Want to know how you can learn to play the Ukulele?

What a great project for the summer, learn to play the ukulele!


Thanks to Rachel for sharing details of these additional classes. Ed

For anyone interested in learning to play the ukulele, Quay Arts in collaboration with JC Grimshaw, has been running a very successful course for the last five weeks on Saturday mornings.

Due to the massive popularity and over-subscription of the course, Quay Arts has re-booked JC for a three-day summer workshop in August as part of their Summer School programme, and two five-week courses follow in the autumn: one for beginners; one for intermediate players. Monthly tick-over sessions are scheduled for the summer.

Background on the expert
JC is a multi-instrumentalist. He developed a passion for the ukulele as a teenager with a particular interest in the hot jazz era.

Over the last few years JC has enjoyed teaching ukulele to his own two children, who have performed with him and ‘The Gramophone Party’ on various main stages on and off the Island. Today his workshops incorporate all manner of styles.

As well as being a respected performer both locally and internationally, JC also has years of experience as an instrumental teacher, as well as teaching composition at Platform One.

Quay Arts’ Summer School programme
Quay Arts’ Summer School programme will be announced shortly with tickets made available for all workshops, including Ukulele with JC – all abilities are most welcome but under 16s should be accompanied by an adult.

Come along and try something new!

For bookings call box office on 01983 822490.

Tuesday, 21st May, 2013 1:09pm


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Don Smith

The ukulele is a lovely instrument to play. Regretfully, due to ‘Dead fingers’ I have had to give up playing.

I have a ukulele for sale {With case), along with a modern up to date electronic tuner. The tuner will also tune guitar and banjo. Price £30.00 the lot. Ideal for a beginner.

Go and learn how to play, great fun and not a hard instrument to learn. 529770


Now you’re giving Simon and Sally ideas for a new sideline, Don – ‘EbayOTW’!

Don Smith

Sorry if it appeared to be an Ad.

I just thought it would/could give someone a start and get people interested in what is a very good instrument to learn. EbayOTW why not?


Yes Don, no criticism was implied. I liked your post very much, and it is lovely that you are passing on your enthusiasm.

Don Smith

Thank you tryme.

Ukulele has gone to a good home. A young lad contacted me by phone. He was so keen and polite, I gave him the ukulele as a gift.

Look out for him on X Factor in a few years time.

Yes! EbayOTW could be a winner, I received several calls.

Sally Perry

That’s fantastic news!


You’re a Diamond Geezer Don.