Two For One FastCat Offer Comes To An End

End to the special offer causes concern for FastCat customers

If you’ve been relying on the Wightlink ‘Two for One’ offer on the FastCat over recent months, you might be in for a shock next time you go to use it.

FastCatOne VB reader who relies on the reduced fare to travel to the mainland, got in touch this week to express his dismay at the changes to the fares.

He told us, “Without any publicity, Wightlink ended their two for one offer that could be used on the Fast Cat service last Sunday. This follows on from another unannounced change when Wightlink withdrew the cheap half day return at the end of last year. I can understand, if not agree, with the Ferry Company if they put up fares during peak periods, but when the vessels are barely a third full, withdrawing concessions seems self defeating.”

Any plans to replace the offer?
We got in touch with Wightlink to find out whether the special offer was going to be extended.

A spokesperson for Wightlink told VB, “The 2 for 1 offer finished on 21 March, and there are currently no plans to re-introduce this fare. This fare is a promotional offer and can be withdrawn at anytime, however it did run to the end of the advertised promotional dates. We do have new offers which come into effect from 31 March and these details can be found on our website.”

We checked out Wightlink’s < ahref="" title="Wightlink">offers page, but couldn’t find any deal that was similar to the two for one offer.

Let’s just hope that they’ve got something similar up their sleeves.

Friday, 25th March, 2011 9:01am



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Yet again greed has raised it’s ugly head.

All this of course comes on top of paying a pound to get on to Ryde Pier with no guarantee of a parking space. The Fast Cat memebers of my family used the two for one offer were the 1747 and 1810 services to Portsmouth and the 2315 back. AS a result they will use the service once a week rather than twice. Result? A net loss… Read more »
Theo Paul

hang on! 2 trips @ half-price before and now 1 trip @ full price doesn’t result in net loss! It is the same revenue for wightlink…


Hey, Theo Paul, don’t ruin a good story with accuracy and logic!


“greed has raised it’s ugly head”

Err, no, a special offer with a time limit on it came to an end.


If you think the amount they charge for the fares is not greed, then I think you are a bit deluded. The boat prices for crossing this length of water are some of the highest in the world.

The voucher in the iwcp and the wightlink website both stated the offer ended on the 20th March. I checked this when I was planning to travel on Sunday the 20th and a notice at Shanklin station stated the offer ended on 19th. I rang Wightlink and they ( at first stated it was the 19th ) then agreed it should have been the 20th.The staff at… Read more »
Media watcher

The hover is now my favourite way to go, my commuter mate reckons regular traffic on the hover is well up since the pier closed. The newish Wightlink boats take more than twice as long to cross as the hover too.

Totally agree, it’s a lot less bovver on the hover ….. except if you need to travel late at night! I did have an amusing experience on the pier the other evening though when the lady at the front of the queue was too far away to put her money in the machine, then realised she didn’t have the right money and was going up to the… Read more »

Oh I see….all the offers are now for the tourists..

Screw the locals.


I think its more about bums on seats and keeping a hardcore of trained staff.Ferry passenger numbers definately decline in the winter months Wightlink could probably get rid of quite a few staff for the winter.However it is quite possibly cheaper to keep them on,boost up the passenger numbers with an offer,and avoid paying for (MCA)training courses in the spring.I think crew numbers depend on the capacity… Read more »
*Shock Horror!* Special Offer (which was always advertised as for a set period), ends …is this how rediculous Wightlink bashing has become? I see nothing unusual about the situation at all. As for the person complaining about spending a pound to go up the pier – has its closure and multi-million pound rebuild passed you by? It has to be paid for somehow; while most will inevitably… Read more »

Another non story – ‘special offer ends’. Wow! And this only a short while after Simon Perry poked fun at the County Press for publishing a non-story about celebrities!


I don’t think most of the island people are that bothered about special offers on Wightlink, and would prefer to have much cheaper fares instead. Even Andrew Turner has been fighting for lower fares.

You say the comments on this page are non-news which is incorrect. They are expressions of frustration towards Wightlink.

It has been stated many times by Wightlink that the Ryde to Portsmouth high speed service just about breaks even. It’s very easy for people that to be honest know nothing about the way the company works to shout about what they think the prices should be, but they are set at that level to enable the company to make money. After all, they are a private… Read more »

If these companies are only providing public services to make money then they should be re -nationalised. Since privatisation, public transport has become a disgrace with extortionate prices,cuts and poor services. This country should learn from other European countries. Their public transport systems make ours look a joke.