Dinosaur Island App trail: Ventnor location

Searching for this meteorite on the Dinosaur Island App trail you’ll also have the advantage of seeing beautiful Ventnor!

Dinosaur Island App – Ventnor – Setting

It’s a little bit of a challenge to find the Ventnor meteorite on the Dinosaur Island App trail.

It’s within in easy walking distance of the La Falaise car park on the West side on Ventnor, just off Bath Road before it becomes steep.

There are two sections to the La Falaise car park – the larger main car park and beyond that, a secondary half-grassed section.

The meteorite is located beyond the latter. Exit out of the top of the grassed section and stick to the right hand side of the grass, passing the seating shelter.

From there you should be able to see it ahead of you, located near the – V E N T N O R – sign set in to the right hand side of the hill.

Spend time in Ventnor
As you walk back to the car park you’ll get a peak at the splendour of Ventnor with its Bay laid out in front of you.

The town is well worth spending time in – great food places and quirky shops.

Dinosaur Island App – Ventnor – Information sheet

Dinosaur Island App – Ventnor – Atrefacts

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Mark L Francis

This is just more tourist tat! You might think I am being pedantic but nmy son will go ballistic!
Parkosaurus have only been found in Canada – the text says that it is two different dinosaurs and in what sense are fossils and stalactites “artefacts” apart from the fact they ARE replicas?

Robert Hooke would be turning in his grave (if he had one-which he hasn’t)