Cuts to Wightlink timetable impacts income and jobs for Harbour

The Harbour Commissioner says that in 2013, Wightlink traffic fell for the third year in a row, directly impacting their income and jobs.

Wightlink at Yarmouth Harbour

Yarmouth Harbour Commissioner (YHC) says the reduction in Wightlink‘s sailings to and from Yarmouth Harbour, first announced in November 2012, has had a negative impact on the Commissioner’s income.

As well as the changes to sailings from January 2013, further sailings were cut in the summer of last year, with the YHC linking the drop in foot and car passengers to a reduction in their income.

According to the report, the drop in crossings led to the redundancy of a YHC ferry terminal operator position.

Drop for third year in a row
The report reads,

“Our largest single customer, Wightlink, made changes to its service from the beginning of the year which led to a reduction in the number of sailings, predominantly late at night and early morning.”

It goes on to say,

“The traffic Wightlink carried fell for the third year in a row, notably cars and foot passengers reduced. As a consequence, YHC’s income from Wightlink fell.

“This trend is particularly worrying for YHC.”

You can read the full report below (click on the full-screen icon to see larger version

Thanks to Martin Wareham for the heads-up.

Image: David C Jones under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 14th May, 2014 1:26pm



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7 Comments on "Cuts to Wightlink timetable impacts income and jobs for Harbour"

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How much did it cost to produce this 48 page report? And could the funds used to do this be better used to improve the harbour itself? Could the people currently looking for work have helped with this?


Yeah, how silly spending so much money on this report when the unemployed could probably have identified the problems and solutions for nothing

Man in Black

My understanding is that there’s a legal requirement for Harbour Commissions to produce an Annual Report.

martin william wareham

Having read this report the future for customers of Wightlink and Yarmouth Harbour look financially bleak but for different reasons .

phil marsh
Do I recall correctly that when the new larger ferries were being introduced the townsfolk of Yarmouth objected that the extra vehicular traffic would clog the town up. We know some of the Lymington people were and are still anti the new ferries as well. This is why I mainly go via Fishbourne now and do not stop to spend money in Yarmouth or Lymington. It proves… Read more »

Wightlink are learning from their own mistakes.
Economics is not taught the same way to this generation
They call it “Economics” but it’s more like book-keeping. So what do they expect!


So, WightLink cut their costs by eliminating sailings that are uneconomic, and presumably improve their profitability.

Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners have a drop in income because less chargeable activity takes place.

What responsibility does WightLink have to ensure that YHC maintains its annual surplus?

Somebody – please explain.