White Poppies: Remembering the fallen and working for peace

Wear a white poppy to remember those who have died in military service and as a symbol of hope and commitment to work towards a world without war.

As Remembrance Day draws closer, as well as remembering the fallen by wearing a British Legion red poppy, many people choose to wear white poppies for peace. Thanks to Hannah for sharing this with On The Wight readers. Ed

This year, white ‘poppies for peace’ are available on the Island.

The white ‘Peace Poppy’ is a symbol of hope and commitment to work towards a world without war. As well as remembering all soldiers who have died in military service, white poppies commemorate all those who have died or are dying in wars around the world, civilian and soldier.

Learn the lessons
White poppies were first produced by the Women’s Co-operative Guild in 1933.

They began as a message, mostly from women who were mothers, sisters, widows and sweethearts of men killed in the First World War. They, like many others, began to fear that lessons from the ‘war to end all wars’, would not be learnt.

Challenging new wars
White poppies have never been intended as an insult to those who have died in wars, but as a challenge to the waging of new wars, which cause the deaths of yet more soldiers and civilians.

Pick up a white poppy
If you would like to wear a white poppy this year, you can find them at Ventnor Community Café, from Newport Quaker Meeting (which meets at 10.45am every Sunday at the Quay Arts Centre) or by emailing ctjmurph@hotmail.com.

Any money raised in donations from white poppies goes towards the peace education work of the Peace Pledge Union.

Image: David.nikonvscanon under CC BY 2.0

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Email updates?

Nice to know..I have always had to order mine from the mainland


Thanks for the article OTW. What a shame their not more widely available.