Fixed Link campaigners form new commercial arm, taking it to next level

Founding members of the fixed link campaign have set up a new company to take the campaign to the next level. OnTheWight has the details.

the solent

A new company, Able Connections Ltd, has been set up by founding members of the fixed link campaign group.

Islanders know that the discussion of a fixed link between the Isle of Wight and mainland has been ongoing for decades. The most recent campaign, which launched in 2014, has now seen over £3,000 in donations from those who want to see the fixed link to become a reality.

Able Connections Ltd
Able Connections Ltd is the commercial arm of the fixed-link campaign. Set up by Tim Cooper (a professional transport consultant), Kevin Price and Carl Feeney, the new company will move the campaign to the next level.

Carl Feeney told OnTheWight this morning,

“PRO-LINK is the Fixed Link Tunnel campaign group to present the reasons why we need the Solent Freedom Tunnel. It is unlikely that it can crossover into a professional capacity for actually producing the facilitation of a Fixed Link though.

“Able Connections LTD has now been set up as a body with which to communicate professionally with those in the transport industry. The company intends to integrate the expertise with which to facilitate communications and the logistics of having the FL feasibility study achieved and then if that is positive, the tunnel link itself.”

Feasibility Study Survey
A couple of weeks ago, the campaigners launched a survey, the purpose of which is to gather an idea of:

  1. How many people want an independent Isle of Wight Fixed Link Feasibility Study carried out
  2. How many people want a fixed link
  3. To understand what would be of most concern to people once the study is initiated and the elements that should be concentrated on

An “indicator of public sentiment”
The campaigners say that in the absence of a “Fixed Link Referendum that Andrew Turner MP and the IOW Council suggest is not possible” the results of this online survey could be used as an “indicator of public sentiment”.

Carl Feeney explained to OnTheWight that the survey runs until the end of March with the results being published prior to the May 2017 local council elections.

He said,

“It will allow prospective councillors to understand how they should utilise the information in their campaign manifestos.”

He goes on to say,

“The survey is as impartial and as unbiased as is practically possible. Even to the extent of including equal directing to pro and anti link Facebook and Websites for information.”

Take part
Whatever your view of a fixed link, you are encouraged to take part.

You can do so by following the link and having your say.

To prevent multiple individual submissions, the survey can only be carried out only once on each device and IP.

Image: dragontomato under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 3rd March, 2017 10:41am



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I got to Question 8 and then jumped ship.
Unbiased ? I don’t think so.

The Ancient Matelot is right. Year on year there are schemes for a fixed link by IW residents who, notwithstanding the commercial and military ports across the water with access to both the east and west, seem to assume proprietorial rights over the Solent. So a multi million pound tunnel it is then but one without terminals, route or cost built on wishes and pipedreams. It might… Read more »

Hmmm… A survey conduted by the company that stands to gain from any positive outcome. How unbiased is that likely to be?


Or conducted even!


Perhaps Andrew Turner and the council should endorse a local referendum instead then? A poll is better than no poll.

“To prevent multiple individual submissions, the survey can only be carried out only once on each device and IP” Is rubbish it does not take much to repeat the survey. Do they have any idea of how IP addresses work, I think not, an internet café of wireless hot spot will have the same internet facing IP address so any one in this situation will have the… Read more »
billy builder
In view of impending cliff-edge that is BRexit and the latest business indexes showing the the UK’s economic performance is declining with stagflation a growing issue; and at the same time the EU economy starting to boom with today’s results showing that it is at a six year high, perhaps we should be looking to build the tunnel to the south of the island rather than the… Read more »

what has your rambling got to do with a fixed link to the mailand? i think it would be a bit far for the island to have a fixed link with france (europe)

billy builder

Nereus, whilst I can see the pros and cons of a fixed link, it is something that is very very unlikely to happen, certainly within the next 20 years. In terms of the Islands future prosperity then BRexit is a much much greater issue.

Do people on the other side of the Solent want a fixed link? They appear to have been left out of the equation. Survey? I’m sick of Mr Feeney ramming this issue down our throats at every opportunity and I’m sick and tired of those who don’t want a fixed link being mocked and insulted (just look at the fixed link facebook page. Why do you block… Read more »

So? Other than the fact that you are ‘sick’ of it and don’t like it.
A very petulant viewpoint I may add.
What specific and logical arguments do you have against it?
Because you have not said anything of substance so far.

Tiki, if all you can do is insult people, I suggest you go somewhere that caters for that sort of juvenile behaviour. As to the number of people wanting a fixed link, I think you’ll be surprised to find it will far exceed the small minority that are any the link. Also many on the big Island would love to see the link in as they could… Read more »
Mason Watch
There is absolutely no interest on the north island for having this. I have to join the M27 most mornings outside Portsmouth and 75% of the time it’s a 40mph and a queue as far as Fareham. It’s a delusion to believe that the tunnel and infrastructure is going to add anything to Titchfield, Fareham or wherever it pops out. In fact locals (who I work with… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
You have been trying to get a better ferry service for years and what have you achieved so far? The ferries are an outdated mode of transport and no longer fit for purpose. Regarding your comments on the interest on the mainland … what we need on all sides of this debate are facts. Not anecdotal comments about a “mate at work”. Let’s have a proper, independent… Read more »
Mason Watch

Personally I have NOT been trying to get what you suggest. I have commuted for 28 years and still wouldn’t want a fixed link. There are issues clearly but fantasy projects which have no chance of occurring because only one end is considered are a egotistical exercise

Adrian Kearley

the survey was a weighed one that you could only get positives from a true survey would include for and against points as to a feasibility study not loaded for.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha! Has any one actually done the survey? TOTALLY UNBIASED!?.!? Mr Feeney, do ACTUALLY believe this? Surely not? You occasionally come across as an intelligent man, you knew exactly what you were doing when you wrote this survey, maybe if you actually published an unbiased survey it would be taken far more seriously. I know of so many who logged on to take it, then point blank… Read more »
It begs the question has Carl Feeney set up this company to make money off the back of his efforts on the pro link facebook page. Then there is the question of the £3000 + that was donated to his campaign, does this end up in the coffers of this company by him charging for his services as part of the “company” How is he going to… Read more »
Carl Feeney
As usual, the same old 10 or so people that are determined to try and undermine any positive future for the island. Instead of complains about how a survey or campaign is performed… how about thinking of the rising elderly demographic sicial care which will cripple the island’s economic base… the young that are leaving because the island offers them no future….. the low education and healthcare… Read more »
Simon Cooke

Pointing out that your survey is fundamentally flawed does not ‘undermine any positive future for the island’.

Very few doubt that the Island has economic problems but plenty do doubt that a fixed link is a viable or desirable solution.

Your inability to intelligently debate does your cause no favours whatsoever.


This!!! ⬆️


You are describing dozens and dozens of towns ACROSS this country. Get out of your bubble and visit a few.

the spy

We need a referendum this issue to settle it once and for all might i suggest that is company pays 50% along with the iwc of the cost of holding one ?


I agree about the referendum and wrote to both the IWC and M.P. about it before the General Election. Apparently anti fixed likers on the IWC were opposed to the idea and it did not happen!

There is no constitutional precedent for a referendum on an infrastructure project. That is why there will not be a referendum – it is not a valid, clearly specified and proven mechanism for taking the temperature of the opinion of the population on a subject of this type. A referendum does not take into account the needs of people who have family scattered across the rest of… Read more »
Carl Feeney

How about people use their real names when posting on these threads…. names like “tiki” or “Billy Builder” or “The Spy” smacks at sheer cowardice.

Show yourselves….. be brave…. the whole hiding behind daft names discredits your opinions immediately.

It’s actually pretty pathetic in my opinion.

Simon Cooke

It really doesn’t. I’ve been on-line for over 30 years and using nicknames has a very long history. Indeed it was the norm and it only really became a thing with Facebook. How exactly do we know you are even ‘Carl Feeney’?

I use this name out of habit. My real name is Simon Cooke, not that it should matter a jot.


Don’t be sucked in wightgeek. cf always uses these bully boy tactics to try and get personal information from people who oppose his wacky ideas.


you are the pathetic one peddling all this crap
why dont you move to the mainland ? you will be much more prosperous over there and can take advantage of all the benefits life has to offer – everytime I read your BS my first though is ‘what is he doing here ? it sounds like he really resent the Island and all it has to offer ?”

Why should people have to move to the mainland? Why can’t people live on the beautiful iow and bring up there children. The fact wages on the Iow are considerably lower than mainland and house prices are inflated due to retirement people paying over the odds. So how do you garageelfiniow suggest improving our economy? Because I see a lot of moaning from yourself and others “if… Read more »
the fixed link will not auotmatially improve the economy – look around the United Kingdom – there are plenty of areas that enjoy a similar rural economy with exactly the same economic issues that effect pay, jobs and the young in particular – those ares have the same issues we do here and that is with good railways and road communications – I am thinking of Devon,… Read more »

An example of local business being priced out happened on the Isle of Skye. The local hauliers could not compete with mainland haulage companies.

Islanders would be more prosperous over here and could take advantage of all the benefits life has to offer if the island had a fixed link. Shops here would be open 6 days a weeks instead of remaining closed for most of the week because of people not visiting the island owing to the cost and time restraints of a dated ferry service. The ferry crossing is… Read more »
the spy

How can i use my name when i reveal information that should be public knowledge The latest that Charles champman the chairman of the council is a tory and will be standing as on in May election ?

Luisa Hillard

That doesn’t really come as a surprise.


This is what I mean…. as soon as you don’t like what you hear you get on your high horse…. dear oh dear…

retired hack
Calm down Carl. Pseudonyms on news outlet comments are common practice, and there are many sound reasons for it, not least the old chestnut that news is something that someone doesn’t want you to print, and all the rest is advertising (various attributions, including George Orwell). Vulgar abuse, of which both you (“sheer cowardice”) and other people on both sides of the FL debate are guilty, is… Read more »
ltd co

oo a ltd co that can take your money, fold and run with no recourse. The old limited company with no liabilities


I don’t wish to have any sort of fixed link yet the survey demands I answer question 8. This is ridiculous. By not offering the option of not having a preference the survey debases itself.

ltd co

limited company

a private company whose owners are legally responsible for its debts only to the extent of the amount of capital they invested.

The Ancient Matelot
Why are you getting so wound up about using real names instead of the usual pseudonyms that people habitually use here. Would it be of any help to you if I used my real name – as you don’t know me from Adam? All that is valid is people’s opinions. Please answer some of the valid questions being asked like; How is a fixed link going to… Read more »
Richard orchard

They won’t answer these reasonable questions because they don’t know the answers. No one can know these answers until a feasibility study is done which I support happening but I am undecided on the fixed link until better researched facts come forward.

Richard Long
This is great. Were it not for people holding back progress we could have had a tunnel 20 years ago. We certainly NEED one now or this Islands economy will collapse. What a real shame that a few selfish and childish individuals will do everything in their power to halt progress. Some of the ‘anti’ comments on this page are just ridiculous. Lets build a better future… Read more »
Richard orchard

Because people have there own opinion that differs to yours doesn’t make them selfish or childish it is there right to have an opinion whether you like it or not. What is childish is having a go at people for having there opinion. I am undecided on the fixed link until a feasibility study is done then I will base my decision on that.

Richard Long
If your opinion is formed of your own self interest, without consideration for the views of others. Then your opinion, by definition, is selfish. I respect the views of others but in this instance, the page has been hijacked by trolls with nothing of substance to add. They are just disagreeing with valid, logical viewpoints for the sake of disagreeing with them. I hope that you keep… Read more »
Richard orchard
My opinion is not based on my own self interest at all If the feasibility study brings back solid evidence that a fixed link will bring a big boost to the islands economy and employment I will get behind it 100% i base my decisions on well researched facts I am keeping an open mind on it. I just feel people having a go at other people… Read more »
it wont collapse the reason why it wont is because there are many intelligent successful people that work hard locally in business for themselves and employ others – why on earth do you think that when they are making money they will let the ecomomy collapse? wages are being driven low in this country for other economic reasons one of which is that big business can egt… Read more »
Have to admit, my Grandmother annoyed me when she told me her argument for why she wouldn’t want a fixed link. ”Because you’ll get all the riff raff come over here” So I asked her. So does that mean that me and your other grandchildren should live in the dark ages and not be able to get jobs? Just because you believe that ‘riff raff’ will come… Read more »

Well said young man

Terry Hicks
Unfortunately most of the comments that come from those that simply say “no” to a fixed link,don’t offer any alternative.It perhaps needs to be said again that the existing service will never provide the answer!Prices will continue to rise,the service will get worse as the share holders demand more profit. We need to realise that All our supplies come from the mainland and to hold this position… Read more »
How many of those so vehemently against a fixed link have to travel off the island every week or even everyday for work? How many of you have to put up with delays, cancellations, rude and obnoxious staff, ever increasing fares and 3 hours out your day to travel 16 nautical miles from your home and back? How many of you would love to work on the… Read more »

I am vehemently against a fixed link and I travel pretty much every work day to the mainland …. There are plenty of us!

Mason Watch

Same here…… 27 years and counting

Adrian Kearley
i dont believe it is selfish to ask for a decent survey to answer pro’s and cons of a fixed link and how it would affect the areas being designated for the so called tunnel entrance exit. I do have concerns re spoiling our island as we have many areas of outstanding natural beauty, red squirrels and other such wildlife that would need to be protected. While… Read more »

It is clear from the experience of the Isle of Skye that those who wish to use ferries rather than a fixed link may still be able to do so, I don’t quite see what people are objecting to.

Is freedom to travel on and off the island at will really such a terrible thing that it should be prevented at all costs?


According to CF and his sidekick KP their aim is to put the ferries out of business and only have the Yarmouth to Lymington route and the tunnel so if that happened people wouldn’t have much choice would they?

Carl is stirring up his supporters to post here calling all those that have posted up to that point as idiots to quote from Carl “They’re beyond description… I’m completely taken aback by the moronic nature of the comments.” or “There are 10 or so idiots that are just treating this as some sort of game. Same people trolling every comment thread.. Problem is, they are playing… Read more »

By protesting without much in the way of fact, or reasonable argument you are playing with people’s futures.

You’re holding down incomes.

You’re keeping jobs away from the IW.

You’re making sick people have to suffer through many more hours than necessary to get the specialist treatment they need.

The knife cuts as it’s pulled in either direction and you are a very accurate reflection of your opposition.

Do you know, I’m actually completely undecided on whether the isle needs a fixed link, I can see obvious benefits. I can see some of the proposed benefits, actually being the death of young locals with regards to property. I can see some completely fabricated supposeded benefits. I can also see the downsides to actually having a fixed link. However, the whole thing is a complete debacle.… Read more »

If there was a fixed link would you use it?


Call me crazy, but highly unlikely. Purely down to the fact it’s a tunnel. My own personal demons…..I’ll stick to the ferry.
For the island though, as I say, I’m undecided whether it would be a benefit.


Grumpymoo, that’s your choice.

If you had just missed the last ferry as I have done, you might see a tunnel as an attractive alternative rather than spending the early hours of the morning in some horrid car park instead of being at home in your own bed.

It really is a matter of personal opinion.


Of course!
I’m just waiting for someone to sway me either way! ;)

It really is not as simple as let’s build a link and all will be well. The fixed link brigade say one would improve tourism on the Island and the economy, how? By increasing traffic, then you will have to improve the highway infrastructure before even starting a fixed link. I have asked the fixed link brigade to answer how will they do this? Where will the… Read more »
“If house prices go up, council tax will go up, rents go up, possibly business rates and office rental, how will there possible effects attract businesses and youngsters to come to the Island and stay on the Island?” Can you explain how you think this happens, especially the ‘house prices go up, council tax goes up’? What will attract all of this traffic, which you’re suggesting will… Read more »
Thomas If house prices go up, band rates will go up, counxil tax goes up. If morgages go up, anyone looking to rent the property will have to include this cost , therefore rent goes up Look at how the vast majority of tourists arrived here 30-40 years passenger ferry. Look at the population of the Island to what it is now, and car ownership then… Read more »
It would be more sensible if you researched how council tax is levied? It’s based on valuations circa year 1991 so increases in property values in the future would not impact on the cost of council tax now, or in the medium term. Also if the price of housing across the whole county is lifted (and I think you’ll find the price of housing on the IW… Read more »
Adrian Kearley

u could describe them as being careful, meticulous as in wanting to understand the full impact of what you are proposing and weather indeed it will help or hinder the island and economy or as many believe its just another pipe dream.


Put a realistic, fully costed, rigorously analysed proposal on the table and we can have a debate. Until then this all seems to be a waste of time.


I think that is the whole idea of having a feasibility study Meusault.


So what is the scope and cost of the study they are proposing IWC undertake? Without this basic information this question and every other that follows is unanswerable.

The lack of information, clarity of process and conjecture seems to undermine their credibility and campaign.

It all seems a little naive at best.


They’re asking the IWC to go find funding, NOT to fund it out of council tax.

pie in sky

Oh, it’s not out of Council Tax then! but they can find the funds from elsewhere but Carl & his cohorts couldn’t. While they are at it, can they also find funding for my holiday? That will come in very useful, Tell me, is there some magic money somewhere then that nobody else wants?

Carl Feeney
So, we are ALL agreed a Fixed Link Feasibility Study needs to be carried out…. and carried out ASAP. Does anyone disagree? Because apparently…. according to the latest figures from the survey, 20% of people think there should not be a study done to get the correct information…. even when the cost would not be borne from the IOW Council. Why oh why would ANYONE not want… Read more »
adrian whittaker

A Fixed Link Feasibility Study i just wonder if any political will offer one on there election manifesto . What are con lab lib ukip green views on this


we agree it has to be done professionally with unbiased questions and answers but it doesnt have to be asap as you put it just has to be an honest feasibility study and they take time to put together.


I think this is a good debate because it’s actually based on an article about a fixed link as opposed to a hijack of a completely irrelevant thread. This is a real opportunity for people to have a say or voice an opinion -one way or another. Please now, can other articles not be hijacked by the fixed linkers.

The usual rubbish on here as usual. Why do people think that the island is a special place. The usual apathy of an islander shows up everywhere, don’t want to improve their life or move forward with the times. Have old broken down cars and rust buckets of boats on their properties. At least a fixed link will give better freedom to go and visit the mainland,… Read more »

Fazza maybe you need to get out a bit more on the island and see what it does have to offer, and appreciate what a beautiful place it is to live compared to a lot of other places in England. Your description of an islander is certainly nothing like me or anybody I know that lives here.


Want to see what beautiful and prosperous looks like?

Get off the IW and go to the Cotswolds.

Want to see what shabby and run-down looks like – nip to Sandown.

I see a lot of the IW and I see a lot of the mainland. Beauty alone don’t pay the bills. Beauty that’s in easy each of other places – now that pays the bills.


Thomas, I get off the Isle of Wight a lot I visit lots of places in England Wales Scotland and The Isles. Go to any seaside place like Sandown and they are all showing the worse for wear the Isle of Wight is not alone it is a countrywide problem.


Hikergirl, The difference when a mainland area becomes the worse for wear is that the people concerned try and do something about it. Not this island as people are too lazy to buy a tin of paint and use it. As I have stated Apathy is the order of the day.


Is it apathy, or is it poverty and an inability to afford a ‘tin of paint’?

I would suggest it’s the latter.

Mason Watch

The usual argument from this correspondent…… Have you been to Bognor, the vast majority of Brighton or other South coast towns….. No fixed link is going to save them. It is a debate without an answer currently as no one has told us how the link is going to land at either end on a basic level. It’s fantasy land until proper facts are produced

I'll Get Flamed
The flaw in your argument Mason Watch is that both Brighton and Bournemouth … the two resorts nearest the Isle of Wight are doing very well! In addition to their tourist industries both are building very powerful digital economies … driven by their South Coast location (with all the leisure advantages that has to offer) and their proximity to business. It’s the perfect combination for thriving young… Read more »

Forget the insults, and prove your points please.
Can I ask, do you see any negatives of a fixed link, and if you do, how would you solve them?


The only negative to a fixed link is that it will not be built quick enough. My sons actually have stated that it takes too long to reach the island and when they do arrive everything is so shabby.

Billy B

Your sons are too impatient by far. Yes, the Island is becoming shabby as is much of the U.K. for a number of reasons. May I suggest they travel elsewhere for their few days relaxation – they will not be missed.


Those type of comments are exactly why people stay away from the island.


We are never going to be able to raise the funding from government, never going to get support for a Fix link even if a private firm wanted to invest in it, until legislation is changed and we have the same identification as the Scottish isles.

We need a English Isles policy before we can do anything else. This all for nothing.

Voice of the Liberal Democrats there – sadly unable to be bold and support a fixed link. The IW does not need recognition as an island for a link to be built. In fact recognition as an island would vastly reduce the likelihood of a link being built because of road equivalent tariffs which would subsidise the ferries. Getting island status and subsidised private ferry travel to… Read more »

Yes please to a fixed link, Many people are struggling to be able to afford to leave the island to visit their families and many people are struggling to afford to visit their families on the island. No point in telling people to go and live on mainland as many people can’t afford the deposit etc to do so.

Yes please to a feasibility study, until we have the facts the Council will not be able to make a decision, as they have said in their regeneration plan that all decisions have to be evidence based. Biggest worry for me is the medical provision disappearing to the mainland and the difficulty for many people to access it using the current means of travel, particularly in winter… Read more »
Steve Wenham
No fixed link – it’s a total false premise that it will turn around Island fortunes…. I’m an Islander born and raised and now living in Portsmouth, so see things from both sides. There is no doubt that the Island is struggling and not the place it once was but in no way can the blame be set at the doors of the ferry companies. Since the… Read more »
Steve, I agree it’s not a panacea for everything good. The problem is that I can’t see a positive future without one. If the ferries were affordable and we had enough companies happy to be based here with decent enough jobs, I’d see the extra hour’s journey as a quirk to living on a great island. The problem is that the island is getting older demographically, not… Read more »
Elderly caulkhead with his sensible hat on!
An intelegent comment, Steve. Many years ago (late sixties) I left the Island in order to begin a new career and also to “see the outside world of opportunity”. I soon missed the beloved Island way of life and returned within a few years in order to take up a secure but unattractive job. I have not once regretted that decision. My older daughter, also, was obliged… Read more »
Julie Mcfarlane

I like this comment.The Island and the main land working in harmony,each offering something special without being rude to one anothers residents.

Linda Chester

Yes, I like this comment too.
Thank you for sharing your experiences Elderly Caulkhead it was so refreshing to read.

Carl Feeney

Glad to see decent logical discussion at last on this thread… and that includes from those not keen on the idea of a Fixed Link. With that in mind I can answer Richard who asked if I’d considered there may be downsides to a Fixed Link. This YouTube link is the best way to explain……


And I’m still waiting for any answers from Carl to my questions, if any of you wish to look, on the fixed link fb page he is to busy liking comments where anyone who expresses concern over a fixed link are called ” w*****s”
This is an open forum Carl, where concerns cannot be dismissed, or posters barred.
Please answer my questions, thank you.

Most people seem to want answers that only a feasibility study will bring. So the obvious thing would be to fill in the survey to request one. The only people who don’t want this are most likely those who are worried about the results. Bring it on! It’s obviously not going to be the panacea but a link will put us on a level playing field with… Read more »

And when the feasibility study shows up the concerns raised here, what then?
No answers from the fixed link brigade as we are getting now probably, how is that anyway forward thinking?


Sorry, just seen your negatives video of a fixed link.
I agree with you on the crime, and not being an Island.
The traffic, sorry, that is pure speculation, and not good enough.

Carl Feeney

Ok Richard….. no problem.

Try page 6-8 of this statement?

Of course, we need the feasibility study to get all this sorted out don’t we?

Carl I like the statement, “where space allows” Says it all, and again not good enough. You are correct and that any improvement in the highway infrastructure has to be under, over what we have. Some questions. Where is the money coming from, and how much will it cost, has this cost been included within the cost of the F/L? Where is the by passes for the… Read more »

If anyone wants to see if a fixed link works – go to the Ile de Re off La Rochelle in SW France. A stunning bridge, costs a lot to go over and the island lost everything that everyone went there for.


You made this identical claim on another article.

It was demonstrably not true there.

And it’s not true here.

I cannot believe that Carl has asked people on his IOW Fixed Link Tunnel Campaign to all post their comments on here particularly where they are derogatory about some Island people they don’t know and he himself has referred to people as “10 or so idiots”. Just because some people are asking questions or don’t want a tunnel for whatever reason or just had an opinion that… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
Poppy I think you’ll find there has been abuse (too much abuse) on BOTH sides of this debate! It needs to stop and we need to have a sensible discussion based on the facts. One thing the campaign has achieved can be seen on this forum. 18 months ago anyone supporting a FL was flamed on here and very few dared to post! At least now people… Read more »
Carl Feeney
Come on guys…. fair enough if you don’t want a link, but please stop complaining about how a campaign that has been running for 2.5 years has been conducted….. the points you are stating are trivial compared to the achievements of changing public opinion through offering proper information. State why you don’t want a fixed link… don’t get personal, just state your reasons. Then the solutions can… Read more »

I would really like to ask Carl Feeney if he is an islander i.e. born on the Isle of Wight and get an honest answer.



What difference would that make?

Carl ” let’s not get personnel ” Your FB page, has comments where they hope anti fixed linkers get cancer, you like comments where they get called w*****s! ” The points you are making are trivial ” In your eyes maybe, so let’s just dismiss them! Your not trying to change public perception, you are ignoring valid, genuine concerns and trying to bully individuals to your way… Read more »
Carl Feeney
Richard… what you have to understand is that some people have been trying to undermine and discredit the Fixed Link Campaign since it started. Some have tried to cause chaos on on the Facebook Group and through other social media… even within the IOW Council at times! I have no recollection of the “cancer” statement… apart from it obviously being totally out of order, my father died… Read more »

Carl , you come across as pretty angry yourself, and, dare I say, slightly deranged. The study is ‘like a train with the brakes off ‘..really ? This is the first I’ve heard of it…

Gerry Mander

I notice you’ve closed your survey over 3 weeks early!

Got your guys to get to the percentages you wanted did you? Then quick stop it so no more antis can add their views!

Putin could you use you!

A proper survey would be publicised everywhere with the START and CLOSING DATES PUBLICISED! Just saying ‘do the survey’ without telling us how long we’ve got for it smacks of something suspicious before we even start. The article says that the survey was launched ‘a couple of weeks ago’ but this is the first I’ve heard of it. Are there flyers going through every door on the… Read more »