Have your say on bus and rail services at public meeting

General manager of Southern Vectis and Cllr Eddie Giles will be there to hear your comments.

Bus stop:

Thanks to Stuart George from the Isle of Wight Bus & Rail Users’ Group for details of this upcoming public meeting. Ed

The IW Bus & Rail Users’ Group is holding a free public meeting starting at 1030 on Saturday 20 April at the Methodist Church Hall, Quay Street, Newport.

Southern Vectis’ new general manager, Matt Kitchin, and Councillor Edward Giles, IW Council cabinet member with responsibility for transport, will be available to answer questions and hear your comments about Island bus and rail services.

If you’ve ever complained about bus services or fares on the Island, this is your opportunity to put your points directly to those in charge.

Image: ChodHound under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 9th April, 2013 5:12pm


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vanessa churchman
I find it strange that Cllr Giles is going to answer questions regarding transport when we have an election on 2nd May. I would have thought that this contravenes the ‘purdah’ imposed on all Councillors prior to the election. It is a requirement that amongst other things we defer from any forward arrangements that might impact on whether we are returned at the election.
steve s

Indeed, Vanessa. Cllr Giles might want to rethink this engagement!

phil jordan
@Vanessa: At the meeting in County Hall last Monday (8th)for candidates standing for election I heard quite clearly Davina Fiore tell one standing Councillor who was also attending that he was no longer effectively a Councillor until after the May 2nd elections (..and only then if he gets re-elected…my words!). (what you refer to as “Purdah”) This seemed to make absolute sense to me and assumed it… Read more »
phil jordan

Just to update this:

A Councillor is still as such under the ‘code of conduct’ until the election. I assume that is what is being said (and referred to) by Vanessa also..

I misunderstood the comments made on Monday that I referred to in my earlier post…

Phil Jordan
Independent Candidate for Ryde North West


@PJ “A Councillor is still as such under the ‘code of conduct’ until the election. I assume that is what is being said (and referred to) by Vanessa also..”

Does that mean that a Delegated Decision (e.g. Asphalt Plant) could be slid in just before the Cabinet member clears his/her desk and runs for the hills?

Sally Perry

Our understanding is that no Delegated Decisions can be made by Cabinet members before the election.

phil jordan

I sincerely hope not…!

Vanessa may be able to explain what the rules are for standing Councillors, I am not privy to those…

Phil Jordan
Independent Candidate for Ryde North West


Being seen to be listening to the people and then having to say to them ‘whether I can carry this [any plan of his] through, depends on the May 2nd result, of course’, does seem to give Cllr Giles an unfair advantage.

How about the Island Indies & Labour sending reps along too?

steve s

If the cabinet member is doing public meetings, perhaps he’d like to come down to Ventnor to address the grave concerns about Stuart Love’s disbanding of the Coastal Management Team. I’d be happy to host him.

Stewart Blackmore

Why, oh why, are these meetings ALWAYS in Newport?

Janet Scott

Because as far as the council are concerned

a) they pretend Ventnor does’t exist (we are always an afterthought).

b) if they were to meet here they would have to admit to the appalling state of our roads.


Was wondering if there was any update from this?
I was unable to attend but would be interested if there was anything decided or anything new announced

Alexander Gryffe
Independent Candidate for Parkhurst

Sally Perry

I’ll ask Mystic Meg what she knows, but the meeting doesn’t happen until 20th April (next weekend) ;-)


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