Bring Isle of Wight bus service into public ownership, says councillor

As buses minister, Nusrat Ghani MP, reminds local authorities they have freedom to take greater control of bus services, Cllr Lilley believes they should be brought into public ownership on the Isle of Wight.

Bus Stop:

Cllr Michael Lilley, the Independent Green Isle of Wight Councillor for Ryde East who is also Vice-Chair of Scrutiny Committee and newly-elected Mayor of Ryde is seeking views of the council leadership about taking control of bus services on the Isle of Wight.

Sparked by a letter from Buses Minister Nusrat Ghani MP to all local authorites, reminding them they have the freedom to take greater control of bus services, Cllr Lilley has written to Cllr Michael Beston, Cllr Ian Ward and Cllr Dave Stewart.

His letter reads:

Dear Michael, Ian, and Dave,

I have picked up the recent report and letter from the Bus Minister urging Local Authorities to take control of Bus services.

I would welcome this report and request coming to Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Regeneration. I would hope it is going to be discussed at Cabinet.

In my Ward, it costs just one way over £5.00 to get to Newport and £2.50 just to get into Ryde. This is just impossible for so many residents and creates so much hardship. The hills are steep and although residents can walk you have to be pretty fit.

We desperately need to get more people on buses, we need it for our tourism offer and we need solar-powered electric buses to comply with any target to reduce Carbon Emissions in the future.

This for me is a priority as it is crucial in tackling poverty/inequality on the Island and climate change/reducing carbon emissions. I believe the lack of competition on the Island makes us at the mercy of single operators. I believe simply that bus services should be brought back into public ownership.

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Tuesday, 21st May, 2019 10:29am



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Email updates?

Myself, the last thing the buses need is council involvement. The floating bridge fiasco springs to mind. The council policy has been to sell off everything possible (sorry, give away for a fiver) for years and has neither the capability nor the neccessary business sense to run a Dotto train. Now what happened to that? Oh, yes…

Oh PLEASE NO!!!! Let’s be honest here, we have a council, and their officers, who are incapable of buying and running a small chain ferry, who remove the security of monitored cameras in the Town and shut down anything that costs money, so who in their right mind would suddenly trust them to buy out the Bus companies and then take over the day to day running?… Read more »

Public transport should not be run for profit, this is what is needed to bring carbon emissions down. We have to think of what’s needed for the environment before our own comfort.

iain mckie

It’s £4.50. Cllr Lilley is unacquainted with the facts. It is also cheaper still via prepay on the smart card.

Alternative Perspective

If we genuinely want to go ‘green’ then perhaps it is time for radical action.

Take the bus service into public ownership, expand it so it serves outlying communities and make it totally free for everyone.

Increase diesel and petrol costs for private vehicles to £4 per litre

Alternative Perspective

……a two thirds majority against illustrates perfectly the lack of societies willingness for change and why the planet, and the modern day dinosaurs, are doomed.