Revised Catamaran Service For Rest of Day

Revised timetable due to technical problems

This just in from Wightlink. Ed

Cancellations on FastCat TomorrowPlease be advised that owing to a technical problem the Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head catamaran service is operating a revised service for the remainder of today.

Sailings will depart:

· From Portsmouth Harbour at 15 minutes past the hour
· From Ryde Pier Head at 47 minutes past the hour.

Additional sailings by chartered vessel
There will also be additional sailings operated by a chartered vessel (with an approximate crossing time of 25 minutes) at the following times:

* From Portsmouth Harbour; 1540, 1640, 1740, 1840 and 1940
* From Ryde Pier Head; 1610, 1710, 1810 and 1910

Wightlink would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. Passengers concerned about their sailing(s) should call Wightlink reservations on 02392 827761 (cheaper than 0871 number)

Friday, 11th February, 2011 11:32am



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Mike Starke
The “technical problem” is that Wightlink is owned by Macquarie, an Australian bank, as a milch cow to make profit. Staff (among the best, in my experience) and equipment get in the way of the profit motive (that’s privatisation for you, folks – this ferry company used to belong to us as Sealink). So Macquarie/Wightlink keep on having to “revise” their schedules, with two fingers to the… Read more »

How many more times are us poor commuters going to have to put up with this appalling service? Wightlink is a laughing stock among us daily travellers – an absolute joke. Which is why me and numerous others I know are switiching to Hovertravel when our season tickets expire soon. To be honest I can’t wait…


I’m sure Wightlink aren’t running a revised service for fun…. ok so go to Hovertravel, just remember when it is too windy for Hovertravel to run, back to Wightlink you will have to go


You’re right – I’m sure it’s not fur fun. It’s because they’ve bought cheap and nasty vessels which keep breaking down all the time.The gangway at Ryde is still broken and they can’t even be bothered to fix that.


Is that the gangway from the pierhead to theferry or the long one from the shore to the pierhead? :-)

Sandown Sally

Mike is right, remember fewer ferries mean less cost and more profit. An hourly service means the revenue stays the same but the Wightlink/Macquarrie profits increase. No wonder they do it so often. The customer care of this awful company is non exisent.