Tesco, Ventnor: Update on development

Work appeared to have stopped at Ventnor Tesco several months ago, we find out why.

We’ve been writing about Tesco coming to Ventnor since late 2005 and with no sign of the development being completed yet, it’s not surprising that residents are getting hacked off with the behemoth supermarket chain.

First it was on, then it was off, then it was back on but nothing happened for ages.

During all this, the building they’d bought and received permission to demolish – former Island Furnishings opposite the Central car park – was falling further into disrepair and had become the subject of persistent vandalism.

At last a date!
Finally work seemed to start in 2011 with Ventnorians told to expect a new Express store to be opened by Christmas 2012.

Anyone who has been past the site recently will have seen that the former building has finally been demolished, but there doesn’t appear to have been any work done for some time, so we got in touch with Tesco to find out whether there was a problem.

Update: We’re informed by a local trade supplier that work has been continuing on the site, so our apologies for suggesting otherwise. Every time we’ve passed the site in the last few weeks, we’ve not seen any workmen on site.

Hopeful to be open by Spring 2013
A spokesperson from Tesco told On The Wight, “We are excited about reconstruction of our new building and are hopeful to be open by Spring 2013.”

Let’s just hope that we have a mild winter, or perhaps the building work might end up being ‘delayed’ a lot longer.

Image: Nick Saltmarsh under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 6th September, 2012 1:08pm


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Email updates?
Don’t agree that this gash should ever have been created in what remains of Ventnor’s once thriving town centre. The 19th century building which stood here until recently should have been refurbished. Funny how it had a new lick of paint and next thing you know it was being demolished. Ventnor’s identity continues to shink and dwindle away and the silence of councillors is deafening.
random bloke
If the building is derelict, knock it down and put up something thats not. If the building had been of special interest it would have been listed and no permission would have been given for demolition. Refurbishment is always an option, but if the building has had it, get rid and replace it. Ventnors identity is all well and good, but your attitude is one of living… Read more »

Good to see the lift shaft has now been installed – hopefully, a sign that they are going to get on with it now.

tom Carmichael

The old building was beyond refurbishment, unsafe and asbestos ridden. Total strip and demolition job. Then piling, concrete, and steelwork just to enable building on the land. New store open February 22nd 2013.