Minister throws doubt on coast path: Sign the online petition

IW Ramblers will be urging the minister to continue with plans for the coastal path and calls on Islanders to sign their petition.

Coastal path:

Thanks to David Howarth from the IW Ramblers for this latest update. Ed

We fear that the England Coast Path is set to be scrapped, following remarks from Environment Minister Richard Benyon at the Royal Cornwall Show.

Benyon described the inspiring project to open up the English coast for everyone, as a “sledgehammer to miss a nut” and hinted that it was set to be cut as part of Government spending cuts to be announced tomorrow.

Campaign to make coast accessible to all
As an island nation, we’re drawn to the coast. The smell of the sea air, the sound of waves crashing, the awe-inspiring views – the coast takes over our senses.

We campaigned hard to get more of our coast opened up for everyone and we don’t want to lose it.

England Coast Path
The planned England Coast Path was a win for walkers but more importantly for our struggling coastal towns. The Wales Coast Path – opened in May 2012 – was walked by 2.8 million people last year, bringing in an additional £16 million to the Welsh economy, creating jobs and putting Wales on the map as a major tourist destination.

Economic benefits
The England Coast Path has the potential to bring similar benefits to our shores for very little cost – the planned expenditure on the path for 2012-15 is just £239,000.

We’re calling on Richard Benyon to keep the coast path and to make a renewed commitment to our dream of being able to walk along all cliff-tops and enjoy all beaches and you can help by signing our petition for the England Coast Path.

Find out more about our One Coast For All campaign.

Image: © IW Ramblers

Wednesday, 26th June, 2013 8:15am



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wingnut charlie

I see that the Isle of Wight is exempt as part of the England Coast Path. nice

Route Rambler

Yes, that’s why it’s important for people to sign the petition and support the campaign.


Why is it the “Coast Path” or “Coastpath” as on the sign in the photo? What’s wrong with Coastal Path? At least that is reasonable English.


IoW Ramblers, and our MP, have been lobbying to get the Island included. We have the largest Walking Festival in Europe and the coastal path is very important for that, and for us.
Now it seems the whole scheme might be scrapped.
I say “Sign up”!


The Tories opportunistically using austerity as a cover for doing favours for their mates, who own second homes in the most beautiful parts of the country, and blocking access for the plebs. They never miss a trick to compromise our rights and take delight in austerity and terrorism as vehicles to aid them in their quest.


Yes “Bystander”, sadly, I’m thinking likewise (and probably some others too). I especially agree with your last sentence!
Well said…

Mark L Francis

All the coast from King’s Quay to Cowes is off limits except for people who pay to go to Osborne House. Is there still any firing on Newtown Ranges?