Despite delay Islanders will continue to lobby MP over fox hunting ban

The debate in Parliament due to take place on Wednesday has now been delayed, but campaigners will continue to question how the Isle of Wight MP could support an activity that results in foxes being ripped apart by hounds.

fox hunters having drinks

The vote to make changes to the 2004 Hunting Act – which was due to take place tomorrow (Wednesday) – has been delayed.

The delay comes after the Scottish National Party said they’ll vote against the changes. The national campaign against the changes has attracted support from many well-known Brits such as Brian May, Ricky Gervais, Paul McCartney and Morrissey.

Taylor: “Hunting Act should be strengthened, not weakened”
Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England, said:

“The Tory Government’s postponement of this vote is a cynical manipulation of our democracy, when they are simply scared of losing the vote.

“Foxhunting is needless and causes tremendous suffering. We must continue to protect our British wildlife by ensuring this barbaric practice remains illegal.

“I am strongly opposed to hunting and this amendment would be a disaster for our beautiful foxes, stags and hares. The Hunting Act should be strengthened, not weakened.”

Strong anti-hunting Island campaign
Here on the Isle of Wight over the last four weeks Islanders have been campaigning against the changes to the Act, which they say could make it easier for illegal fox hunting to take place following the ban over ten years ago.

The campaign on Facebook and Twitter has gathered enormous support, with Islanders continuing to lobby the Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Andrew Turner. He’s told residents he intends to vote for the changes when the vote takes place.

Campaigners say they will continue to lobby the MP and urge Islanders who do not want to see a return to foxhunting with hounds to do the same.

Real threat of the return of killing foxes by hounds
Before the delay was announced, a spokesperson for Island-based protest group called, Islanders Against Fox Hunting (IAFH), told OnTheWight,

“Last week, the Government announced that it would seek to introduce amendments to the Hunting Act via a statutory instrument (SI) and will be debated by MPs this Wednesday, 15 July.

“Islanders Against Fox Hunting believe that this SI will make it much easier for illegal hunts to take place by providing hunters the ability to use increased numbers of hounds to flush out wild mammals.

“If this Statutory Instrument is approved, we face a real threat of seeing the return of the pursuit and killing of foxes by hounds. This is an unnecessary and cruel activity, and we feel we have a duty to protect our wildlife by expressing our absolute objection to even the suggestion of the amendment.”

Lobby the MP says protest group
The IAFH spokesperson went on to say,

“If Island residents do not wish to see a return of fox hunting it is imperative they contact the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner now and tell him their views.

“We are particularly concerned that the Conservatives are going against their party manifesto of promising a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act, with ‘a government bill on government time.’

“We call on Andrew Turner MP to vote against the statutory instrument being debated and instead press the Government to put forward a new bill which can be properly considered by both Houses of Parliament. This is an important issue for which there is no quick fix.”

The Island Petition calling on Andrew Turner to keeo the ban has gathered over 3,300 signatures.

Green Party lobbying MP
Vix Lowthion from the Isle of Wight Green party wrote to Andrew Turner this week, saying,

“I call upon Andrew Turner, the MP elected to represent the whole of the Isle of Wight, to not vote for any changes to the Fox Hunting Ban – which will be debated this week in Parliament. At present there’s a limit on the number of dogs that can be used to flush out a fox to face waiting guns. A positive vote in Wednesday’s debate would remove this limit, which would effectively reintroduce hunting with packs of hounds.

“Three thousand people have signed the petition to ask him not to remove the limit on the number of dogs. Concerned constituents who are appalled that hunting with packs of dogs could be reintroduced to our countryside have received a reply from Mr Turner. This states that he would vote to repeal the Hunting Act – because currently it is ‘unworkable’ and ‘detrimental to animal welfare’.

Attack on wildlife is “only to be expected”
She went on to say,

“I am sure that there are many laws on our statute books- welfare and taxation – which could be argued are ‘difficult to enforce’ and can result in some harm to our most vulnerable people in society. I do not see Mr Turner and his Conservative Party dealing appropriately with these, through pursuing unpaid tax from big businesses and doing away with unfair Bedroom Tax. Therefore, perhaps his support for another set of rules which attack our wildlife is only to be expected.

“I am proud that the UK has laws protecting animals from abuse and neglect. We must stand firm against animal cruelty – and so to repeal this Fox Hunting Act in all but name is surrendering to further attacks on our natural world.

“I remain disappointed that Andrew Turner is choosing not to listen to the many alarmed Islanders who have written to him. I appeal to him to not to vote to extend the number of dogs to be used in hunting.

“To relax the law is nothing to do with animal welfare. It’s all to do with privilege.”


Image: calliope under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 14th July, 2015 11:43am



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Apparently “compassionate conservatism” applies to foxes as much it does to the poor and the jobless. The innocent ripped up whilst the rich (bankers) have some fun….


Statutory Instruments (just like Presidential Executive Orders in the US) are the tools of undemocratic governance in the hands of ministers. Parliamentary scrutiny is sparse. The last time the House of Commons annulled a statutory instrument was in 1979.

In 2014, 3493 SIs were issued, of which 1051 (30%) subsequently required “correction:.) none were annulled.


While I am against changes to the hunting ban, I think it is obnoxious that the SNP are using this as a protest against the plans to exclude Scottish MPs from voting on English only legislation.

If anything this strengthens the case for excluding them.


Imagine if it was tracksuited chavs with a pack of Pitbulls off to cause mayhem and tear a fox apart – Would Andrew Turner and his cronies be so keen to repeal then? Nope – they are just keen to support their posh twat benefactors.

Island Horseman

Provocative picture OTW, tut tut. It’s mostly the working class here who hunt and only the hunt master wears red.

The Scots will pay a heavy price for this. The principle was their right (or not) to vote on English matters. They have been shown to be classic double-dealing politicians.

Ironic considering you can already use more than two dogs to flush out a fox in Scotland.

The Sciolist

Keith Taylor is an MEP, what has this got to do with him or Vix the defeated green?

Our democracy put the Tories in to power with a majority. The MEP’s should mind their own business.

I don’t support hunting, but the hysteria from the left and the anti’s is boring and predictable.

Vix Lowthion
Our MP was only voted in by 25% of islanders. The IW electorate need an effective opposition who challenge Mr Turner’s voting record. MEPs were elected to represent the island, and should speak out on our behalf. I don’t believe that political leadership should only rear its head once every 5 years when votes are available. There is much still to do, to improve representation for islanders… Read more »

Vix. He got more than three times as many votes as you did so why don’t you just give it a rest and stick to your day job?

The Sciolist

So in the unlikely event you had won with 25% of the vote, you would have refused to take your seat (and the money) on the grounds that you didn’t really have a majority?

Yeah, right.


Sciolist. I agree with your sentiment but actually Turner got almost 41% of the vote not 25%.

The Sciolist

I think she meant the whole Island population, not those who actually voted.

Green’s are never good on detail, but great if you want a runway protest to inconvenience the majority going about their lawful business.

billy builder

even with 41% of those that voted, 59% didn’t want him !

Vix Lowthion

I have not said anything such as that.

I am talking about a democratic opposition – leaders with the alternative viewpoint to AT speaking out against his policies.

I welcome opposition and debate.


Sciolist. I agree Vix was referring to 25% of the total Island electorate but
it was you who said “25% of the vote”.

The Sciolist

Apologies – slip of the keyboard :)


As I have said elsewhere, both yourself and Ian McKie had “alternative viewpoints” to Turner.

As did the some of the other candidates.

The trouble is they weren’t the SAME “alternative viewpoint”.

Politics isn’t just black and white. Trying to reduce it to such by imagining there can be a single opposing viewpoint to AT is rediculous.

Vix Lowthion

A variety of opposing viewpoints is needed. Where did I say there’s only one? An effective opposition isn’t just down to me.


And are you a veggy?


acording to the county press vix is NOT a veggie. how is it she gets on her moral hhigh horse over a fox when is happy to eat animals which will have sufferd anxiety and stress unnecessarily. its hipocrtitical in the extreme. this is clearly more green party class warfare – nowt to do with the fox, all to do with bashing the poshpeople.


Presumably all the anti-veggies do not use any leather products (belts, shoes, handbags, clothing etc the by-product of abattoirs) or consume any dairy products (produced by cows 50% of whose progeny that initiate the milk supply are slaughtered for being the wrong sex)?

(BTW I am not a veggie…)


“all *veggies*…”


And how many greens elected you as spokesperson vix?

Mark Francis

I have I missed something here? Are you only allowed to post on OTW if you are a successful election candidate? Perhaps each correspondent should include how many votes they received at the last election.
Alternatively you could just go to Turner’s website (or watch paint dry)

Francis (Independent) ; zero pwun

Sorry but this issue goes way beyond stupid politics! We are talking about a wild animal being terrified by a pack of dogs and chased until it is exhausted then screams in pain as it is ripped to pieces by the dogs as a group of morons (who consider themselves better than most)Sit by and cheer the dogs on! quite often the master grabs a bit of… Read more »
The Sciolist

And your evidence for any of this? How many psychopaths or mentally ill people have you actually known or are they just fair game, casualties in your class war?

Just proves my point, the anti’s and lefties are hopelessly irrational on the topic. Nature is cruel. Animals kill each other, and foxes are among the worst offenders.

Vix Lowthion

No. Humans are the worst offenders.


Tell that to a rabbit or a cat being chewed by a fox, Vix! :-))


I don’t mind how many rabbits get “chewed on” by foxes,rabbits are fair game for a fox to hunt in the foodchain..As for cats that torture their “prey” for fun and also kill small birds,and have impacted hugely on our songbird populations, well ain’t that tough on them poor old puddy cats….

“As for cats that torture their “prey” for fun ? I wonder if they learned that behaviour from humans in their treatment of animals? Here’s an idea! Let’s get all the Jorrockes together to chase the SNP MPs back north over the border? However don;t suggest to the MPs that they shoot vermin or they will be tempted to rid themselves of the porr, disabled, old and… Read more »
As I clearly wrote… ANYONE who enjoys the terror and pain and suffering of a wild animal for absolutely no reason is (in my opinion) mentally ill, or a psychopath.. I, on the other hand, prefer a civilised society where pain, cruelty and suffering are not an integral part of sport! Worst of all is that you ignored completely my comment regarding the FACT that Foxes are… Read more »
Mark Francis
I have known many thousands of mentally ill people & I don’t think any of them ever went fox hunting. Psychopaths – I ‘m less sure – although many of them function very well in society. Serial killers however can be predicted by the Macdonald Triad consisting of 1. cruelty to animals & bed wetting past the age of 14. So fox -hunting is going to… Read more »

I thought the job of an MP was to reflect the views of his constituents. Or have I got that wrong?

Dalek. Yes you have got that wrong. An MP is not a delegate and he must vote in accordance with his conscience and beliefs.Anyway how do you know what the views of Mr Turner’s constituents are? Presumably you mean the majority as there will clearly be many who are strongly pro-hunting and many who are anti and many others who are none too worried one way or… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

Interesting point. Is there a Pro Hunting lobby group on the Island, with many thousands of members – to counter act the Anti Hunting group? Because I cannot find any pro hunters mobilising with that level of support.


The silent majority, by and large, just want to get on with their lives and are not in to facebook camapaigns and blogging but, as we saw in May, they will come out in their droves when there is a proper election.

The Sciolist

The vast majority do not have a strong view. A tiny minority clearly do, they are a anti-hunt anti- Tory pressure group.

How many went to Saturday’s rally, 50, 75 maybe?

Observer, I’m afraid you have it wrong. An MP’s job is to represent his constituents, not his individual or party’s beliefs. As to whether hunting is less cruel than shooting? Dozens of men on horses chasing a single fox to exhaustion is probably more cruel than a quick bullet to the head. The argument that it’s vermin control is frankly ridiculous, as the number controlled by hunting… Read more »
Totally disagree. It is well established that an MP is not a delegate. He must decide how he votes. Sure he may wish to consider the views of his constituents if there is a clear view of what the majority view is. Ultimately if the constituents do not like how he has voted they have the remedy of booting him out at the next election. Fact is… Read more »

GeekPetite – take a look at the website. This states, “It is a tenet of representative democracy that MPs are not delegates for their constituents. This means that, while the views of constituents are frequently considered, the actions of MPs are governed by their determination of the best interests of their constituency, their party and the country as a whole.”


Baggers in the west country SHOT not trapped or hunted with packs of dogs


As a senior Plod told me once “You can’t b<gger with badgers" under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992.


I emailed Turner on Monday and asked him to vote to keep the current act. He replied saying “he had a free vote so he was voting to get rid of the current act”.
YET AGIN So much for voting as his constituents ask him to.

ONLY ANOTHER 4 YEARS AND 9 MONTHS TO GO of being fobbed off.

sam salt

Rob, you are anti, my partner is for. Which one of you should the MP represent? Your posting suggests that as you ciontacted the MP directly he should represent only your view. This matter is contentious and a free vote is the only way to go.

billy builder
xxxx: Our first passed the post system is supposedly based on the fact that an MP is elected to represent the constituency as a whole, not just a small part of it. To represent the islands views on fox hunting or EU membership AT should assess the views of Islanders as a whole on these issues and vote according to the common consensus. He should not vote… Read more »

Billy. I hope he would not vote on the basis of your bigoted views which you display on here with monotonous regularity.

billy builder

pot, kettle and black.

He should vote based on a consensus view of the entire electorate, not just his Tory paymasters.

The Sciolist

Does the anti brigade really think that a few hundred ‘likes’ on facebook or signatures on a petition are a majority of Islander’s?

I thought 135,000 was the Island electorate? Maybe if 70,000 wrote in he could be swayed?


Surely politics aside, this does have something to do with how many signatures are put on a petition although not necessarily how many people click the like button on Facebook, but more to do with someone’s moral compass and how their life is driven by their conscience.


Hoping for a reasonable moral compass from a paid-up member of the Conservative Party is rather like hoping a fox will take one chicken from your hen house.

Exceptionally unlikely.


Typical self-righteous cr*p from Cowley.


Its OK for people on here to be rude about Conservatives but as soon as anyone is a bit rude about a leftie schoolmistress Sally gets all het up!

I’d love to see a well reasoned, evidence based response from Turner to this letter: Dear Mr Eustice I gather that you/your department is angling to bring back hunting with dogs by the devious means of increasing the number of dogs allowed under the hunting act, which currently allows for 2 dogs. I am a farmer in the Southwest – Mid Devon. I have had and still… Read more »
The Sciolist

80% of country people against eh, I wonder where he gets his figures?

I think it very clear a majority don’t care either way.

People who keep chickens loathe foxes – they are savage killers who slaughter birds for the sake of it. For all we know this bloke might run a battery farm where foxes have no access to his poor cooped up chickens?

Don Smith
OK! Foxes are a pest – But do those who hunt them on horseback have to dress up like hussars, They do it for the kick they get out of it, cruel, barbarians, one and all. Turner must keep in the good books of the CA, after his recent recovery from his serious illness one would have thought he would have been nearer his God. Thank you… Read more »
Lord Bermondsey

Disgraceful behavior from those anti-English scots. Nothing to do with decency or protecting the Fox. Just a way of making mischief against the tories and England. Typical class war crass tactics.

Don Smith

Nothing to do with decency or protecting the Fox. Poppycock. The action of the SNP stopped the rules regarding fox hunting from being changed. I hope that they (SNP) do the same next time; and no doubt sly Cameron will try again. Time the CA were told that the countryside belongs to everyone and not to a bunch of cruel b*stards playing hussars.

Lord Bermondsey

Don’t be naive Don. All politically motivated.

If they were that bothered about foxes they’d change the law in their own country.