As-it-happens video of a landslip at Hanover Point

It’s been rare that you get to see landslips happening as they occur.

Hanover Point landslip video

When landslips normally occur, you get to hear about it after the event – photos of the result abound later.

These days, with the majority of people having smartphones in their pockets, there’s the opportunity for the event to be captured as it happens.

This was the case last Sunday when Vix Lowthion was out with her children for a Mother’s Day afternoon stroll at Hanover Point, on the South of the Wight.

Vix told OnTheWight how she managed to catch it on her smartphone:

“As we walked past the headland there had already been a fall earlier in the day or previous day – we couldn’t walk on the sand, so had to go onto the slippy rocks.

“We stood looking at the cliff and an older couple joined me and we were watching and it started to tumble down. This was the second video I took.

“It carried on for a good 20 minutes.”

Our thanks to Ian Winter for the headsup.

Image: YouTube screengrab

Friday, 4th April, 2014 8:36pm



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Bill Remnant

Great filming!! Just goes to show how much we are unaware this can happen in an instant while out unaware of dangers that can happen on our Island.