Parking changes: Level of public objection finally revealed

Papers for next week’s Executive meeting of the Isle of Wight council reveal the size of public objection to the proposed changes to parking charges.

Parking meter

After refusing to reveal to OnTheWight the number of responses from members of the public to proposed changes to parking charges, the Isle of Wight council has today published the figures.

The full report is below and reveals the size of public objection to the proposed parking changes.

Nearly 10,000 signatures
Nearly 10,000 signatures were collected across nine petitions, on paper and online, opposing the proposed changes (Detailed below)

By far the largest number of signatures was collected for the Appley/Puckpool petition, which was 3,097.

Moa Place, Carisbrooke and Wootton all gained around another 1,500 signatures each.

Medina Campus had two petitions, split 544 and 202, giving a total of 746.

Council judges 543 letter as ‘valid objections’
In addition to this the public wrote in letters of objection. The council decided to declare 543 of these as ‘valid objections’. Council officers reviewed these and put them in to eight themes.

The breakdown of these themes are detailed further down this page.

‘Large number’ of public letters ‘not valid objections’
In the council’s words:

In addition to the objections and petitions there were a large number of observations which were not valid objections to the order but were comments the public wished to make to the council and for it to take account of in considering the parking order.

No answers for those who asked questions
OnTheWight has been contacted by some of those who sent letters also asking questions of the council – questions that weren’t answered.

This report reveals that the council decided not to answer these questions as ‘this was a consultation process’. In their own words:

A number of respondents posed questions regarding parking issues and requested a reply to their objections.

As this was a consultation process to request views and comments on the proposals to inform members’ decision on the order, it has not been possible to reply to each request for individual comment.

Report on public objections to parking
Click on the full screen icon to see larger version

We’ve updated sections of this report to improve its readability.

Image: christine592 under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 27th June, 2014 2:56pm



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Good to finally get the figures, & to see the level of public objection; now, how about measuring the level of objection to the policies leading to this, and hearing more about how we should deal with it?


Interesting use of figures to gauge percentage possible objectors. Perhaps if the council had actually advertised the proposals in the car parks in a manner similar to what householders have to do for planning applications then there might have been a few more objectors.

For a consultation, a pretty derisory effort.

Anthony Wood

Looks like everyone has given up on this!

The Sciolist

It seems to be what they do, grind you down to the point of apathy.


Since when has consultation been a one sided process? Does it not involve discussion, debate, an exchange of views and ideas?

It’s not a public-friendly way to do it therefore the consultation is void. The petitions are more meaningful; I can say with complete confidence that the Moa Place petition which I organised truly represents the feelings of the locals because I spoke to them. Interesting that no councillors or parish councillors contacted me with the exception of Paul Fuller, who sent me a letter of support. We… Read more »
Odd way for the piece to put it, that “After refusing to reveal to OnTheWight the number of responses … the Isle of Wight council has today published the figures.” After all, the council had already said they were about to make the outcome public, (having prepared it for presentation to councillors), and when they were doing so,(2-3 days later); which is what they did. The picture… Read more »
Sally Perry

The subject may been ‘mundane’ (to you – not the 1,000s of others objecting) but the principal is not. The fact is, the council had the information the media had requested and refused to provide it when they said they would.

Controlling when information (that belongs to us all) is released is not a council behaving in a transparent and open way.

You inadvertently misunderstand my use of ‘mundane’: it referred not to the subject of parking charges but to an unremarkable (mundane) process by which the Council collates responses and prepares a report for councillors, and then releases the outcome; which Cllr Stubbings said here, in a comment on a related piece, was shortly to become available, as proved to be the case. I don’t find it surprising… Read more »

I can’t see where is the date by which the Council said they’d get back to OTW, and is said not to have done so.