Whippingham and Osborne elect their next Isle of Wight councillor

The winner, who is already an East Cowes town councillor, will replace Julia Baker Smith on the Isle of Wight council.

stephen hendry

Residents in the Whippingham and Osborne ward hit the polling stations on Thursday to cast their votes in the latest by-election.

From an electorate of 3,586 a total of 906 votes were cast, with a 25.26% turnout.

Conservative candidate Stephen Hendry was elected with 318 votes and replaces former Labour councillor, Julia Baker-Smith.

The results were as follows:

Julie Ann Burridge (Liberal Democrats) 179
Stephen Hendry (Conservatives) 318
Luisa Hillard (Labour) 141
Karen Lucioni (Independent)60
Rose Lynden-Bell (UKIP) 41
Michael Paler (Independent) 167

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Stephen Hendry contested this IW Council Ward seat several years ago but was beaten by Julia.
He has to his credit been an excellent Local Town Councillor since then and he thoroughly deserves the support of people who voted for him whether they are Conservative or not.


Stunned as people still vote for austerity. I just don’t understand it.


You really don’t. Local elections are nothing to do with parties, even if the candidate is affiliated with one (often for campaign help and such)

Vote for the candidate who will benefit the community best, which excludes those who just want a seat and don’t even live in the area.


Of course they are! He’s a Conservative Councillor as part of a Conservative led Local Authority, carrying out the wishes and orders of a Conservative Government!