our council.
    Hopefully this has now stopped.
    Next May gives us all a chance to change things.

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