Plans for 475-house development on farmland now lodged with Isle of Wight council

The plans can be viewed via the Isle of Wight council’s planning portal and comments can be left until 11th September

West Acre Park plans artists impression of green space

The controversial West Acre Park application for 475 houses in Ryde has finally been submitted.

Validated earlier this week by the Isle of Wight Council, Westridge Village (IOW), owned by the bosses of Captiva Homes, has put forward the application to demolish agricultural barns, and the garage of 125 Marlborough Road, to then build 475 new houses behind the main Ryde road, along with a cafe, doctors’ surgery and office space.

Long opposition campaign
The land between the Appley Road, Bullen Road and Hope Road in Ryde, a total of 38 hectares, has been the subject of a campaign by local residents for years now to stop building, saving Westridge Farm, where the current tenants have been farming since 1966.

As part of the proposals, Westridge Village (IOW) is looking to build 309 market houses, 116 social or affordable houses, with 50 affordable home with ownership proposed

West Acre Park plans viewed from above

This will provide a mix of one, two, three and four-bed dwelling,  built in nine phases.

Could potentially take nine and half years to build
According to the planning statement, submitted as part of the documentation, planning agents, BCM, says it is envisaged the applicants will build approximately 50 dwellings per annum — meaning the site, if it is given permission, could potentially take nine and half years to build.

New junctions could be built off Appley Road and Bullen Road and agents say,  they may provide financial contributions to improve the junction of Great Preston Road and Smallbrook Lane and the signalised junction at Westridge Cross.

Agent: Development gives opportunity to make efficient use of available land without it being overdeveloped
In a design statement, by Urban Pulse Design, agents say:

“This proposal presents the opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution towards the overall need for both private and affordable housing within the local area.

“This development gives the opportunity to make efficient use of the available land without it being overdeveloped, while also providing good areas of public open amenity space for use by the residents and local community.”

Along with the housing, the company is proposing public open spaces for people to walk around with 25 acres of landscaped space.

Pink: Have designed our homes to grow with families
Previously, James Pink, director of Captiva Homes has said about West Acre Park:

“The land in this location has been identified as suitable for residential development and the team at Captiva Homes, as local people, felt a commitment to exploring this opportunity to ensure maximum protection and responsible development of the land by Islanders who care about our community.

“These homes go some way to meeting the housing requirements for our Island now and for future generations, and we have designed our homes to grow with families and give them the opportunity to extend them in the future.”

However, the application has already received the disapproval of the Mayor of Ryde, and Isle of Wight Councillor, Michael Lilley who said the development would destroy Ryde’s last working farm.

To view all planning documents relating to West Acre Park and to comment on the application, you can search 20/01061/FUL on the Isle of Wight Council’s planning portal.

People can comment on the proposals until 11th September 2020.

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Tin man

I read articles like this and think ‘Where is the island of my childhood going?’


Ask Dave Stewart where’s the Island going? As he couldn’t care less


I wish someone ( Dave or MP ? ) would tell me where all these people will go when they are ill .
Or haven’t they thought of that ?


And where will they park when they get there?


With destroying so much agricultural land, heaven help us if we are ever faced again with having to feed ourselves.

Rhos yr Alarch

Possibly a reasonable enough development in itself – but not on top of the enormous Pennnyfeathers just round the corner…!

Exactly. Question – how many people and families on the Island are in need of housing? With this Proposal, Pennyfeathers and now also the Seaclose Proposal there must be an awful lot of people on the Island in housing need? With the hospital, GP Surgeries, Schools, roads, sewage, waste disposal et al, barely able to cope with extant capacity, one must wonder just what is going on… Read more »
Authur Sausage

Absolute shambles.

As for the Island’s visitors the place will soon be like the concrete jungle.

They would do better to site alongside the M25 for their holidays.

There appears to be no end to this building , our infrastructure won’t be able to cope with this, it’s struggling now!

Maybe like the Minister recently “a back hander always helps”.

Where is our MP BS should be opposing this!

Mark L Francis

Sounds like another Queenbower – blots of houses, no shop, no pub, no medical facilities, no infrastructure at all.

Over 200 documents to read on the planning application. But only two exit roads from the estate. Westridge cross lights are busy enough as it is. Even with the promised improvements to the junction, the reality is that it is only one lane of traffic each way on all the roads leading away. It is the next road bottleneck waiting to happen and should Pennyfeathers actually come… Read more »

Oops sorry, make that three exits, forgot the Hope road one, but that won’t make much difference as vehicles are still likely to have to go through other junctions. Or maybe just create rat runs on the surrounding roads which are at best clogged with residents cars…

Eagle eye
The area of open space is NOT for the benefit of residents it is a selling feature for all the holiday homes at that end of Bullen Road including at least one owned by the family that sold the land. The whole way this development has come about through council dealings needs a judicial review. It was good to hear that Bob Seely has also raised objections… Read more »

Please take action and object to the proposals! It doesnt look like any objections have been received so far on the planning application.

This really is just a load of waffle. Building 50 houses a year is almost acceptable however they are also building 50 affordable houses…at what point of the quoted nine and a half years will these appear? With only 50 per year there is no need for a doctors or cafe for maybe 5 years – maybe 250 houses and up to 1000 people ( unless these… Read more »