High praise for Isle of Wight and Facebook community from first-time holiday-makers

Having holidayed in Devon for the last ten years, Minka and her family decided to try the Isle of Wight. The great community spirit won them over. Details within

Minka Dyszynska-Bonnage and family at The Hut

The Isle of Wight and its community spirit have received high praise from a first-time holiday-maker who visited the Island last week.

Minka Dyszynska-Bonnage had joined the Isle of Wight Community Information Page on Facebook prior to heading over to the Island with her family.

It was their first time here, having holidayed in Devon for the last ten years, so Minka asked the Group in advance for recommendations of where to visit and eat out etc.

“A very big thank you to the Isle of Wight community”
Yesterday, after spending a glorious week on the Island, Minka wrote,

“We’ve just come back home after a fantastic week on the Isle of Wight. I’m glad I had joined this group before our holidays because I found all off the information and recommendations really useful, so a very big thank you to the IoW community.”

“Super dog friendly”
Minka went on to say,

“Incredibly friendly and relaxed place, we will definitely be back. Super dog friendly as well, it seems like everyone has a pocketful of dog treats!”

Their highlights were The Conservatory at The George Hotel, The Hut and Off The Rails for dining, Cowes for the atmosphere, Hill Farm Stables for horse riding and the walk to The Needles for the sunset.

“We’ll definitely be back”
The friendly and informative responses from those on the Community Page (founded by Linda Bassett and now boasting over 30,000 members) added to the good feeling about the Island. Minka said,

“I think joining the group made me feel so much more part of the Island. I was reading posts about the traffic, the floating bridge troubles and campers in Carisbrooke park and feeling very involved.

“I also liked how very eager the community are to share recommendations and advice in a friendly manner.”

Minka told News OnTheWight,

“To discover the Isle of Wight has been amazing (and much closer to London where we live). We can’t wait to come again.”

Well done to all those who helped with recommendations and friendly responses. It looks like Minka and her family might be visiting the Isle of Wight rather than Devon from now on.

Tuesday, 11th August, 2020 1:13pm


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Welcome Minka. Ignore Joss and Spartacus. They are just two people with chips on their shoulders ….Most people here are intelligent and welcoming.


It’s not pretty behind the facade. People who live here should know this.

How insulting bones your shoulder must be hurting as you’ve got a 6×6 block of wood on yours. I’m a realist and live in the real world not a middle class bubble with people who don’t give a toss about others, but I do. For your information I have a first class honours degree in Social Science so I am fully aware of the world I live… Read more »

Your clearly live in the bourgeois world bones


Better read the house rules Bones!


Bones, there are some things that money can’t buy like manners and morals. Someone needs to speak up for ALL businesses all over the island that rely on tourism not just the elite few mentioned here. If the article had done that no need for any further comment.

Benny C
They’re being singled out because they’re good and someone visited them, not because they’re elite. Elite enterprises are usually strong, by definition. Jealousy won’t improve trade for those not competitive enough to get a mention. No one is entitled to a subsidised existence in the private sector. Clever management builds a good business. They deserve recognition for raising the bar, increasing the wider appeal of the island… Read more »

What a shame Minka you missed out Steephill Cove on your bourgeois visit. Perhaps you can ‘slum’ it a bit to meet the ‘real’ people next time.

Benny C
Equally full of tourists, they’re doing Fine at Steephill, all booked up this year. The white octagon house at the eastern end rents for £2k a week, hardly locals rates. Minka spent loads of her money on us, we profited, they didn’t clog up the roads, they wrote a well thought through advert money couldn’t buy. Good on em. Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

Profit above everything it’s pathetic. Only a certain class can afford outrageous rent, it’s disgusting.and immoral.

Benny C

Profit where it makes sense. I guess the cleaners, decorators, taxman etc get a good share. Helps pay for those who think the world owes them a living. Id rather those that have it spend their money here as opposed to Brittany.

How jolly good you visited the IOW as a last choice, visited and ate in the most expensive places where the majority of Island people can’t and are struggling to make ends meet, haven’t or won’t have a job with no real investment from a next to useless council. How the other half live totally oblivious and distanced from the real world. I wonder if you will… Read more »
Benny C
Bring em in, take their money, make them happy. Would you rather bring in less wealthy folk who spend very little in our businesses, and use more services that we subsidise? Where’s the logic in that? They’re gone in a week, forgotten by us but very happy and will bring back a big fat cheque book next year. I’d rent one of my places to them any… Read more »

I expect you tip your cap for them too Benny C has some pride

Benny C

They think I love em! That’s why they come back every year, prices rise, costs stay roughly the same, they still pay. I still smile. They’re happy, I’m happy, I don’t rely on the state for anything, I pay more tax than I draw in pension by a significant margin. Others Who need it get to use the difference.