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Isle of Wight Green candidate says let’s fight Conservatives together

Vix Lowthion - green scarf

The Isle of Wight Green Party Parliamentary Candidate has written to local progressive party leaders (Labour, Liberal Democrat, Independents), asking them to embrace a new way forward for politics on the Island.

Tuesday, 18th April, 2017 2:17pm

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Green Party conference pass two motions proposed by Islanders

caroline lucas and jonathan bartley

Two motions that were proposed by Isle of Wight Green Party members were successfully passed at the Green Party Conference last weekend.

Monday, 3rd April, 2017 7:21am

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Letter: Are we really going to be ‘stronger out’ Mr Turner?

Vix Lowthion - green scarf

Despite Isle of Wight MP, Andrew Turner's claim, Vix Lowthion (Isle of Wight Green Parety Leader) says it's not at all clear that we will be ‘stronger out’ of the EU.

Friday, 17th March, 2017 8:23am

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Islanders coming together to celebrate vital contribution made by migrants

one day without banner

Islanders are invited to join others on Monday 20th for peaceful unifying action to celebrate the vital contribution that migrants make to the country.

Wednesday, 15th February, 2017 1:50pm

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Caroline Lucas to address public meeting on the Isle of Wight

Vix Lowthion and Caroline Lucas

A range of issues, including Europe, climate change, progressive alliances and the opportunities brought by electing Greens in the IW Council in May 2017, will be discussed at this free public meeting in February.

Monday, 16th January, 2017 2:30pm

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Vix Lowthion re-selected as Isle of Wight Green Party Parliamentary Candidate

Vix Lowthion

Vix Lowthion has been reselected to challenge Andrew Turner for the Isle of Wight constituency in the next General Election.

Monday, 5th December, 2016 10:23am

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Letter: Don’t feel judged by ‘poorly planned’ SATs

school children writing

Isle of Wight Green Party leader urges pupils, parents, teachers to not feel judged by the "poorly planned & implemented tests" as provisional national results reveal "53% of pupils reached the new expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics".

Tuesday, 5th July, 2016 12:26pm

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Green Party calls for ‘electoral alliance’

Natalie Bennett and Vix Lowthion

The Green Party leaders have called on other 'anti-Brexit' party leaders to join cross-party discussions on how to tackle the vote to leave the EU.

Friday, 1st July, 2016 9:42am

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‘It’s not the EU which is undemocratic’ says Vix Lowthion

Houses of parliament

Isle of Wight Green party leader, Vix Lowthion, shares her view on the issues surrounding the EU Referendum and urges those who want to gain sovereignty and improve our democracy to join the campaigns for Proportional Representation at Westminster.

Saturday, 11th June, 2016 8:57am

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Call for an end to over-testing of six and seven years in schools

quiet please

Isle of Wight Green Party leader, Vix Lowthion, says the over-emphasis on external testing of six and seven year olds is zapping the creativity out of our teaching and learning.

Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016 4:58pm

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Letter: Disgust at IW MP after vote to turn away 3,000 vulnerable refugee children

syrian refugees

Vix Lowthion, the leader of the Isle of Wight Green Party expresses her disgust after 294 MPs, including Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner, voted to turn away 3,000 vulnerable refugee children who have travelled to Europe.

Tuesday, 26th April, 2016 10:15am

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Greens welcome more robust regulations for fracking applications

keith taylor green mep

As well as eight councillors either voting against or abstaining in Cllr Medland's fracking motion, nine other councillors had already left the chamber and one was absent from the entire meeting.

Thursday, 21st January, 2016 7:43am

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