Yesterday’s RedJet Film Crew Explained

Mystery revealed.

If you were in Cowes yesterday morning and saw a film crew shooting or while on the RedJet, wondering what the heck was going on as someone boarded a RedJet several times, then was filmed onboard – all will be shortly revealed.

Yesterday's Cowes Film Crew Explained:The man in front of the lens was IBM Master Inventor Andy Stanford Clark, who you might know lives on the Isle of Wight (and was voted the number one information Pioneer, no less!)

He’s generally a bit of a clever-sticks and among his cleverness was him connecting the comings and goings of the RedJet to Twitter, so those needing to cross to Southampton knew if they should be rushing or can dawdle.

Smarter Planet
IBM love all of that kind of stuff as part of their Smarter Planet initiative, so they arranged for a film crew to tell the story of the Twittering Ferries project story along with Red Funnel.

The crew filmed Andy arriving at the RedJet in Cowes and boarding, and then interviewed him to get the details of how the Twittering Ferries came into being, and then expanded it out exploring where this kind of technology might go.

BBC too!
It’s not the first time that Andy’s connected Twitterings have attracted media attention, about a year ago the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones was over on the Island talking to him about it.

RedJets on Twitter
IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative

Tuesday, 22nd June, 2010 6:11pm



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