Isle of Wight council leader reminds Prime Minister of his Island Deal promise

It’s been a year since Boris Johnson promised the Isle of Wight an Island Deal to make up for the extra cost of providing services on an Island. So far nothing has materialised

Boris Johnson

The leader of the Isle of Wight Council has written to the Prime Minister to remind him of his commitment to an ‘Island Deal’.

In his letter to Boris Johnson, Cllr Dave Stewart requested an update on the Prime Minister’s promise of extra government help made during the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election campaign and repeated during a Brexit debate in the House of Commons later that same year.

Stewart: This deal is really important to the Island
Cllr Stewart said,

“I am confident this is something that is still on the Prime Minister’s agenda, but I recognise he has his hands full dealing with the challenges of a pandemic, Brexit and rebuilding the nation’s economy.

“Nevertheless, I just wanted to remind him that this deal is really important to the Island and will make us better able to deal with these same challenges.”

£6.4m additional costs
In his letter, Cllr Stewart highlighted research carried out by the University of Portsmouth which found the additional cost of providing local government services on the Island was £6.4 million more than other authorities.

Cllr Stewart wrote,

“This uplift would enable us to continue to ‘balance the books’ and address our ever increasing budget gap (currently £3.5m each year for the next three years) inline with our medium term financial strategy.

“I appreciate that the wider Fair Funding Review has been delayed because of the pandemic, but there is still the opportunity for the government to bring forward an initial settlement for the Isle of Wight in recognition of our circumstances. I would therefore ask you and the Chancellor to consider this approach.”

Stewart: We’ve done our part
Cllr Stewart and the Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, have been pushing hard for an Island Deal to secure additional government money to reflect the Isle of Wight’s challenges as an island.

In his letter, copied to Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and to the Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick, Councillor Stewart said the council “had done our part so far”, such as acquiring the Venture Quays site in East Cowes to secure jobs in marine manufacturing and increase the supply of affordable housing.

He also highlighted the important role the Island community had played in piloting the NHS Covid-19 contact tracing App which has since been rolled out nationally to slow the spread of Coronavirus.  

Coronavirus has hit local economy particularly hard
Cllr Stewart continued,

“We are now looking to the future with a range of ambitious initiatives to help the Isle of Wight on the road to recovery from the challenges of Coronavirus, which have hit our local economy particularly hard.”

Meanwhile, council officers have also been in contact with officials at the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) setting out the authority’s fragile financial position due to the pandemic. 

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office. Ed

Image: eu2017ee under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 13th November, 2020 2:29pm



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10 Comments on "Isle of Wight council leader reminds Prime Minister of his Island Deal promise"

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Ha, ha….it was a carrot dangled before last years election….and you fell for it!
Dave Stewart you have no chance of receiving a single penny.

This letter will have had the same impact on Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as John Redwood’s ‘warning’ letter had on Joe Biden. No, Dave, you’re not on Alexander’s agenda and nor will any money to our county be on his agenda, especially not when there continues to be only one MP for the IW, making any noise about this subject. Screaming into the void, at Whale… Read more »

Dave Stewart is clearly very gullible. News flash for you Dave, your ‘pals’ Bob Seely and Boris Johnson played you…!

Benny C

Absolutely right. It’s worrying that our local politicians are so out of touch they think this is clever. It’s just press coverage. Why do we vote for embarrassing self promoting nonsense like this?


A politician not delivering what he promised? Now there’s a shocker.

Well I hope the letter was written entirely in uppercase, to highlight how serious it is. Honestly though, I think he would have far more chance of success if he created a company called “Dave’s Totally Legit Pest Control Masks Limited” and put in a tender for an Island-wide sweatshop to create PPE ‘stuff’. Go for £266 million or so. That would keep us going for a… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

Anyone who thought anything would ever come of this must be living on a different planet from most of us…


And Dave Stewart has chosen to waste a few million on this floating bridge when it was clearly not fit for purpose.


Don’t worry,Cummings had it in that box when he got the boot the other night…

Where’s out Island deal? Where’s out Island MP?? Seely has been promising this since the 2017 General Election so he owes us at least 3 years of “Island Deal” but so far we’ve seen nowt. Best thing Cllr Stewart and his colleagues can do is disassociate themselves from Bob has he clearly is only interested in trying to brown nose those that might promote him and cares… Read more »