Cost of Contact Tracing App and how many users notified finally revealed

In response to written questions about the Contact Tracing App, Lord Bethell was able to give development costs and the number of people who’d been notified via it

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The cost of developing the Contact Tracing App and how many people had been notified that they’d come into close contact with someone reporting symptoms has been confirmed via written questions in Parliament.

Lord Scriven (Liberal Democrat) had asked how much the Contact Tracing App had cost to develop.

The App was rolled out on the Isle of Wight in early May and ran for six weeks before being scrapped last month.

Development cost of £11m
Lord Bethell, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health and Social Care, replied,

“To date the cost of developing the National Health Service Covid-19 App is £10.8 million.

“Our investment in the Isle of Wight phase has provided us with valuable information that we can combine with Google and Apple’s technology in a new solution to support the entire NHS Test and Trace service and product that is right for the British public

How many App users notified?
Another Lord to have his written question answered yesterday was Lord Mann.

He’d asked how many people had registered for App on the Isle of Wight and “how many individuals affected by Covid-19 have been traced to date using that App”.

Lord Bethell replied,

“Over 50,000 people on the Isle of Wight downloaded and activated the App.

“Out of this number, on 18th June, 1,765 people had been notified that they had been in close contact with someone who had symptoms.”

Unanswered questions
News OnTheWight is still waiting for answers to our eight simple questions, now asked over a month ago.

A quick reminder of the questions:
  1. How many C19 tests have taken place on the Island since testing began?
  2. What’s the split between hospital, care homes, testing centre, App reports?
  3. How many tests have been ordered since the introduction of the App?
  4. How many of the new confirmed cases since 5th May are from tests carried out via the App?
  5. How many contact tracers are there on the Isle of Wight?
  6. If none, are there plans to have local contact tracers, or will it be centralised?
  7. What’s the latest number of downloads of the App?
  8. How many App users have been notified that they’ve been near someone who has symptoms since the App launched?

The Isle of Wight council, Public Health Isle of Wight, and the department for Health and Social Care have all managed to swerve (fail to) replying.

Wednesday, 1st July, 2020 1:44pm



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And who trousered the bulk of the money involved? The private sector?

The private sector have managed to decimate thousands of jobs that used to be done ‘in house’. I was the manager for all of HSE printing, having spent years learning my trade and then transferring to the Civil Service. We had the best machinery for the jobs we were required to produce, and as we expanded, so did the amount and type of in house work we… Read more »

This Coronavirus pandemic has been a bonanza time for raking in taxpayer money by the private sector. Wightlink apparently shared £10.5 million with Red Funnel and Hovertravel

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