Andy Murray victory prompts RNLI rescue for celebrating yachtsman

Details of Murray-win-induced incident has reached the national news.

Yarmouth RNLI:

A man ended up in hospital after he dislocated his shoulder when he leapt from a yacht in celebration of Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon.

The 45-year-old man suffered “great pain” after he jumped off his friend’s 39ft yacht, Bliss, which was moored in Newtown Creek, Isle of Wight.

A RNLI spokesman said:

“The man decided to take a celebratory dive into the sea on news of Murray’s championship victory.”

He added:

“As he hit the water, however, his right shoulder became dislocated and his arm was firmly stuck in the air.

“He swam back to the boat’s rear platform where he was helped back on board by the owner before an RNLI crew took him to a waiting ambulance.

“After being alerted by Solent Coastguards of the incident, the lifeboat was launched just after 6pm and was quickly on the scene. One of the lifeboat crew, Dr Will King, checked the man over before he was transferred to the lifeboat.

“He was then taken to Trinity Landing, Cowes, where an ambulance was waiting to convey him to Newport’s St Mary’s Hospital.”

Not the first time
On the way to Cowes, the injured man told rescuers he had previously dislocated his shoulder on the yacht during St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

The RNLI spokesman said,

“But on that occasion, he managed to put his shoulder back without the need of outside assistance.”


Image: Tony Harrison under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 8th July, 2013 2:58pm



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Idiot. ************** Anyway congratulations to Andy Murray, an inspirational Working Class Scotsman, who has shown great courage and tenacity. Anyone watching that final can only be lifted in terms of his determination. It shows that whenever you want to put your mind to something you can achieve it. This is the true modest national character of the British Working People, which came through also at the olympics.… Read more »

Tenacity was shown, yes, but other than that, I witnessed a different spectacle from the one you’re romanticising, Thomas.


R.I.P Peaceful Life, don’t be so much of a grump. The sun is shining, we have a new tennis champion, I’m very happy too; take off your spectacles and look on the bright side.


Many of us know that peaceful_life always has something interesting to say. Who says he’s grumpy? Some people bring more to the table than standard reactions. I would be intrigued to know more of peaceful_life’s take on the ‘spectacle’…


Grumpy?….oh no, my friend, it pleases me to not buy what you’re selling, even if you’re unaware you’re selling it.

I can only marvel at your gift for clairvoyance, and refer you to some quotes from Mark Twain.

Don Smith
Tennis – Murray – A great win; but please, I do feel that the English have gone a little OTT. It’s a game, not a war. Had he lost he would have been vilified and called a Scot! However, a great match to watch and he did play very well. Fred Perry won the title three times and…Just called Wimbledon Singles Champion three times. No Knighthood for… Read more »