Diamond Races issue Residents’ Information Booklet for homes closest to circuit

“An exceptional event” hoping to attract 40,000 visitors, organisers of the Diamond Races release a Residents’ Information Booklet for properties closest to the planned circuit

Steve Plater and James Hillier riding the Diamond Races circuit

The organisers of the Diamond Races will be issuing a Residents’ Information Booklet and holding a series of local meetings with the Parish Councils that are based closest to the planned circuit for the 2021 Diamond Races.

The high-profile event, which will feature high performance motorcycles completing an iconic 12.4 mile course in the south of the Island, promises to bring much-needed financial return to the Island, with some 40,000 visitors expected over the four-day event. 

Three principal priorities
The booklet and meetings will outline Diamond Races’ three principal priorities: the safety of both the public and competitors; ensuring minimum inconvenience to residents and businesses and maximising the benefits to the economy of the Island.

The Diamond Races co-founder, Paul Sandford and Isle of Man TT and Diamond Races Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson, will be also available at the local meetings to answer any questions. 

Sandford: “An exceptional event”
Paul Sandford comments,

“We are passionate about making this an exceptional event for the Isle of Wight – by extending the tourist season to the end of October, collaborating with all the relevant agencies to support new initiatives around road safety and infrastructure, and boosting the local economy through being a sustainable Island-focused event.

“We are hoping to attract some 40,000 visitors and this type of racing has a wide international appeal.  Welcoming these first-time visitors to the Island will further magnify the facilities, opportunities and beauty of our Island”.

News shared by Victoria on behalf of Diamond Races. Ed

Monday, 12th October, 2020 7:45am


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Benny C
Principle priorities 1. Noise free. Those who want quiet are entitled to it. Everywhere. 2. Environmentally carbon neutral event. Or publish the calculated emissions and secure a compensatory package as part of the deal. As it stands this will cause huge amounts of Tyre, air And brake dust pollution. 3. Keep residents access open unfettered at all times. 4. Full publication of audited accounts showing the total… Read more »

Imagine if your logic was used for IW Festival, Cowes Week, Scooter Weekend etc. Nothing would ever happen anywhere on the Island, or indeed across the country.

Benny C
A very fair challenge. Even combining all of those , the result is nothing like the scale of disruption required to stage an international motorcycle race on public roads in a rural location over several days, with weeks of prep and take down either side. Be clear, I am not against it at all. I just think the organisers need to think more about their plans and… Read more »
This really is one of the worst ideas ever for the island (barring the bridge that doesn’t float) and certainly for those poor residents who will be hugely impacted. Will those 40,000 visitors also be bringing over their motorbikes? Our roads are dangerous enough now let alone if this is allowed to take place. Don’t think you’re going to escape Biker Dave there’s a great circuit around… Read more »

Agree Joss, selfish selfish selfish it’s always about the money and how much we can get, stuff the residents or what they think. Perhaps leather clad doughnut Dave could let his mates park their bikes in his front garden., then again he would open the Undercliff Drive for them. A beautiful Island being spoilt for business and profit.


Bring this on. I am not a motorbike fan but potentially 40,000 visitors is worth a few days disruption. And, yes, I’d be happy for it to pass my house.


Is that because your deaf