Petition to keep West Wight school open triggered by Newport West Cllr’s ‘must close’ comment

After the Newport West councillor self-declared a particular primary school in the West Wight ‘must close’, a petition is fast-gathering signatures to keep it open.

all saints primary school - image from petition

An Isle of Wight Conservative councillor has been criticised for declaring which West Wight primary school ‘must close’, before the possibility of any school closing has even gone for formal consideration.

An online petition calling for support to keep All Saints CE Primary School open has been launched and overnight attracted more than 150 signatures.

Whitehouse declared All Saints ‘must close’
This surfaced after it was revealed a council officer was to suggest the closure of one of the West Wight primary schools, as they say there are falling pupil numbers in the area. Cllr Paul Brading is due to consider this in March.

A few days later, Cllr Chris Whitehouse, is reported to have written to the Catholic leader of Portsmouth Diocese, saying he believed All Saints ‘must close’. He suggested the local catholic school, St Saviours RC Primary School, should offer places to the pupils from the Church of England school.

However, Island residents have expressed their disapproval of Cllr Whitehouse, a councillor for Newport West, for getting involved.

Student: Whitehouse “has no capacity in Cabinet”
Cameron Palin, Youth and Students Officer for the Isle of Wight Green Party, told OnTheWight,

“In my view Cllr Whitehouse is an arrogant, ignorant, trouble-making Conservative politician who should know better than to interfere with local schools.

“He has no capacity in the Isle of Wight council Cabinet to make such a decision and he act if he does.”

Cameron went on to add,

“Last time he spoke this way was about Carisbrooke College: everyone stood together, fought back – and we still have our school. Please sign the petition and keep our village school in Freshwater.”

The petition
Those who wish to support the petition – if it reaches over 2,500 signatures it can be presented to the Isle of Wight council for debate – can head over to

Friday, 15th February, 2019 2:00pm



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He spoke foolishly and or of turn (not for the first time), but is the answer going to be any different? The problem is that if people now say it was a biased formal consideration, they drag it out further. All resources and time should be devoted to helping students to transition and settle and helping staff find employment. Councillor Whitehouse has shown himself to be a… Read more »
Robert Jones

I have signed, and hope others will too. Chris Whitehouse is no expert on educational policy: neither am I: but I do know that when this school is gone, and the unique grounds in which it sits are turned over to speculative development, it will never be replaced other than at huge cost and in the wrong place.