Experience a change from the expected: Explore tactile art exhibition (photos and podcast)

Lyndy Moles’ art is probably unlike anything you’ve seen, or touched before. Listen to the podcast and see the photos to understand why you should visit Brading Roman Villa before 15 April.

Lyndy Moles - Newport close up

There’s an art exhibition currently on at Brading Roman Villa (until 15 April) that we suspect you’ll have not seen, or felt the like of before.

Lyndy Moles, based in Ryde, creates painting without coloured paint. In place of colour she uses many other materials to engage the viewer.

It’s hard to convey in a photograph (we have a set below) and best experienced in person.

Without the distraction of the colour
By stripping the colour away, the intention – and it’s successful – is that the viewer of the painting becomes engrossed in seeing what’s there, without the distraction of the colour of the painting.

With Lyndy’s work, you get another dimension – the tactile side of the canvases. You can – indeed you are encouraged to – touch the paintings. Something that in a normal gallery would lead to you being ejected from the place.

Making sure the paintings can stand up to having fingers run over them is something that has tested Lyndy’s creativity.

It’s also opened her up to a whole world of the selection of unexpected materials that convey through touch what would normally be explained through pigment.

If you thought that was the end of it, you’ll have some more delights in store. On some of the canvases there are areas that you can run your fingers over, the find the aroma of scent coming from your digits.

One more thing to discover is the Braille that is incorporated around some of the paintings. For those not fluent in Braille, sheets are available to help you decode the messages.

Eye-loss glasses
A set of glasses are available for you to emulate the various forms of sight loss. By putting them on, you can, for a brief period, experience what people who have these conditions live with.

This is an exhibition that will really engage you, if you can rise above the immediate reaction of ‘What’s the point? There’s nothing to see’.

There’s lots to engage you, to make you think and to leave you with much to consider well after you leave.

Details: Lyndy Moles – Tactile Art
Brading Roman Villa
2 April – 15 April
Free entry

We chatted with Lyndy for a quarter of an hour about her work.


Sunday, 5th April, 2015 11:52am


ShortURL: http://wig.ht/2cXz

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