Mainland portals for Solent Tunnel under discussion

Those behind the Solent Tunnel project say they’ll be meeting with mainland authorities over the next two months to ‘hopefully confirm’ preferred fixed link portal location.

Artists impression of the Solent Freedom Tunnel portal at Whippingham, IOW.

Carl Feeny of Able Connections Ltd shares this latest news about the Solent Freedom Tunnel (SFT).

UPDATE: Seán Woodward‏ let OnTheWight know, “I have invited the group to make a presentation to all South Hampshire and IoW Council Leaders on 5th December in Fareham. And to all Fareham Councillors”

A new Solent Freedom Tunnel Website page has been constructed as a form of public consultancy.

The easy to read information on the page, is intended to describe in layman’s terms, some of the intended improved transport infrastructure benefits to the Island in general and the Portal area specifically.

Constructive comments are welcomed to be submitted at the end of the page.

PRO-LINK and Able Connections Ltd, are having meetings with the Mainland authorities during Nov and Dec to hopefully confirm preferred Fixed Link lines of route, locations and scheme details for the two Northern Portals.

See more on the new Solent Freedom Tunnel Website for more information.

Image: © Artists impression of the Solent Freedom Tunnel portal at Whippingham, IOW.

Monday, 6th November, 2017 10:47am



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If they can’t even sort out the East Cowes to West Cowes link what chance have they of ever seeing this come to reality!


Luckily it is not the Council doing this!


Don’t understand why you keeping pandering to these fools and putting this stuff on here. It will never happen. No mainland council will approve what they are looking for and no one will fund a proper study. Put stuff on here that means something, not pie in the sky.

Would you rather see articles about how poorly the IW is doing in comparison to the rest of the UK, as a result of our dreadful out-of-county links? At least working towards improving them might have an impact on the IW’s economy, rather than just ‘making the best of what we have’ whilst public services drain away into larger regionalised bodies, which mean we all have to… Read more »
This suggestion will do nothing to improve the economy of this Island. Public services are being centralised across the country, regardless of whether you have a link or not. In fact a permanent link would only exacerbate the issue. At least the issues about the Island compared to other areas are based on evidence. The Feeny Tunnel is just a fantasy dreamt up by someone whose only… Read more »

By the time thia fantasy project could happen, if ever, the islann will be massive care home and the only traffic will be mobility scooters.


So why are people trying to slow it down?

There is still the question of just where a portal on the Island would be and just what effects a fixed link would have on the Island plus the issue of increased traffic. The pro group often state as many will leave as come here BUT if they come here in the morning and leave in the early evening that will cause grid lock and where are… Read more »

err bbrown – the island is almost at gridlock already with many households owning three and more cars. They have nowhere to park them except of the roadside, causing obstruction to vehicles dodging from side to side. Please make factual statements rather than pie in the sky.


Yet more tosh from Feeney & co. As others have said, There is no feasibility study, not even a study planned. Without that, “deciding” where imaginary portals will be has no merit at all.


I for one am delighted that they are putting the energy into this project and doing something, which is more than any recent MP or council have done from us. Most people running a business want this to happen.

They can ‘hopefully confirm’ the preferred fixed link portal all they like. Surely this only means that they are going to commit to a location? It doesn’t actually mean that this will be a portal. Surely better news would be that some one has actually agreed to finance an independent feasabilty study? With out this, no one is going to begin to take it seriously? I’ve heard… Read more »

Sean Woodward is the leader of Fareham Borough Council and director of the same Solent LEP that has supported Red Funnels expansion in East Cowes.
I imagine that will be an interesting meeting.
How many South Hampshire and Isle of Wight council leaders have agreed to attend?


Has anyone tried to add a comment to the above website?


Yes – it’s not that difficult. Just log in!!!


seriously…they were a laughing stock at the Isle of Wight Council on earth do they think it will go better on the Mainland.


The ‘laughing stock’ got an agreement to go ahead with a feasibility study! I would say that was a success!

Rhos yr Alarch

The whole idea of a tunnel east of the Newport/Southampton axis is deeply flawed anyway. Just look at a map – the only logical place for such a monstrosity would be between Gurnard and Lepe, with a link road shared between the tunnel portal and the new development at Fawley Power Station…


All good progress!

A new ‘Solent Freedom Tunnel Website’ where Mr Feeney and his friends will decide which ‘constructive’ comments they will allow to be posted. Another damming display of a ‘media bubble’ and ‘confirmation bias’. Last week On the Wight included an article about the Liberal ‘rented housing’ plans…..written by the appallingly failed Liberal candidate, now this article about the Solent tunnel progress written by the leader of the… Read more »
Sally Perry

What on earth are you on about Mariner58? Why would running this press release from Carl Feeny mean we’d lost our independence or were being biased?

This release is newsworthy because it’s a follow-up on the “independent, unbiased piece of local journalism” written by myself and published in September about mainland councillors not happy about being kept in the dark (read it here if you missed it).

Sally Perry

It’s also worth noting that we don’t simply run everything that is sent to us. We’ve received the same unjustified criticism in the past for NOT running press releases sent to us by Carl Feeny.


My apologies, instead of repeating letters that was meant to read ‘letters featured articles and opinion pages’.


Since your early days as The Ventnor Blog you have built up an interesting and refreshing alternative to the County Press for on-line local news.
On your home page you also run letters, featured articles and letters pages, which are surely the appropriate place to display these sort of one sided opinion pieces written by extremely partisan contributors instead of displaying them as ‘news’.


I would rather OTW continued to publish information such as this so that we are all kept informed as to what is going on. It is a contentious issue for some and publicity can work both in favour or against the proposals.

Better to know what is being proposed than to be lept in the dark, I think.


Not often I find myself agreeing with anything the Feeneyans put forward but at least we agree on where Solent transport links should terminate on the Island.