Angel Radio reaches ten years of full time FM broadcasting

On 24th March the wonderful Angel Radio will have been broadcasting on FM radio for ten years! Congratulations to all those involved who make sure this wonderful station lives on.

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Bev shares this latest news from Angel Radio. Ed

Angel Radio Isle of Wight has reached a very important Birthday. On Friday 24th March 2017 they will have been broadcasting full time on FM for ten years.

Music from 1900 to 1969
Angel Radio plays music from 1900 to 1969 and, unlike other radio stations loves to hear from their listeners who want to share their memories and reminiscences.

Angel Radio Isle of Wight began life on the Island in 1999, broadcasting from rooms above Age Concern’s offices in Pyle Street. At that time they were broadcasting on Restricted Service Licences (R.S.Ls) which allowed them two 28 day slots per year, if of course they could afford it.

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In 2001 they were given a golden opportunity by Wight Cable (now Wightfibre) to move into their premises in Love Lane in Cowes. Angel Radio began broadcasting to the listeners on the cable network 24 hours per day, every day. During this time they were also broadcasting to their FM listeners on occasional RSLs when finances allowed. At last, after much hard work and negotiating they first went on air on FM at 11am on Saturday 24th March 2007.

Advertising and sponsorship help pay licence fees
After many applications to OFCOM, the ruling body for radio stations, Angel Radio Isle of Wight has at last been granted permission to take a limited amount of advertising and sponsorship which will help towards paying for the many licence fees totalling many thousands of pounds per year.

Until this was granted Angel Radio has managed to continue almost entirely due to the kind-heartedness of their wonderful listeners.

SOS (Save our Station) campaign
During the SOS (Save our Station) campaign run last year the wonderful listeners donated enough to cover the licence fees for another year and every one of the Angel Radio crew would like to thank them for their generosity.

This has enabled Angel Radio to continue into their next decade.

125,000 tracks recorded
Since the station was launched, the library of recordings has grown to an impressive 125,000 tracks. It is constantly being added to and the request shows can now almost always guarantee to find whichever track the listeners have requested and the track can usually be on air within minutes!

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There are specialist shows to suit all styles of music within the period covered and lots of nostalgic reminiscences supplied by the presenters and the listeners.

How you can help
If anyone would like to sponsor a programme or advertise a local event or business, please contact the station on 01983 246810 or by email via the Website.

Angel Radio is the Island’s only FM Community radio station which is owned and run by Islanders and you can find it on 91.50 FM, on Wightfibre and on the Internet.

Angel Radio, your station of Nostalgia stars playing music from 1900 – 1969, keeping legends alive on the Island’s most loved radio station!

See the Website for more detail.

Image: Justin S. Campbell under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 17th March, 2017 4:30pm



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