Isle of Wight Conservative, Bob Seely, launches general election campaign

Former soldier in Afghanistan and Iraq, Conservative candidate Bob Seely says he’s ready to fight new battles and get the right deal for the Isle of Wight.

bob seely

Bob Seely, the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Isle of Wight Conservatives in the 2017 general election launched his campaign today. Ed

I have loved the Isle of Wight ever since I was a child, and to represent the Island in our Parliament is my dream. If elected, I pledge to represent all Islanders, regardless of political affiliation or belief.

Nationally, we have a clear choice: between Theresa May’s strong and stable leadership on one side, and on the other a ragbag Coalition of Chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Getting Brexit right
If we don’t back the Prime Minister and help her get the Brexit negotiation right, we risk our local economic security. That means our Island jobs are at risk if people support Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate. It means the finances to pay for our local schools across the Island and funding for strong public services will be under threat.

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Bob Seely's Campaign Launch

On the Island, we also have a choice. We can add to an experienced Conservative team, or go with untried and untested alternatives. If elected, I promise to work with all Councillors to ensure that we collectively deliver for Islanders.

Ready to fight new battles
I have four years already as a campaigner on the Island delivering for residents. I’ve battled – and beaten – developers to save coastal land. I’ve rescued buildings for my local community, and defended services in the West Wight. I understand that representing Islanders is about more than empty protest.

Some of you know I was a soldier. I’ve seen active service in Afghanistan, in Iraq and elsewhere. I’m now ready to put my permanent military service behind me, and fight new battles as the Island’s Member of Parliament. I love my country, and I love my Island too, and I am proud to come from an Island family.

We need a new deal with Government
However, Government needs to deliver. We need a new deal with Government. As Theresa May’s candidate I am best placed to make a new deal with Government. Working with others, I will strive to get that deal. Under the current housing system, developers make millions building homes that Islanders cannot afford: that is not right and I am delighted that the Conservative manifesto will recognise this.

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Bob Seely's Campaign Launch

We export our young to the mainland because we lack the higher and technical education opportunities for them here: that is not right. We seem to be in a permanent struggle to defend public services from leaving the Island: that is not right. I will campaign within Parliament for these changes.

Government needs to deliver for our Island
The Island’s voice must be heard in Westminster loud and clear. Government needs to deliver for our Island. But this is also about enabling ourselves to succeed. I will work with all Islanders: residents, volunteers, community workers, business men and women, people from across the political divide, to deliver a better future for all our people.

a) A future based on developing the new knowledge and education economies, on arts and science. A future that focuses on developing minds, not land.

b) Tourism that welcomes not only continues to traditional bucket-and-spade but also delivers new offers# that revel in the natural beauty of the Island and the inspiration that it brings, attracting new generations of visitors wanting to be inspired by our natural beauty.

c) Finding solutions to transport issues: first; to ensure the future of the Island line; second, to # develop more cycle routes and third, to strive for a better service from the unregulated ferry companies, whose debt we service every time we use them.

d) Ensuring that the Island’s older residents receive the support and care they deserve, enabling them to lead independent and fulfilling lives in their later years.

I see a direct link between: fighting over-development, preserving the landscape, ‘greening’ our Island, sustainable growth, developing the knowledge economy, attracting educational institutions, attracting high-tech firms, supporting alternative forms of public transport, driving educatio standards; all to produce a virtuous circle of sustainable growth, better quality of life and raised aspirations in a caring and united community.

That is my vision, and one I look forward to taking to the Island over the next few weeks.

Thursday, 18th May, 2017 1:31pm



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  1. Don Smith

    18.May.2017 1:43pm

    What is your opinion on the re-legalising of fox hunting? A simple ‘For’ or ‘Against’ would be appreciated. Thanks! Personally, I could not support any MP who wanted to bring back this barbaric pastime, just to appease the members of the Countryside Alliance.

    • Suruk the Impolite

      18.May.2017 2:42pm


      I, too, want to know this.

      • Don Smith

        18.May.2017 6:08pm

        “Government needs to deliver for our Island”, says Mr SEELY (Tory) –

        Bringing back the cruel, barbaric pastime of foxhunting will most certainly do that:-)

        All about Brexit – now it’s ‘Foxit’.

        1000s of votes will be lost; I do hope so.

        Old age pensioners look out Mrs May is about.

    • Bob is in favour of the hunt. He thinks May is right that May brings in a free vote in parliament to bring it back and he added in his email to me that he doesn’t think the hunt should be criminalised.
      It was the fourth or fifth response I got after asking all candidates. I kept my reply to him polite but made my feelings clear! There are other parties who dont share his outdated ideas …… and there are petitions you can sign in order to keep the ban. We all know what sort of excuses for humans are in favour of reversing it…..

  2. neilwheel

    18.May.2017 1:51pm

    Just wondered if you could outline your military service, capacity, rank, time in field operation areas etc

  3. Suruk the Impolite

    18.May.2017 2:47pm

    **”d) Ensuring that the Island’s older residents receive the support and care they deserve, enabling them to lead independent and fulfilling lives in their later years.”**

    Has he not read the Tory Manifesto, then?

    Because it promises anything but that.

  4. Billy Builder

    18.May.2017 3:51pm

    What a complete and utter load of tosh:

    • our economy and future are at massive risk because of the Tories hard BRexit. Giving May’s government a massive majority will destroy the future for all.
    • the Tory policies on care will ensure povity and hardship for all except the rich.
    • more of the voting system will be gerrymandered to ensure Tory dominance, circumventing democracy.
    • the fix term parliaments act designed to stop parties cutting and running to an election just because the timing suits is to be repealed, again to circumvent democracy.
    • our civil liberties will continue to be undermined, allowing the Tories and associated backers access to our personal data.

    The nasty party has lurched to the right and are at least as bad as UKIP

    • You say gerrymandering but the boundary reform will bring in a second seat for the Isle of Wight, a huge opportunity for us!

    • Oh goodness ! Your faith in ‘the red cabbage’ is touching but
      not well placed. Anyone less like a statesman would be hard to find.
      He seems to be a nice chap but apart from anything else he has a very dodgy past….which I assume you’ve red about.
      You reds are turning into a lynch mob. A couple of weeks ago you wanted
      Andrew Turner’s blood now it’s Bob Seely.. You have lost all credibility all of you .

  5. Mr Seely is proud of his military service in Psy-ops. If you google for a definition you find:

    ‘tactics intended to manipulate one’s opponents or enemies, such as the dissemination of propaganda or the use of psychological warfare.’

    Given he’s a master in propaganda, how can we believe what he says?

  6. Don Smith

    18.May.2017 5:43pm

    I have asked him four times regarding his views on fox hunting – He appears to be very slow at coming forward.

    Appears to be yet another Tory ‘Yes’ man. Letter from Mrs May PM, informs me that it was she who selected this chap to represent the Tories on the IoW. What the h*** has it got to do with her? Central Tory office gave us the last one, remember him?

    • Don, I can probably copy and paste or forward you the email I got from Bob last night. I did respond to one of your other comments explaining his stance on the subject. He used words such as “tradition” and “maintaining the countryside” when referring to the IOW hunt. Ironically he said he didn’t hunt or shoot – then I find out he’s ex military!!!😂

      • Don Smith

        25.May.2017 7:46pm

        Back in 2005, he stood as the
        Conservative candidate in Broxtowe, Nottingham, coming very close to winning the race with 37.2% of the votes (18,161) – just 2,296 behind the Labour candidate.
        He’s been a spin doctor for the Tories and a member of the PR team at music channel MTV. Not to mention serving in Iraq in the Territorial Army. Bob’s currently doing a PhD at King’s College, London, where his area of study is non-conventional warfare.
        What’s you job Bob?

        • I don’t see the problem Don Smith. Lots of soldiers study for a degree when they come out of the army. The army actively encourage this. If the military and conservative head office are happy to recommend him and give him an MBE then it would be very useful for an Island MP to have contacts in the right places to maybe bring more jobs to the Island for instance.

  7. “That is my vision, and one I look forward to taking to the Island over the next few weeks.”

    He should have gone to “specsavers”

    • Come on Tim… I think its fantastic that we have a new candidate with energy and vision. A great opportunity to make the Island more relevant at Westminster.

      • If only he was standing for a party that wasn’t so concentrated on ensuring the wealthiest in society do well and the poor and middle classes get screwed, eh?

        A candidate NOT standing for such a party would represent us more relevantly at Westminster. This man will not.

  8. The only difference between Tory and Democratic Socialism (or ‘old’ Labour) in the previous century has traditionally been Labour gives more crumbs to the poor.
    The problem with Labour though is that it kept, and keeps getting infiltrated by Marxists whose aim is to overthrow capitalism through revolution. That made them unelectable when they tried to take over the party and the country in the 70s and 80s. Michael Foot was a lovely arm chair socialist but he didn’t appeal to the workers up north.

    New Labour under Tony Blair was not my idea of Labour. It was hardly different from the progressive liberalism of Cameron and Clegg that followed on. They were all the same as far as I was concerned.
    Now Labour have gone to the other extreme and have been taken over again by those who believe in overthrow of the parliamentary system by revolution and then by dictatorship of the proletariat – former members of the Communist party, Trotsyists, terrorist supporters (IRA and Hamas supporters and antisemites). But these types are actually a minority in the electorate as a whole.

    So we are in the present situation where our only choice is Theresa May, the ‘strong and stable’ Christian vicars daughter and Jeremy Corbyn who believes in revolution, overthrow of the monarchy and parliament and who has always mixed with terrorists of different varieties like the IRA, Hamas and antisemites who have now all crawled out of the woodwork again.
    Manifestos are merely an indication of how the people who created those manifestos think. One has to read between the lines and vote tactically.

  9. Can I advise BS to get himself a proof reader? Item b does not make sense.
    Can I also ask him to drop the Tory soundbites as we don’t believe him, drop the ‘trusted’ from his ‘team’ as the last fella was anything but,and stop asking us to believe it is his ‘dream’ to represent the Island in parliament… that’s the biggest load of balderdash yet, he just wants to be in parliament and he doesn’t give a toss who for.

  10. Doughnut, you need to remember that at election time all new candidates have to stick to their Party line. They don’t give their own private opinions. We cannot judge them on their parliamentary record. We cannot tell if they will be a good constituency MP yet.

    Bu, If you want to work out how a new candidate is likely to think you have to do some research into their background.
    I , like probably the majority of Island voters have never met Bob Seely, nor indeed have I met any of the other candidates. But that won’t stop me from voting.
    I can work out what he probably believes in though because I’ve read that Bob Seely is from an old Island family, the Seelys and so I can find out things from that fact.

    I have read that Bob Seely has served Queen and Country in Afghanistan and Iraq and been awarded an MBE for it so I can find out things from those facts.
    I have read that his home is a farm on the Back o’the Wight so I can learn things from that fact.

    So it’s not actually balderdash what he says or doesn’t say. You just have to choose for yourself which party or person to vote for.

  11. He hires a holiday home over here oldie, he lives in Oxford; his ward say they never see him as a Councillor; until he was dropped in as the potential candidate and given a sure council seat the Island had never heard of him; he hasn’t said that he’s related to the Island Seeleys, but even if he was what has that got to do with anything.I’m not about to doff my cap. And millions have served in the armed forces over the last hundred years, many did not come back, I don’t think that being an officer in the army is a sufficient reason to elect him. So I’ve picked a few facts out for myself! And I agree, it’s up to each individual how they vote.

  12. Don Smith

    19.May.2017 4:27pm

    I’d like to know what this import does for a living. In days of old candidates gave their occupation, matters relating to family, and experience in the wide, wide, world.

    This chap is an unknown quantity, and the electorate should have sight of his CV, just like any others have to produce when applying for a job.

    He tells us he was in the army and likes the countryside and keeps bees. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. Mrs May’s recommendation is not enough.

    Remember Andrew Turner? Another from the Central Tory Hierarchy.

    A smattering of ‘Job for the Boys’. An Eton/Rugby? We do not know. And we have a right to know. I have sent him three emails. and a letter by post – NO REPLY TO DATE:-)

    • After over a week waiting for a reply to my three requests, I have just received a reply from Mr Seely – Just as I thought he’s going to support Mrs Mays commitment to try and legalise fox hunting. Yet another man from Oxford:-) Remember AT?

      I thank him for expressing his honest opinion. Now let’s see if he will give us a run down of his career, before and after his army service.

  13. Dear Don,

    I didn’t hear Mrs May committing to try and legalise fox hunting. What I heard was that if it came back to the commons for consideration, that she would allow (her MP’s) a free vote. That is very different. I don’t believe she has made any commitment to it at all, but, if it should come back to the commons, she will allow Conservative MP’s to vote with their conscience. Eminently sensible of her I would say, and very different from your interpretation.

    • Suruk the Impolite

      20.May.2017 2:29pm

      The Tories have made a manifesto pledge to hold a free vote on re-legalising fox hunting.

      So it *is* coming back for consideration.

      And Seely supports it.

      Not getting my vote for that reason alone.

      • Please tell me where it is mentioned in the manifesto….
        page? para?

      • ah yes, there it is

        We will grant a free vote, on a government bill in government time, to give parliament the
        opportunity to decide the future of the Hunting Act.

        As I said – a free vote

      • How about this pledge then –

        Decades of profound economic change have left their mark on coastal communities
        around Britain. We will continue to work to ensure these communities enjoy the
        vitality and opportunity they deserve. In England, we will extend our successful Coastal
        Communities Fund to 2022, helping our seaside towns thrive.

        or would you rather bequeath us to the champagne Islington socialists?

        • Suruk the Impolite

          20.May.2017 5:01pm

          Empty words. Vague aspiration. Nothing concrete.

          The Tories’ actions, however, speak louder than words.

          NHS in crisis.
          Schools in crisis.
          The Prison Service in crisis.
          Community care in crisis.
          The Police Service in crisis.

          Austerity, for all except the wealthy.

          Inflation, yet again, outstripping wages.

          And the UK to be driven off the Hard Brexit Cliff.

          And Seely a hunt supporter.

          I’d rather vote for my hamster than him. And Nibbles has some damn odd ideas.

          • Steve Goodman

            26.May.2017 8:39am

            Also, despite overwhelming public and professional support for reform of our assisted dying law to prevent a lot of needless suffering for those unable to travel to Switzerland, BS wants dying people her to keep suffering.

          • Steve Goodman

            26.May.2017 10:07am

            And he either doesn’t know the difference between PR and AV, or remains determined not to tell the truth about the 2011 referendum.

  14. Don Smith

    20.May.2017 7:12pm

    I’d like to know what political experience Mr Seely has. I’ve heard he was in the territorial army (So was Pike:-) and is employed as a spin doctor. Please put us right Mr Seely, far too much speculation at this time.

    Yes! Suruk the Impolite. I do wish Mr Seely would be up-front and inform us about his life and aspirations. Why the local Tory party can’t select an IoW person, I do not know.

    I could never support a person who wants to legalise fox hunting again, The UK is fast going to the dogs – Will the return of fox hunting improve matters? No! Talk about priorities.

  15. Black Dog

    26.May.2017 3:54pm

    Conservative, Labour and Green rent a mob were out in force last night with staged written questions, insulting the audience who came to hear proper debate and to help them decide on how to vote.

    Mr Seely did very badly and was outclassed by ALL the other candidates (had something gone wrong with the well oiled machine, or did someone or something rattle him before the event started?)

    Given his answers during the debate I would question his ability to represent the Island (irrespective of how they voted) and not be just another conservative lap-dog.

    The only positive was his comment on regulating the ferries. However, that does not mean anything unless qualified. I would have preferred it if he had said I WILL make it my number one priority to regulate the ferries in my first year of office.

    My vote will go to Ms Jones-Evans who has a proven record on the Island

    • trainspotter

      26.May.2017 5:35pm

      Black Dog, your comments on Mr Seely might have a little more credibility if you (in the same breath) launched a passionate defence of the tremendous oratory of his predecessor, Mr Turner.

      After all, you spent 16 years promoting his attributes.

      I trust the clear out of the Riverside office is going well.

    • > Mr Seely did very badly and was outclassed by ALL the other candidates

      BD were you listening to the same debate? If you honestly thought Daryll Pitcher did better than Bob then god help us. He was by far the poorest candidate but had the room against.

      trainspotter mentioned that you supported Andrew Turner so that does explain a lot…

      Out of all the candidates only two were credible to become our next MP. Bob Seely and Julian Critchley both did well. If anyone else won the election there would not be heard in Westminster.

      • Steve Goodman

        27.May.2017 12:37am

        Other opinions are available; Bob did as well as expected when having to defend the con. cuts etc., and Vix again came across as a very credible candidate.

        Vix also has the advantage of being our greenest candidate at a time when we all know we can’t get green enough fast enough following the statements at the end of the last global climate crisis conference. So far, one Green MP punching well above her weight has certainly been heard in Westminster, working for the benefit all of us; it would be even more useful for everyone to have Vix, and other capable candidates working there for us in addition to Caroline.

  16. @ trainspotter and jammy. I have absolutely no idea what you are on about. Your assumption of who I am is as far off the mark as Mr Seely was last night. I went there with an open mind and was very disappointed in his performance.

    As far as Mr Pitcher is concerned I was not convinced, however he was honest with his answers – like it or not.

    Not only was I listening to the debate I was watching all the candidates body language. Saw a lot of head scratching

    All Mr Seely’s responses were classic and highly predictable (straight out of the conservative handbook)I thought he was asking to represent the ISLAND?? If Mr Seely is elected and he might actually get that honour, I sincerely hope he represents his electorate and not his puppet masters.

    With regards to Mr Critchley he came across as flippant, condescending and patronizing. I believe he described himself as a Bernard Woolley from yes minister. Oh Dear!

    I repeat – My vote goes to Ms Jones-Evans who has a proven local track record

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