A thriving farming economy post-brexit is critical to our future says Isle of Wight MP

Seely has agreed to write to the Farming Minister in support of an Isle of Wight farming agenda, adding that farming is critical to our future.

Bob seely with NFU members

Bob’s office shares this latest news. Ed

Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely has met with National Farmers’ Union members on the Island to discuss the forthcoming agriculture Bill and Brexit.

The breakfast meeting at The Garlic Farm in Newchurch included Matt Legge, the Isle of Wight NFU chair, James Osman – NFU’s County Advisor and Garlic Farm owner Colin Boswell.

Seely: “Farming is critical to our future”
Afterwards, Bob said he had agreed to write to Farming Minister in support of an Isle of Wight farming agenda.

Bob said,

“I was delighted to meet with members of the farming community to talk about the measures the Government needs to implement to ensure that the farming community flourishes.

“It is important that the Isle of Wight continues to thrive post-Brexit, I am confident it will and it was good to hear wide-ranging views on this and many subjects.

“As managers of the landscape, food producers and employers, farming is critical to our future.”

Image: Matt Legge – Chair, Isle of Wight NFU, Caroline Knox, Emma Hawkins, Bob Seely, Natasha Edwards, Robyn Munt, Colin Boswell – owner, The Garlic Farm, James Osman – NFU County Advisor

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4 Comments on "A thriving farming economy post-brexit is critical to our future says Isle of Wight MP"

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Most farming runs on subsidies from the EU. WIth nothing on the table post brexit, the farmers have every right to be concerned. We are far from self sufficient in providing food as a country relying on imported food from elsewhere and the cost of this post brexit is who knows. On the other side of the coin the EU producers still would like to supply our… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Dear Bob On the subject of “critical to our future” farming, care to comment now on the very serious related issues detailed on p.15 of the latest (1475) Private Eye (farming decline and loss of confidence, dependence on EU subsidy, going over the brexit cliff, and our £24 billion and rising food trade deficit) and p.17 of yesterdays Guardian (farmers and consumers counting the cost of our… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Bob – I see there’s some more related reporting for you to fail to respond to in today’s paper, dealing with the growing post-brexit difficulties of recruiting enough skilled agricultural workers to avoid losing even more of our harvests than last year.


Nice. ‘Island Bob’ cosying up to the pro hunting Mr Boswell and all the other ‘poor’ farmers.
Try doing something for the less fortunate Bob and we might start to take you seriously.