Keep your eye out for any possible new Banksy artworks on the Isle of Wight

Last time Banksy was reported as creating an artwork in Southampton, he also shared the love on the Isle of Wight, so keep your eyes peeled and grab a photo if you see any new pieces here

banksy's our future mural

It looks like Banksy, one of the world’s most well-known and loved graffiti artists, may have made a trip to the south coast recently.

On what appears to be exactly the same wall in Bevois Valley, Southampton that was painted ten years ago, is possibly a new Banksy piece.

The Southampton ‘No Future’ mural was painted over in November 2010, now some ten years later it has returned, adapted for 2020.

Our Future
Photographer Matt Adamiak has kindly shared this photo showing what looks like Banksy’s play on the classic ‘No Future’ artwork.

This latest piece features the young girl holding a balloon, but the message has changed to ‘Our Future’ and within the O (which ironically doubles up as the balloon) is the hourglass Extinction Rebellion logo.

An Island visit?
Last time a Banksy was reported to have popped up in Southampton, at least two pieces were spotted on the Isle of Wight (as well as some random rats).

The Keep Britain Tidy and I Love You artworks were sadly painted over by the Isle of Wight council.

The I Love You site now sports the incredible Ventnor Giant created by another world class street artist, Phelgm.

The site of Keep Britain Tidy, in Shanklin is, we believe, still derelict ten years on.

Keep ’em peeled
Do keep an eye out for any possible new Banksy pieces when you travel around the Island.

Grab a photo and let us know if you see any.

If Banksy has made a visit to the Island, we sincerely hope he didn’t go to Coppins Bridge and see work by someone calling themselves ‘The Island’s Banksy’.

Frankly, that would be beyond embarrassing.

Image: © Matt Adamiak

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If he does, hopefully IWC will be more culturally aware…but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Perhaps he’ll make some witty comment on the floating bridge?