Isle of Wight council launch their Regeneration Strategy

The vision for regeneration on the Isle of Wight was refreshing and stimulating to hear – look out for our Podcasts.

regeneration workshop sheet

The Isle of Wight council presented their draft Regeneration Strategy for the Isle of Wight today (Thursday). The Strategy was launched at the ‘Annual’ Regeneration Conference at Lakeside Hotel in Wootton.

The afternoon saw ‘keynote speeches’ from Peter Tomlinson, Chamber of Commerce; John Irvine, Wightfibre; Clive Tilley, Wightlink; Phil Dominey, SW Railway and Mark Rhodes, Hose Rhodes & Dickson.

Visions for the Island
Masters students from Portsmouth School of Architecture shared their award-winning vision for the future of Shanklin and other sites around the Island (more to follow on that later).

The Regeneration team gave an update on the programme and launched their draft strategy (see below).

Having attended and seen the presentations, the vision was refreshing and stimulating to hear – look out for our Podcast interviews over the next few days.

Draft Strategy
In the meantime, you can read the vision yourselves in the document below. Click on the full screen icon to see larger version. It’s a long read, but comprehensive and worth working your way through if you have an interest in any regeneration plans.

IWC Draft Regeneration Strategy by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Thursday, 19th July, 2018 6:42pm



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4 Comments on "Isle of Wight council launch their Regeneration Strategy"

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I gave up when I got to the bit about wanting to build 641 new homes per year and that part of the IWC stategy is reliant on the council tax income from these new homes. We have not got the infrastucture to cope with the present level of population, the last thing we need is more people. What is necessary is housing for the population we… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Let’s start on the brown filed sites first. Like Sandown.

What’s actually getting built in silly numbers are 3- and 4-bed mansions which locals can’t afford. So who’s buying them? But more to the point, what is IWC doing to encourage “affordable” housing – ie homes which will be rented at fair rents and not placed on the sale market where they are guaranteed to be out of reach of most residents. All developments are required by… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

This has taken 18 months to emerge since money was ‘invested’ big bucks in well-paid senior ‘regeneration’ staff. And they seem to have forgotten Newport is the County town and heart of the Island.