Isle of Wight Electric Cars (EV): Continued rise in sales – up 36%

Electric vehicles - ev - car

Although still a tiny percentage of the vehicles on Isle of Wight roads, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) here is steadily increasing.

Friday, 4th January, 2019 8:53am

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Rise in Isle of Wight depression diagnoses must be matched by improved services, says charity

depressed man

A mental health charity believes people are more likely to reach out for help and not feel ashamed, but the rise in demand must be matched by “much needed improvements to services”.

Monday, 10th December, 2018 4:36pm

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Isle of Wight hospital admissions figures show impact of drugs on mental health

mental ill health

According to the latest figures, there have been more than 100 hospital admissions on the Isle of Wight for drug-related mental health issues in the last year.

Tuesday, 4th December, 2018 4:36pm

By Ralph Blackburn

One in four Isle of Wight cancer patients waiting more than two months to start treatment

breast cancer screens

One in four of the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group's cancer patients waited two months or more to start treatment following a referral from their GP.

Tuesday, 13th November, 2018 9:11am

By Ralph Blackburn

Hundreds of foodbank parcels given to Isle of Wight children in last six months

foodbank boxes being sorted

In just the last six months, hundreds of emergency parcels from the Isle of Wight foodbank have been given children on the Island and over a thousand to adults, figures show.

Monday, 12th November, 2018 12:53pm

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Isle of Wight patients wait two weeks longer than last year for ultrasound scans, figures show

MRI scanner

Patients are waiting almost two weeks longer than they did last year for important ultrasound scans on the Isle of Wight, figures show.

Thursday, 1st November, 2018 1:03pm

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Isle of Wight stalking and harassment cases recorded every day

someone using a laptop in the dark

OnTheWight has details of how many stalking and harassment cases have been reported on the Isle of Wight over the last year.

Monday, 29th October, 2018 12:22pm

By Ralph Blackburn

Isle of Wight NHS likely to see strain during winter months, suggests report

row of ambulances

A new report has warned that the coming winter is likely to be even more difficult than the last for NHS trusts, staff and patients. On the Island we can all help by always seeking advice from the pharmacist or calling 111 first.

Wednesday, 24th October, 2018 5:10pm

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Latest crime figures for the Isle of Wight reveal changes

hampshire police officers walking away

The latest crime figures for the Isle of Wight have now been released, with variations across the different types of crimes compared to the previous year.

Friday, 19th October, 2018 5:07pm

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A third of Isle of Wight children ‘unhealthily overweight’ when they finish primary school

haribo sweets

New figures reveal that 33% of the Isle of Wight's youngsters are unhealthily overweight when they finish primary school and those numbers are rising. Public health groups are calling for government action.

Wednesday, 17th October, 2018 9:59am

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Almost 600 food hygiene warnings handed out by Isle of Wight inspectors, figures show

butcher cutting meat

Almost 600 written warnings were handed out to businesses on the Isle of Wight for food hygiene issues over the last year, due to problems such as cleanliness and separation of foods.

Thursday, 4th October, 2018 6:02pm

By Ralph Blackburn

Almost 100 people seriously injured in Isle of Wight road accidents last year

road closed by police due to accident

Although there is a slight drop in the yearly average of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic incidents in the last year, the figure remains higher than the England casualty rate.

Wednesday, 3rd October, 2018 3:37pm

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