UKOG planning application in Surrey rejected by council: Shares nose-dive within minutes

At the Surrey County Council planning meeting today (Monday), the application was rejected six votes to five and UKOG’s share price dived within minutes.

ukog share price dive

UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) who have a current application on the Isle of Wight for an exploratory oil well pad, have just had a similar application turned down in Surrey.

According to the Drill or Drop News Website, UKOG was seeking permission to “drill and test vertical and sidetrack wells” to target gas and oil near the village of Dunsfold, Surrey.

At the Surrey County Council planning meeting today (Monday), the application was rejected six votes to five and UKOG’s share price dived within minutes.

Overwhelming opposition
Drill or Drop report that 84% of responses to the public consultation were objections, as well as from local councils. Among the concerns were the impact of the scheme on

  • the landscape,
  • light pollution,
  • air quality,
  • noise,
  • local ecology,
  • highway safety,
  • local businesses,
  • heritage.

You can read the full report from the planning meeting on the Drill or Drop Website.

Isle of Wight campaign
On the Isle of Wight campaigners launched Don’t Drill the Wight at the weekend. Island residents have until 24th July to share their comments on the UKOG application for an exploratory oil well on land near Arreton.

Monday, 29th June, 2020 5:51pm



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Good job Surrey County Council.
Let’s hope the Isle Of Wight Council Planning Committee do the same!

Amazing! A Tory-led council! It must have been the huge number of objections – 84% of the comments received – that clinched it. Well done, Dunsfold and Surrey residents! Now it’s our turn to show the Isle of Wight Council our collective strength of feeling about the same and similar issues: air, drinking water and soil pollution from oil, chemical and diesel spills; light pollution, noise, and… Read more »
So let’s get this right ….. for the ones that opposed this You’ll all go home today in your cars( and I’m sure they will all be electric or that would just be double standards) , go in your house turn lights on in various rooms , cook tea see that the children are ok on there lap tops , game consoles, iPhones all powered by that… Read more »
Stay calm. The transition from fossil fuel to clean energy cannot take place overnight but will take many years. The electricity generated by wind, solar, tide and wave will be the same as that which we use now and will power the gadgets, lights, cookers etc that we rely on today. There have already been giant steps forward in battery technology and energy storage, heat pumps for… Read more »
Why is it, rontwothree, that those who want to keep the status quo, usually for vested interests, even though that status quo is harmful to people, wildlife, the environment, turn the tables by calling those trying their best to make changes for the better ‘hypocrites’? I take it you have no children or grandchildren whose future you are destroying by fighting to keep the status quo? Will… Read more »

Couldn’t they just drill in Sandown? No-one would even notice.

This country is going to the dogs. With Brexit , the U.K. need to be more self sufficient . Extracting onshore oil and gas (not by fracking ) is leas costly and better for the environment then importing oil and gas from offshore. So it is ok to import from the Middle East that increases the carbon footprint but not utilise the resources we have on our… Read more »
We will all be using fossil fuels for a long time until development of wind, solar, tide and wave reaches a level at which coal, gas and oil is no longer required. Opening up another source of carbon is not what we need but rather, if there is money to be invested let it be in the provision of more clean energy. It’s not the country going… Read more »
Clearly, scottawickham, you have no concerns about trashing an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a UNESCO Biosphere for a stop-gap in our energy needs, when the production life of an oil well is twenty years and more. By then it will be too late to save the planet from catastrophic climate change. I reckon you would be up in arms if an oil well were to be… Read more »