£50,000 per project available from Police and Crime Commissioner to help keep communities safer

Don’t miss the chance to bid for funding to help keep your community safe. Funding of up to £50,000 per project available. Details within

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Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, is offering community organisations across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton the opportunity to bid for funding for projects and services that will help keep their communities safer.

The Safer Communities Fund was established to provide financial support for organisations that work with victims of crime and to help reduce offending. 

Lane: Seeking innovative and exciting approaches
Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, said

“There are hundreds of voluntary organisations; from small and local, to large and national working to help keep us safer.  These vital services provide a lifeline for the individuals they work with and support policing by working directly with those that are susceptible to being drawn into criminality, strengthening local communities, and protecting the vulnerable from exploitation.

“The pandemic has brought new challenges for all of us. Like many other organisations charities and community organisations have come under financial pressure and seen changes in demand and in the way they need to deliver the services they offer.

“I look forward to receiving applications for funding from many and would encourage organisations to take this opportunity to propose new innovative and exciting approaches as part of their bid.”

Find out more and apply
Information about the funding process, including guidelines on how to apply are available from the Website.

Applications are open until 4pm on Friday 30th October.

The maximum amount of funding that can be applied for per application is £50,000.

News shared from the office of Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane. Ed

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Jenny Smart

PR stunt by a useless police crime commissioner,

Get some more bobby’s on the beat, particularly in Ryde

Sally Perry

Nine new police officers were allocated to the Island back in July: https://onthewight.com/nine-new-police-officers-for-the-isle-of-wight-in-governments-uplift-programme/


The IW Council Tax Police precept has been raise by 7% each year over the last 3 years, that’s a total of 21%. Nine rookie police officers is a pretty poor return.


It is an insult to expect taxpayers to provide their own public services with peppercorn funding and random hand-outs. What would 50k buy — a few months of a very few part-time officers for the whole island? More CCTV?