Isle of Wight council: Catch-up with coverage of first meeting of 2021

Catch-up with our live reporting from the first Isle of Wight council meeting of 2021 as they consider and debate a number of issues

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Isle of Wight councillors will meet virtually tonight (Wednesday 20th January) for the first full council meeting of 2021.

The agenda for the meeting includes one motion by a councillor (see here), as well as changes to Pay Policy and the Local Council Tax Support scheme.

Follow our live coverage below to see what was discussed and how councillors vote on the agenda items.

Updates appear below – anything contained within ((double brackets)) is comment by the author.

Image: Luke Southern under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 20th January, 2021 5:04pm



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The Exceptional Hardship Fund;
£160,000 in the fund.
£34.865 paid out.
What happens to the remaining £125.135?
Is this an annually allocated fund?
Absolutely disgusting that during this meeting they have voted yes to a pay rise of £114,000 for some staff.
Councillor Mosdell playing the game of “abstaining” this evening.
There must be an election coming up!


So what are the odds on The Tories reducing Local Council Tax Support Scheme to 60%, pretty high is my guess, thus raising it another 10% for the Island’s poorest in the middle of a pandemic.

Where is Marcus Rashford when you need him?

Geoff Brodie

Vanessa Churchman will be in trouble with the Tory whip. It was clear she did not know what she was voting for.


Does she ever?


I worry more about the community who vote for her, are they deaf dumb and blind?


Is that, that woman who embarrassed herself on LBC, a looks [part of comment removed by moderator]


So are the increases to the top executive salaries going to be met by the savings made by only spending a tiny amount from the hardship fund?

Jenny Smart

Of course Andy, the money has got to come from somewhere.

Remember, this is a Tory run Council, they look after themselves, their friends first, and the poor and vulnerable last, because they are seen as vermin.


Please look at cheap parking for staff. Outrageous

Standard sort of guff from the council leader about St. Mary’s junction. Shame that all the traffic queueing at the lights is pumping out exhaust fumes. With the present level of traffic there would have been no queueing at all at the roundabout. There is so much inadequate about the design that one has to question his judgement if he considers the project a success. I wonder… Read more »

Thank you for taking the time to write this meeting up.
Disappointed in the councillors reaction and assumptions about how citizens assemblies are run, because they are a very effective way of engaging with a diverse range of people.