Dismaland: What you’ll see and why you should visit (20+ HD photos)

Now’s your last chance to get tickets to Dismaland. It’s worth the trip – there’s a lot more to it than the photos that you’ve seen. Here’s what we found …

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The vibrant art scene on the Isle of Wight makes it clear that there is not only a thriving collection of creators, but a willing and eager market of those who love to look at the good art works.

With this is mind, it seemed to make sense to bring you details of the largest art project to hit the UK in the last few years – Dismaland.

The most well-known name connected to the project is Banksy, but there’s work by loads of artists in the show.

Fantastically popular
After the journey, you arrive at the seafront of Weston-super-Mare and it’s clear where Dismaland is, with the twisted castle towers jutting out of what was once a lido – well that, and the huge number of people queuing.

Global attention has brought many people to witness what has been created.

If you approach the queuing with the right state of mind, the process actually isn’t that bad, general consensus seemed to match our experience, a wait of an hour.

Dismaland  - the queues

Those working at Dismaland play the role of being fantastically disinterested to perfection – scanning your tickets like bored robots and speaking at half speed in a flat monotone.

Welcome to Dismaland
Once through the doors you have to pass though the official entrance, which plays with the idea of over-ladened security that is commonly inflicted into our lives these days.

Dismaland - Please pass through security

The items of security – metal scanners, CCTV, guns – are made from flat white cardboard with black print jokingly applied, manned by officious guard that are off-hand, rude and ultimately ineffective.

Dismaland  - What you can't take in

Dismaland - Dismal desk

The main arena
Then you enter the main area of Dismaland. Fashioned to appear half finished, with grit all over the floors, slightly discordant music is forced over the tannoy system to keep you ‘entertained’, attempting to banish the modern fear – silence. This is occasionally interrupted by light feedback to prepare for announcements such as “If you behaved nicely, the communism wouldn’t exist.”

Dismaland - More queues

Lots of works are on display around the open air of the disheveled Lido – most of which you may well have seen photos before. Photos don’t do the work justice.

Dismaland - Please sir can I have some more

There are rides you can go on, a short film cinema and other places you can go. In total there are about 20.

Dismaland - the big wheel

Unsurprisingly for a place that has so many people in it, be prepared to queue to get into most of the items.

All of the work is designed to challenge your pre-set view of the world – to get you to question the world that those in power try to present. In short, the point of Dismaland is to get you to think. Always to be encouraged.

Dismaland - If only it were that easy

It’s not clear if everyone there is receiving this message. It forcefully strikes you that nearly everyone, everywhere is constantly taking photos – perhaps not spending time in contemplation. That shouldn’t put you off, it’s just a reflection of the world we are encouraged to live in.

Dismaland - Oil slick

If you can take the opportunity to go, you should. The observations of the artists are razor-sharp and should help reflect on the society that has been created for us to live in.

Dismaland - Pro-ageing cream

Dismaland - Stick that in your pipe

Of course, once you’ve had your fill of being enlightened, the wonderful city of Bristol is near by, with its rich diversity and fantastic range of food.

Don’t miss your last chance
The final set of tickets go on sale from 10am on Wednesday 16th September from the Dismaland Website.

Magic kingdom video

Further photos
To see a larger version of the photos, just click on them.

Dismaland - Mediocre

Dismaland - Pocket Money loans

Dismaland - Lorry dancing

Dismaland - Distorted through video pause

Dismaland - View over the site

Dismaland - Giant sandcastle

Dismaland - Didn't we have a luverly time the day we went to Dismaland

Dismaland - Outdoor cinema

Dismaland - No Borders shop

Dismaland - Exit through the gift shop

Tuesday, 15th September, 2015 8:23pm


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