Isle of Wight council take on roads and pavements at Parkhurst estate: Agreement reached

The highways and footways are in a poor state of repair and residents have been calling for improvements for some considerable time

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The Isle of Wight Council and Ministry of Justice (MOJ) have reached agreement on a deal which will allow the council to improve the roads, open spaces and footways in current MOJ ownership on the former prison estate.

As part of the agreement, the council will receive a one-off fee from government to upgrade and maintain the area to a good standard for the foreseeable future.

Ownership of land
The council will take over the ownership of the land from the MOJ.

It is expected that the works might take up to two years to complete and the council will communicate with residents as plans for the works are confirmed.

As the deal has just been agreed, residents are asked to be patient until the council has had the time to work through these plans.

Ashman: Council better placed to oversee the repairs and future maintenance
Chris Ashman, the council’s director of regeneration, said it was good news for the area.

He said,

“The highways and footways are in a poor state of repair and local residents have been concerned to see improvements made for some considerable time.

“The council, as highways authority, is better placed to oversee the repairs and future maintenance and as part of the transaction the Ministry of Justice will make a financial contribution towards the costs.

“As part of our regeneration programme, we will work closely with local residents to prioritise the works to be undertaken and achieve the best possible outcome using the funds available to improve community cohesion and quality of life.”

Residents can contact the council via a dedicated email address: [email protected]

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office, in their own words. Ed

Image: Jeremy Segrott under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 1st April, 2021 10:41am



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Elsewhere, Dave Stewart has been quoted saying “he could not reveal the amount ‘for commercial reasons’ but (…) it would be ‘millions of pounds'”. ‘Commercial reasons’ between two Government institutions that clearly aren’t private companies??? Something doesn’t sound quite right here.

Whilst agreeing that the roads and footpaths within the area need drastic improvement, the lack of financial detail is of concern. It was only a few weeks ago that the council itself was quoted as saying that the deal on the table was inadequate. What has changed? Or has the council just rolled over under the MOJ deadline. Given the concerns then the council should publish how… Read more »
This is just blatant electioneering – we can be told about the deal but not crucial details. We are being fed just enough info on this politically sensitive issue to make us believe the current elected council is doing something, and to prop-up the Conservative candidate in the ward. IWCP even has her quoted; “ Conservative local election candidate for Parkhurst and Hunnyhill, Cara Lock, said: “This… Read more »
Sally Perry
This is a press release from the council (as stated at the bottom of the article and in the byline). It is not the press release from the Island Conservatives, that you might have seen in other IW publications. The council are permitted to issue releases during pre-election period that state the facts and are not about a contentious issue. The agreement with the MOJ, which has… Read more »

Thanks Sally 🤣


Sorry, meant that to read ‘Thanks Sally 👍’


Good news for those on the Camp Hill estate and much of the Parkhurst estate, where the MoJ still owns the roads. Presumably, not such good news for those residents on some of the Parkhurst estate and most of the Albany estate, where the prison house sales included the road across the frontage, but hey ho, it’s better than nothing and not before time.