Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely also being stonewalled from getting information on v2 of Test and Trace App usage

News OnTheWight had to resort to asking Bob Seely to get usage numbers on the v2 Test and Trace App, after being stonewalled by the Government team. Twenty days later, on the eve of the National rollout, even our MP can’t get them.

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Back in mid-August the Isle of Wight was chosen to trial a second Coronavirus Test and Trace App for the UK Government. One week after launch the Managing Director of the App, Simon Thompson, claimed thousands of Islanders had installed the App on their phones.

He didn’t offer any public proof, so News OnTheWight started the pursuing the numbers of downloads, installs and detections.

Public interest questions
That was almost five weeks ago, but the Test and Trace Team have consistently failed to provide answers to these public interest questions. It only seemed reasonable that these numbers be shared with Islanders that were being used as guinea pigs for the App again.

Even Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely, is being kept in the dark, despite requesting to see the numbers nearly three weeks ago, with his office assuring News OnTheWight that they will “keep a chase on this and keep you updated”.

Launched on the Island on 13th August, this is the second Contact Tracing App being trialed by Islanders.

The first trial launched in May, when it was first claimed that over 55,000 had downloaded the NHSX version of the App. It was dropped suddenly in mid-June after the App had not been updated for over four weeks, and Islanders were kept in the dark about its effectiveness.

The App is due to be rolled out across the country tomorrow (Thursday).

Image: Daniel Mingook Kim under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 23rd September, 2020 8:35am



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We are never going to be told. The government is in denial. Even if figures were provided, I am now at the stage where I wouldn’t believe them. The whole response is shambolic.


Why doesn’t he write a letter!


Haha, nice one Roy

Benny C

As ever, relying on carefully crafted PR chat to maintain a facade of effectiveness instead of actually doing something. “Chasing”, “concerned”, “worried”, “asking”, “seeking answers” – but actually delivering what? Not a sausage. Not even half a sausage. Easy life.

Mark L Francis
it seem the countries that have coped the best are those in which the government commands (or in China Demands) the respect of its citizens (Germany, New Zealand, Scandinavia)through appeals to unity but those countries where the government has come to power through divisiveness & distrust have fared badly. By hiding figures from people or even lying about the number of tests etc. this government is confirming… Read more »

Stonewalled? Isn’t that a charity?