Isle of Wight moves into Tier 4 from New Year’s Eve

Details of the restrictions for Tier 4 within. Find out what you will and won’t be able to do from midnight tonight

Tier 4 stay at home notice

The Isle of Wight will move to the highest Tier 4 ‘stay at home’ Coronavirus restrictions tomorrow, following an announcement by the government today (Wednesday 30th December).

From 00.01am on 31st December, the Island will move into Tier 4 following a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases just prior to Christmas.

“Households mixing inappropriately”
The data shows that the single biggest cause of this rise is from households mixing inappropriately and not following the guidance of Hands, Face and Space at all times.

This shows just how much individual behaviours can impact on the spread of the virus and the wellbeing of the whole community which must now be subject to further restrictions.

In Tier 4:

  • You must stay at home as much as possible.
  • You must not meet anybody from outside your household or support bubble in any indoor setting.
  • Groups of six can no longer meet.
  • You can meet one person from outside of your household or support bubble outdoors; while maintaining social distancing.
  • You can leave home to exercise outdoors. 
  • People can travel for work only if they cannot work from home.

Shopping, etc
Non-essential retail must close (click and collect and deliveries can be used), hospitality must remain closed except for takeaway, drive-through or delivery services.

Indoor leisure will once again close, as well as personal care, such as hairdressers and barbers.

Full details are available on the new rules can be found on the government Website.

List of what you can and can't do

It is also imperative that if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are contacted by NHS test and trace and told to self-isolate; do not leave home except to get a test if you have symptoms.

Stewart: Some in our community have forgotten we cannot let our guard down
Isle of Wight Council leader Dave Stewart said:

“Sadly, our case numbers have risen rapidly just prior to the Christmas period; far faster than at any other point throughout the pandemic.

“All of the good work we have been doing to protect our Island community from this virus seems to have been undone in a very short space of time, which goes to show how dangerous this virus is. We cannot let our guard down for a moment.

“Sadly it seems that some in our community have forgotten this, but I hope that this change of tiers will serve as a reminder to them not to act selfishly and follow the guidance. You may gamble that you might only get a mild infection, but are you willing to gamble you won’t pass it on to the person you are sitting beside and that they will not get the infection in a far more serious way?

“The highest level of restrictions is now upon us with Tier 4 – a mere week or so since we were in Tier 1, the lowest level.

“Please, keep the Island safe – keep your friends, family and loved ones safe – stay at home.

“We all have high hopes for 2021, with the vaccine being rolled out and the promise of some normality returning, let’s bring the new year in sensibly and positively, by doing the right thing; protecting our community, friends, families, neighbours and most vulnerable people on the Island by staying at home one more time. We’ve done it before, we can do it again, and as we’re seeing elsewhere in the country, it slows the transmission of the virus.

“I am again really disappointed for all of our local businesses that have worked so hard with us to operate in a Covid-secure way. We are expecting further news of business grants to be available from next week which we will rollout as soon as we are able to those local businesses who need support.

“We must get infection rates down if we are to make the best of 2021 and the year ahead. Taking personal responsibility and making good choices continues to be the best way to protect yourself and those you love from the virus. We must all take action to protect each other and our hospital capacity.”

Bryant: You must stay at home
Simon Bryant, the Island’s director of public health, said:

“We must bring the number of cases on the Island under control. We must be very cautious with what we do. You must stay at home.

“Please, for the safety of the Island, do not flout the rules or bend them to suit what you want to do. I know that this is a lot to ask and it is hard for people who want to see friends and family on New Year’s Eve – but please don’t meet up in person. We have the power to slow the spread of the virus through our own behaviours – it’s people and close contact that spread COVID-19 and why we’ve seen our cases rise – please make the right choice and stay at home.

“If you have symptoms, self-isolate – do not leave your home for any reason at all – and book a test. Test slots are released daily. The best time to book a test is around 8am or 8pm each day on the government website or by calling 119. You can also book home testing kits if you’re unable to get a test at the testing site.

“Remember, around one in three people with Covid-19 have no symptoms so could be spreading the virus without realising.”

Support for those that need it
Support is available to those who need it through the council’s COVID-19 helpline (01983) 823600.

This helpline is for anyone who needs help because of self-isolation, who is alone with no local network of friends, family or neighbours and needs support, or who feels vulnerable and may need assistance with:

  • help to access pharmacy medication delivery services and healthcare needs;
  • access to online shopping delivery services or small essential shopping requests;
  • signposting to partner agencies for support with issues arising from isolation including welfare, finance, mental health, childcare issues, crisis advice and support or other caring responsibilities.

The Isle of Wight was moved from Tier 1 to Tier 3 just before Christmas.

News shared by Isle of Wight council, in their own words, Ed

Wednesday, 30th December, 2020 3:47pm



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Talk about Thick-Skinned Dave; “All of the good work we have been doing to protect our Island community from this virus seems to have been undone in a very short space of time, which goes to show how dangerous this virus is. We cannot let our guard down for a moment.” I personally think you have, as Council Leader cocked-up big time! With the continued promotion of… Read more »
Tin man

Blah, blah, blah. It’s all be said before and it gets everyone nowhere.

It needs to be said because there is already an evident effort to rewrite history with ‘alternative facts’. I have seen people saying with a straight face ‘it’s all our own fault for being selfish and not following the rules’. Excuse me, who? No one in my social circle has done much mixing all year, let alone gone on holiday. Many people have done their best, but… Read more »
You can’t blame it all on poor decision-making. Out on a walk today, I found a gang of half a dozen youths crowded into a bus shelter for the evening. During the March to July lockdown, a former neighbour invited visitors into her house from several different households, over and over again. And in town bars I pass, I have regularly seen people crowding together. I’m sure… Read more »
None of which I doubt — I have seen similar myself, and heard teachers despairing of students’ inability to keep a safe distance at school — but the numbers speak for themselves: a failure of will at the top to do what was needed to stop the pandemic before it ran away with us. The UK yesterday had over 53,000 new confirmed cases. That was more than… Read more »
Why does the UK have so many more cases than some other European countries? Because a new variant of the Covid virus is spreading much faster than the original did. So whereas people could take risks with ignoring social distancing, mask wearing and visiting each other’s houses could get away with it in past months, they cannot any more. Other countries are likely to see a sharp… Read more »

True about the speed of the spread of the new variant, but our Covid stats were ‘world beating’ long before that. Yes, the ultimate responsibility lies with the government for not implementing stricter controls earlier.

Can we stop apologising for the police. Nationally 153000 police officers issued 2000 covid orders in a two week period. or 142 a day which works out at 1 per 1000 coppers. If there was a murder there would be hundreds of them looking in the grass knocking on doors. But hundreds of murderers walking around with impunity is ok. Not to mention the Hampshire chief stating,… Read more »

Just for info, because I like accurate data, you cannot be treated on BUPA for Covid. Indeed the BUPA hospital near me was earlier in the year being used by the nearby NHS teaching hospital as a non-covid environment. I know this because I had to go there for treatment. Otherwise I agree with what you say.


Thank you. That’s interesting — no BUPA for Covid. But there is already a two-tier system, and some people will inevitably jump the queue, get a hospital bed when there are none, get the most expensive drugs and the earliest possible access to oxygen therapy, while others cannot get treatment and may die at home because the NHS has finally been completely overrun.


There is no 2 tier system. It will be luck of the draw. If there aren’t any ambulances available, or there are no hospital beds free, then you will be left at home to suffer the consequences of Covid.That is exactly what happened in New York earlier this year…. Are you feeling lucky ?


The virus is a media event.

Good old Dave. — Let’s blame the Island households for mixing and spreading the virus. Maybe that will take people’s minds off the complete lack of interest that you and Bob have had for the Island and its’ inhabitants. Can you say in all honesty that the virus was being transmitted by Island households when SO many from the mainland were ignoring advice and travelling to the… Read more »

The report states that: “The data shows that the single biggest cause of this rise is from households mixing inappropriately and not following the guidance of Hands, Face and Space at all times.” I would like to know what the source and nature of this ‘data’ is for the Isle of Wight. Can anyone from the press office or anywhere else enlighten me please?


No mention of schools, no mention of travel between tiers. I am disinclined to accept this.

No, exactly. No mention of university students coming home to the Island at Christmas, or second home owners pouring in across the whole of the holiday either. But my main problem with the statement about “data” is that I’m really struggling to see how any such “data” could have been gathered; let alone collated and analysed in a couple of weeks? Whoever made this statement needs to… Read more »

You can be sure that whatever data they have, it is only the tip of the iceberg.


Dave Stewart, Bob Seely and Superintendent Sarah Jackson are all a total disgrace.

They all need to be gone, and gone now!


During WW2 the island was a “restricted area” and no one was allowed to come or go (I was one of them)
Would it not be possible to reindroduce this now ?


What difference would that make? there’s no pandemic, it’s one big scam. They were gonna lock us up again no matter what.


Infectious disease outbreaks are fought, contained & overcome using a simple, tried & tested, basic method, namely: Community Testing, Isolation of cases & Contracts tracing…

That any government would so spectacularly fail it’s population is just appalling; there are no words.


They’re not failing, they’re working to a script. The Great Reset.


The talking meat puppets of Hancock and co. come on telly, tell you there’s a mutant strain, give you no evidence, lock us down once again, well golly gee, let’s blame people coming over on the ferry, it’s all their fault.

Never a thought that the whole thing is one giant scam.

Anyone woken up to this being the biggest scam in history yet? There is no mutant strain, there’s no second wave, there wasn’t even a first wave. Where has the flu gone this year? Where are the excess deaths? This will only end when we want it to. Take your stupid muzzles off. Oh we did so well down on the Isle of Wight. Doesn’t matter. You’re… Read more »

thumbs down, no comments. prove me wrong. where is the excess death? where is the flu? 388 deaths of people under 60 without underlying health issues in the Uk from Covid-19. This is a pandemic?


Please read some medics on this. Try ‘M.D.’ in Private Eye for example. Please stop believing the nonsensical idea that all the world’s medics nd medical scientists are somehow in a giant conspiracy. Of course dodgy government and fraudsters will take advantage, but that doesn’t mean that Covid-19 isn’t real.