Isle of Wight council elections 2017

The 2017 council election for seats both on the Isle of Wight council, local towns and parishes.

Dedicated council election Website
If you’re looking for details of the Isle of Wight local election 2017 our dedicated site lists each of the wards, informs you of every candidates running and provide profiles on those who are willing to engage.

Polling date is the 4th May 2017.

Isle of Wight Green Party awarded ‘Inspiring Election Campaign 2017’

green party award 2017

The Isle of Wight Green Party have picked up ‘Inspiring Election Campaign 2017’ award for Election achievements.

Monday, 9th October, 2017 12:47pm

By Vix Lowthion with 36 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council election 2017: Statistical breakdown

announcing results at the count

You've now found out who your new councillor is, so you might be wondering how many votes they won by and what percentage of residents turned out to vote. OnTheWight has a breakdown of the detailed statistics.

Friday, 5th May, 2017 6:18pm

By Sally Perry with 10 readers' comments

Conservatives dominate Isle of Wight council election


Follow OnTheWight's live coverage of the 2017 election count through the night and into the early hours.

Thursday, 4th May, 2017 7:15pm

By Sally Perry with 33 readers' comments

Vote! Who runs the council for the next four years is down to you

Vote graffiti

Make your voice heard today in the town and parish council elections, as well as the Isle of Wight council elections. You have a chance to sway who's in charge for the next four years.

Thursday, 4th May, 2017 7:00am

By Sally Perry with 20 readers' comments

LibDem council election candidate comes under fire for leaflet claims

angry bird hay bale

Friends of Frank James were less than happy to see one council hopeful seemingly imply in his election leaflet that work had only started on the former hospital after he'd raised questions at a town council meeting.

Wednesday, 3rd May, 2017 8:03pm

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

Young voters can make their voices heard this Thursday (video)

vote shoes

If Friday's events do not inspire young people to go out and vote this Thursday, we're not sure what will. It showed that the actions of young people do count and can make a difference.

Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017 1:47pm

By Sally Perry

2017 local election candidates invited to take part in Facebook Q&A


No Conservative or UKIP candidates have yet agreed to take part in the Facebook election Q&A organised by Linda Bassett. Other candidates willing to engage with voters will be answering questions on Monday and Tuesday.

Sunday, 30th April, 2017 5:49pm

By Sally Perry with 18 readers' comments

Cllrs Priest and Gilbey: Police investigation into electoral law breach

richard priest and jon gilbey

The election material of the Shanklin councillors has been investigated and reviewed by senior police within Gold Command. It's been found there "certainly has been a breach" of electoral law.

Thursday, 27th April, 2017 6:07pm

By Sally Perry with 50 readers' comments

More women standing for Isle of Wight council election in 2017

women sign

More women are standing this time compared to four years ago. OnTheWight takes a look at the spread of women across the various political parties to see who came out on top.

Thursday, 27th April, 2017 12:10pm

By Sally Perry with 47 readers' comments

Election Website launch: Find out all about your local council candidates (Update 2)

election site

Find out more about the people who are looking to represent you on the Isle of Wight council for the next four years. Read on our new election site what they have to say about themselves and how they answer four topical questions.

Thursday, 20th April, 2017 6:43pm

By Simon Perry with 40 readers' comments

Isle of Wight local election 2017: Catch up on reporting from hustings

Reporting with mobile phone from meeting -:

Leaders of all the main parties and groups will be taking part in a hustings tonight at the Apollo Theatre, Newport. If you can't make it along follow our live reporting here.

Thursday, 20th April, 2017 6:39pm

By Sally Perry with 43 readers' comments

Conservatives urge second home owners to register to vote here too

Polling station

The letter that Ian Ward sent out from the Isle of Wight Conservative Association encouraging second home owners to register to vote on the Island. It's causing quite a stir.

Tuesday, 11th April, 2017 11:52am

By Sally Perry with 27 readers' comments