Skull Face Tattoo: The World’s Craziest Tattoo?

Wow. You’ve got to hand it to this guy, getting this tattoo must haven take a _huge_ commitment.
The man behind the skull is Frank from Derm F/X Tattoo in Montreal we understand.
To decide to have a skull tattooed on your face is something that must’ve …

Wow. You’ve got to hand it to this guy, getting this tattoo must haven take a _huge_ commitment.

Skull Face Tattoo: The World's Craziest Tattoo?The man behind the skull is Frank from Derm F/X Tattoo in Montreal we understand.

To decide to have a skull tattooed on your face is something that must’ve taken a huge amount of consideration – you’d hope so at least.

Forget the pain associated with having your face tattooed, it’s the amazing change that happens to your life as you walk out of the tattoo parlour, where from that day on _everyone_ who looks at you will do a double take. You can’t even imagine what it’s like when you pass through passport control.


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Skull Face Tattoo: The World's Craziest Tattoo?

Skull Face Tattoo: The World's Craziest Tattoo?

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Derm F/X Tattoo

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Tuesday, 24th February, 2009 3:00pm



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Bass Girl

That is awesome – not sure what his first born might think though as he/she arrives in to the world! They’d probably want to fight their way back inside again.


That’s the nuts.

James P

I wonder what his girlfriend looks like? (assuming he has one!)


“To decide to have a skull tattooed on your face is something that must’ve taken a huge amount of consideration”
Either that or he fell asleep at a party;-)


hope hes still got his reciept

Davey Jones

That comment made me spit my frosties out lol


THAT comment made me spit my honey smacks out!

wow, imagine what he’s gonna look like when he’s like 90… think about it, you walk into a nursing home to visit your grandmother and you see a wrinkly old man with saggy discolored skin and a tattooed skull on his face… would you not either A) laugh in his face or B) run? i would question whether or not the place was actually an insane asylum…… Read more »

I’m going to have to bet that a guy willing to do this is probably not going to make it to 90.


i’m thinking of setting up a tattoo parlour on the esplanade – specialising in facial tattoos like this one

there used to be a heavily tattooed man who was a regular at london’s speaker’s corner in hyde park but after he was arrested for importuning young boys he disappeared from the scene.


This is so amazing!

lucy lu

First of all, although i would never ever do such a thing, one cannot help but think how awsome that is! Sure it’s kinda creepy to think how a) his children will react and b)how this guy will look when he’s all old and stuff. but still its pretty darn awsome


If he enters a bathroom where you face yourself in the mirror before you’ve been able to turn the lights on…. well… I bet he pees a little EVERY single time


What does it look like when he smiles?


this is an insane act.
poor guy, must have some serious issues.

duncan wilson

i think this is the best thing i have ever seen,in a strange way i got a hard on when i saw this.belter!! i love disco by the way

Master blaster

Ya he has some serious emotional issues to want to look like death. young people think of death as this thing off in the distance but its real and its coming he probly thinks he looks crazy but he will live like a cave man when he cant get a job lol. and chuck norris is hairy in enter the dragon!!! omg look at that lol


What a d*ckhead. I hope he does’t mind long term unemployment. He might as well have gotten “Look at me!! PLEASE Look at me!!” tattood across his forehead.


He’s a tattoo artist steve, read the article…


effing stupid!


anyone contemplating a trip to south africa to support our boys should have their faces tattooed beforehand (with crosses of st george, union jacks etc) in order to suitably intimidate LOCAL TOUGHS who imagine they’re `hard`.

obviously, they haven’t met patriotic hardcore english football supporters before.


I love turtles!


What an idiot.


Wow, it actually looks like he was an ATTRACTIVE guy before this…what a waste.

I think this looks awesome. Personally if you want any type of tattoo then I’m all for it. Do whatever the fuck you want you only live once. Who cares if he won’t get jobs at other places? He’s a tattoo artist I’m pretty sure that he’s alright. And for saying he looks like he WAS an attractive guy before this is fucking rude. He’s still and… Read more »
A friend of mine thinks this is crazy. My comment to her was everyone has the right to choose how they want to be seen in life. He made his choice. Beauty is only skin deep. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Get to know the person from the inside out. That is where your heart is. If you can’t see past that then you people… Read more »
Your comment is the stupidest thing I’ve read on this page. It doesn’t what you look like? This isn’t the time for your self righteous nonsense and trying to make yourself look so caring. The fact is everyone judges people on their looks. Firstly I’m assuming this guy is in his 30’s or 40’s so his first priority should be a job which will be immensely difficult… Read more »
I have 7 tattoos and totally agree that what you do with yourself is largely up to you. But it is my opinion that this guy is a complete idiot… There are more tattoo artists than there are jobs to go around and when this guy puts another 20 years on and is out of work and on benefits becasue nobody will employ him he may rue… Read more »

i agree with nicole – one shouldn’t judge by appearances – i think tattoos can often add to a man’s attractiveness if he’s seeking a romantic/marriage partner.

there’s a story in the sun about a tattooed man who appeared on the jeremy kyle show – i think he looks great.

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I’m a skull freak, and I gotta say this is FREAKING awesome!!! I am considering to get a temporary tattoo just like this (just to scare the hell out of people lolz) but not a permanent tattoo. Again, awesome details.


I’d hit it.