RedFunnel Shows Live RedJet Crossings On Site: The Background

Red Funnel now have live RedJet into on their site – thanks to Islander Andy Stanford Clark.

You know that we’ve been keen on Twitter for a while – we think it’s a whole new communication channel (Read up on Twitter) – well it looks like Red Funnel feel the same too.

RedFunnel Shows Live RedJet Crossings On Site: The BackgroundThey’ve now got live information about the arrivals and departures of the RedJets on their website.

The mystery of how this has come about is detailed below.

How does it work?
The Island’s very own IBM tech-tastic super geek, Andy Stanford Clark, has worked some technical magic and built some Twitter streams to live report the comings and goings of ferries to and from the Island.

One of these, @RedJets, which not surprisingly monitors the Cowes – Southampton route as follows

12:18 – Red Jet 3 is leaving Southampton
18 minutes ago from web
12:09 – Red Jet 3 has arrived at Southampton
25 minutes ago from web
12:10 – Red Jet 1 has arrived at West Cowes
25 minutes ago from web

His reason? Simple. When he was using the RedJet, he wanted to know if he was going to be able to catch it. A clear illustration of necessity being the mother of invention.

Well done to Andy, because every ferry user can now benefit too. It’s great when people give isn’t it?

Andy, who controls the output of the @RedJets Twitter stream, has also April Fool pranked the stream.

Red Funnel April Fool

Wednesday, 1st April, 2009 1:18pm



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OK, interesting that he did it. Pleasingly nerdy. But it’s surprising how many people want all of these in their twitter stream. It seems a bit much to get one of these tweets every 5 minutes. Surely this would be better delivered as old-fashioned RSS or just a dynamic webpage?

Either that or he should spice it up with some more random insertions to keep us reading.

Andy S-C

yes, you’re right – I wouldn’t dream of following all the ferry twitter streams (we’ve got the Wightlink ones twittering too!).

The best way to view it is, as you suggest, on a live web page: – I have that page bookmarked on my phone so I can quickly pull it up when I’m running down Park Road in the morning!



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