Find out what the Isle of Wight council has been up to in last year, as Annual Report published

Read the Isle of Wight council’s Annual Report in full to see details of highpoints and progress of the corporate plan

IWC's C19 response infographic for August

The Isle of Wight Council’s annual report — highlighting services, projects and achievements in 2019/20 — was formally presented by council leader Dave Stewart to Full Council last week.

Highpoints and progress
The report features highpoints and progress made against the corporate plan across a range of council activities, including:

  • innovations within adult social care recognised as national best practice for getting people home from care settings much quicker than ever before;
  • Ofsted recognition of special educational needs and disability (SEND) services that ensure children’s needs are identified early and that they receive the support they need;
  • a significant reduction in rough sleeping with 302 homeless preventions;
  • 376 people supported to live independently; 
  • the extension of the council’s popular green waste collection service;
  • trading standards interventions which have saved £450,000 for consumers; and
  • the success of the Island’s bid to host the final leg of Tour of Britain cycle race in 2022.

Download the Report from the council’s Website.

Stewart: An inspiring place in which to grow up, work, live and visit
Councillor Stewart said:

“At the core of our achievements and our ambition is the delivery of our strategic vision ‘for the Isle of Wight to be an inspiring place in which to grow up, work, live and visit’.

“As we move into the start of a new council year, achieving the vision has never been more important to the Island, as we seek to move forward from the challenges that we have and continue to face with the coronavirus pandemic.”

Stewart: Pay tribute to staff, partners and volunteers and community groups
Councillor Stewart added:

“As leader of the council, it remains my personal ambition to ensure that the commitments we have made to our local community remain at the heart of our leadership and decision-making.

“I wish to thank all those who have contributed to the level of service being provided by the council and in particular to pay tribute to our staff and partners and all those volunteers and community groups who have supported the Island so superbly during the height of the Coronavirus.”

Metcalfe: A team of whom we can all be very proud
John Metcalfe, the council’s chief executive, added:

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside all our staff — they share my passion to be the best and do the very best we can for our Island community.

“Never have I seen that more than in their amazing efforts to protect our community and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“They are a team who will always do their best for the community and of whom we can all be very proud.”

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office. Ed

Tuesday, 22nd September, 2020 6:35pm



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The er, “waste recovery park” aka Forest road recycling plant running total is now declared at £58 million which is another couple of million on the last quoted figure. I vaguely remember the original price of £36 million for this facility. So that’s just £22 milliion spaffed up the wall on the original price and it’s still not fully functional. The original price also included parts which… Read more »

Yes what have they been up to is the burning question. They are a joke only interested in themselves and taking credit for the hard work and dedication of others so let’s have some true and honest transparency.

Dave (dinosaur Stewart) needs to put his glasses on because a lot on that pretty chart isn’t anything to do with the Council Dave’s just trying to take glory from other people / communities excellent work particularly during this pandemic. What has been said aren’t achievements of the Council because they should be standard practise for any local authority especially when you consider the extortionately high level… Read more »

How come it is taking over 24 hours to get your comment out of moderation?

Sally Perry

Because your comment had slipped into the Spam folder and I don’t get notifications about that one.


People complain about the “mean Tories” when the Council are literally giving away computers to kids.


Over a decade of imposed austerity and still ongoing and the handling of the current pandemic is woeful. I rest my case.

Benny C

You have a point of sorts, but if they were vaguely competent much more money could be available for good causes, rather than a Seriously expensive suboptimal chain ferry, a secret deal with the bankers backing the Island Roads contract, paying inept Councillors £18k+ to vote for their own pay rises, etc.

It’s not incompetence as the Tories make political decisions to ensure they rule by division, maintaining their class money and power, it’s called Neo Liberalism of which imposed austerity has been key resulting in a broken Britain with poverty, homelessness, inequality, an exploitive job market and use of food banks on the rise. Apart from their own kind it is beyond belief that anyone else can vote… Read more »