Letter: Here’s how we could have avoided such a devastating Lockdown

Read how George Lamberty believes the UK could have avoided such “harsh Covid-19 lockdowns”

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This from George Lamberty, Ventnor. Ed

A lot has been talked about Britain’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the truth is we didn’t need to have had such a harsh first lockdown, let alone a more lengthy and equally devastating second lockdown.

As an island nation we could have chosen to act swiftly like Australia, or New Zealand.

We could have chosen not to have had the highest number of Covid-19 deaths in Europe.

The painful truth is these were political choices made by our government who chose to prioritised the economy over the health and safety of its people.

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Saturday, 13th February, 2021 3:25pm


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I guess what the letter writer is saying, is both Australia and New Zealand acted swiftly and locked down very firmly to get on top of infection rates. As a result their communities have been able to function more normally, with shops and restaurants open. Here in the U.K. we half heartedly lockdown, and as a consequence yo-yo between opening up and then locking down, which as… Read more »

Spot on! The Tories think they are so smart, when in reality, they are a bunch of incompetent buffoons, who are having to be bailed out by the good, genuinely caring, everyday people of this County, and by the experts in our vaccination industry.

I completely agree with this view. At the start of the pandemic, elderly covid patients were removed from hospital covid wards back into care homes – that was a directive from Central Government. We now have a situation – quarantine for incoming overseas passengers – very little enforcement, so participation at personal goodwill. Officials have stated that holidays are illegal and should NOT BE TAKEN – yet… Read more »

If we don’t very robustly sort out our health crisis, then we are not going to be able to sort out our economic crisis. Something that is blatantly obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. But intelligence is something that is sadly lacking in the heart of both our Conservative Government and our Conservative led IW Council.

Totally agree with George and it was voiced by many (sadly not those in power) at the time that being an Island we should close our borders to the rest of the country/world but as usual the finance side won to a large extent not only within Government but also pressure from the many businesses on the Island that cater for holiday makers, trippers etc. Many of… Read more »
George Lamberty, you seem to have forgotten that this is the third lockdown, not the second. The second was last November, for four weeks. You are right that our government has failed us very badly in its handling of the pandemic, and we have paid for this dearly in terms of the huge number of deaths and enormous damage to businesses and the economy. We can’t turn… Read more »
I may be wrong here, but my understanding is that the virus can only live for about 10 days outside the body, so if everyone, with a very few exceptions, locked down and isolated for two weeks, and we rigorously enforced boarder controls over that period, and then beyond, then you would have very few cases of this virus circulating in the community, and you could then… Read more »
George If we had closed our borders at the outset of the pandemic we could possibly have avoided the initial overall lockdown like you suggest but it’s likely the government didn’t know the extent of the pandemic and made their policy decisions based on scientific advice, playing the blame game as to what should or what could have happened in the past doesn’t help anyone or anything.… Read more »
For all the comment here about the Tories, I bet at the next chance Islanders will queue up obediently to vote Tory again. As for cutting off travel across the Solent, in practice impossible. The Island relies on supplies of food and fuel, people going to and from the mainland for medical treatment, and about 2000 people commute to work over there. It is in no way… Read more »

Isn’t 20/20 hindsight wonderful!
Does your crystal ball predict the next mutation as well?

It doesn’t need a crystal ball to predict new mutations and new waves and lockdowns, when — the latest example of total idiocy on the part of this government — the Health and Safety Executive still fails to classify Covid as a “serious” risk and has not issued a single prohibition notice across UK workplaces despite well documented outbreaks in places like the DVLA. Part and parcel… Read more »

How then, George? Am I missing something here, was your letter edited?

Angela Hewitt

He told you how in his second sentence

Sally Perry

OnTheWight do not edit readers’ letters.

Please change the record George. This subject has been discussed ad nauseam. The island is part of the UK, subject to UK law unlike the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey, and therefore no one agency had any power to shut the border. In any case it is virtually impossible to keep Covid out and we will have to live with it for possibly years. New Zealand… Read more »

The point is wight1, with such a very low number of infections the New Zealand authorities can jump on tiny infection hotspots really hard, and keep the virus from spread under controllably , whereas our idiot Tory politicians can wait to open everything up again to make money. Remember these words when we are locked down again for the third time.


What do you mean WHEN we are locked down for the third time? This is the third lockdown.


Well I kinda know where you are coming from Tamara. We had the first lockdown, then the tier system, or mini localised lockdowns, which didn’t work because movement between tiers wasn’t policed and prevented, (we all know about that here on the island, thank you IW and Hampshire police), Now we have the second official lockdown, although you would say it’s the third.

No, we are currently in the third nationwide lockdown. I appreciate the government response has been all over the place, so it’s hard to keep track. Tiers were introduced mid-October, but did little to curb the levels of Covid so the 2nd set of national (i.e England) restrictions were invoked on the 5th November [1] and lasted until 2nd December when the tiers came back again. When… Read more »

Andy, I hope making money means business investments can carry on paying for our pensions, private or otherwise. Even Captain Sir Hindsight knows money doesn’t grow on trees. We need to make money to survive.


Perhaps the Tories and the chumocracy chums might like to pay back the £billions they ferreted away at the beginning of this pandemic.