Things Thoughtful: Wild and often whacky snippets of wisdom printed in the Isle of Wight Times

Boojum and Snark’s latest art commission is coming along well with Lauren Fry at the helm. See an update within

Things Thoughtful - snippets from Isle of Wight Times

Last year Boojum and Snark managed to secure Arts Council funding for three art commissions with a central focus on Sandown: its culture, heritage, Bay biodiversity, recollections and responses to Sandown.

The first commission ‘Chronicle’ has been awarded to art educator and multi-disciplinary designer, Lauren Fry.

Changing brief due to Lockdown
The brief was originally to use the archive of ‘Isle of Wight Chronicle’ newspapers published in Sandown 1866 -1971 held at Sandown Library.

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, Lauren hasn’t been able to access the archive, but has instead been researching using the online British Newspaper Archive.

Lauren has been delving into four Island Newspapers released from 1850- 1910 looking for Sandown-related news to respond to and insights into Victorian life in the town.

Lauren’s research has unearthed, THINGS THOUGHTFUL, some wild and often whacky snippets of wisdom printed in the Isle of Wight Times some 100 years ago. Here’s a little selection.

Things Thoughtful by Lauren Fry
Things Thoughtful by Lauren Fry
Things Thoughtful by Lauren Fry

Is this advice still relevant, what words of wisdom would you give today?

Share your pearls of wisdom
Why not head over to Boojum and Snark’s Instagram feed and share your pearls of wisdom and memes.

To see Lauren’s work in progress you can follow @ArtatBoojum on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or @studio_wren (Lauren’s Insta) and also by searching #InspiredbySandown.

Please comment and give your feedback and thoughts. Chronicle will be finished at the end of March and there will be a window installation, as well as other media.

News shared by Tracy on behalf of Boojum and Snark. Ed

Monday, 8th February, 2021 6:21pm



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No doubt Sandown was a livelier place a hundred years ago, but attitudes must have been much narrower, to go by this example of words of wisdom: ‘Nothing is more contemptible than a man who makes a living by talking’. I understand that daily national radio broadcasts of plays and talks, as well as music, were very popular from late 1922, when the BBC was established. And… Read more »

Probably thinking of politicians . . .


Hi Tamara, would you help us with your Things Thoughtful? What advice, wisdom etc would you like to see published or passed on? It could be about Island life or just something that has helped you – it would be great if you could leave your #ThingsThoughtful 😊🙏


It’s a great day for the Isle of Wight!

#ThingsThoughtful #AnthonyMinghella #OscarAcceptance


Sometimes the hardest thing to accept in life is acceptance :-)


Or (Laurentian) those that sit on the side lines and pontificate about what ‘they’ should have done or what ‘I’ would have done if only they had the time, inclination or ability to anything but criticise others!


Oh, Labour (and the Greens) you mean?

Hi BrockBadger, is that your #ThingsThoughftul?: Those that sit on the sidelines and pontificate about what they should have done or what I would have done if only I had the time, inclination or ability to do anything but criticize others! We will add that to our list – thank you. It’s kinda like: Time wasted on criticising could be time spent contributing to positive change 🤝