Letter: Drivers take note – Dipped headlights are compulsory out of town

Now the nights are drawing in earlier, this reader is hoping to remind drivers to light up properly when driving, especially on country roads

dipped headlights on two cars

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This from Paul Carter. Ed

Driving around the Island over the last week, we have had rain, mist and of course darkness from about 15:45.

Yet we have drivers out on country roads, showing only parking lights. 

There are some who have daytime running lights (DRLs) who think these are enough.

They are not, and show no light at the rear.

Dipped headlights are compulsory out of town, and usually are a better choice in town anyway.

Image: Sai Kiran Anagani under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 26th November, 2019 8:43am


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Not the case. There is no requirement to use lights based on being in town or out of town.
It is based on visibility, less than 100m of visibility requires headlights. Nothing to do with in or out of town. Rule 226.
Rule 115 states that you should use headlights. Should is advisory, not compulsory.


The regulations distinguish between where there is street lighting and where there is none. Which is pretty much the distinction between town and country.
But the legal requirement isn’t really the point.It’s a point about having some consideration for others.


Quite right and should you have an accident without your lights on I expect your insurance company will do a runner.

It’s a widespread problem but pronounced on the Island . Especially in that there are many narrow winding lanes often obscured by hedges . Detecting headlights is one of the ways you can anticipate oncoming traffic. I don’t understand the reluctance to use lights, which I have encountered in any other country. Then of course we also have the foglight idiots who apparently haven’t grasped that unless… Read more »